"Do you think the night sky is amazing?"

"Do you think every little detail is laced with care and beauty?"

"Do you think that each star represents every single soul that has departed from this earth?"

Nobody answered me as I laid on the grass. Staring at the clear night sky was a welcome comfort for me. With the busy hours at my restaurant it was a blissful bit of peace. The cool air was a like a blanket on my skin. And the stars were as close to my family as I could get.

The only family I had ever really had were my adoptive parents, Carlisle and Esme Cullen. My real parents had past away when I was barely a few months old, so I can't really remember them – I just have little photos of them before I was born to remind me that they were real.

My belief that souls are stars comes from when I was seven years old. It was the first time I found my little escape.

I was upset because my Nana had died – not my real Nana, it was Esme's mother. I had ran out of the house when we had received the news, trying to will it not to be true. And me, being the silly person I am, ran out of the house at night. I had planned to go to Nana's home to check, but I ended up straying from my original plan and I ended up walking up a path I found.

I ended up in a little meadow.

It was beautiful. Fireflies were flying across the grass, weaving through the small bluebells scattered amongst the green.

I had whispered for my Nana, for her to be able to see it. I looked up at the clear night sky at that moment and found one star shining so vibrantly. It was glowing, pulsing with energy.

From then on I've come up to this meadow to speak to my family, to myself, to everything around me.

I sighed, realising that I probably had to go. Carlisle always joked that I had an internal clock that chimed louder than any bell in a tower. I only protest weakly because I kind of agree with him.

I stood, inhaling the sweet scent of bluebells before leaving. It was dark – obviously – and Esme liked for me to call her to give me a ride back home. She was a little over-protective at times but I completely understood why. The day I go home by myself is the day I pass my drivers test – which is unlikely – and get a snug little car. I didn't realise how bad that sounded until I thought it, and I smacked my head.

"Isabella, you need to stop thinking and saying things Emmett can use against you," I grumbled while I fished my phone out of my boot. I know what you're probably thinking, why does she keep her phone in her boot? The reason is because it feels safer in their than in a bag that could be easily snatched from me.

Emmett is my best friend, we've known each other since...forever. A mundane way to put it but I just don't know any other way to say it. I can't even remember the time we first met, but I remember the moment he became my best friend.

We were both five – our birthdays were on the same day, how cool is that? – and I had been crying because a cat – can you believe it? – ate my favourite cartoon bat teddy. I'm a fan of bats, sue me. Anyway, I was on the swing in the local park crying and he had just arrived with his Dad. He came up to me and offered the ice cream he was about to eat to me – which is a rare thing, he usually growls at people who come near his food. I stood up too suddenly and knocked the ice cream in the air where it proceeded to land on Emmett's head and bounce onto my nose where it stayed – apparently, I looked like a cute little snowman (girl). And we laughed until I nearly threw up. We've been inseparable ever since.

I dialled Esme's number when I got onto the street, waiting as it rang a few times.

"Hello –

"Hi Esme –

"You've reached Esme Cullen. I'm sorry I can't –

I pressed the end call button. Seriously? What could Esme be doing on a Friday night other than watching another disaster movie while curled up on the couch? Unless...

I shut my brain off from that train of thought immediately. I sighed and dialled Emmett's number.

He picked up almost instantly.

"Hello my Bella Bug, what have I done to deserve a phone call from her highness?" I could practically see the cheesy-ass grin adorning his face.

"Whatever Nimrod, your majesty needs a ride home." I snickered as he paused.

"Nimrod, according to the Bible, is a mighty hunter and king of Shinar who was a grandson of Ham and a great-grandson of Noah." Emmett informed me in his I'm-so-clever voice.

"Well, Em, you can shove that in your juice box and suck it because your not religious and you just got that off of the free online dictionary." I smiled smugly. I had so won.

Emmett grumbled something incoherent and told me to hold on a few seconds.

After a few minutes I heard his Monster start – seriously, that Jeep scares the heck out of anyone and everyone.

"The usual place?" He asked, sarcasm laced into his words.

"Where else would I be?" I scoffed. I was just about to say another smart-ass remark when I heard something.

"Hey Em, call me when you get here okay? I forgot something." I squinted into the darkness as a figure slowly emerged from the trees and made their way up my path.

"Sure sure, but call me if something happens."

"Yep! Bye bye!"

I quickly stuffed my phone back into my boot before running back up the path towards the stranger and my meadow.


Well, what do you think?

This is just a taste of a new idea that's been brewing in my mind for a while.

Unfortunately, my other stories will remain on hiatus as writing my book is consuming a huge chunk of my time.

You're probably wondering why I wrote this when I have barely any time? Well, I'm suffering with writer's block. It happens. So I decided to try and free my mind and give you this little chapter.

I'll answer some obvious questions now.

Yes, I will be continuing this story while I write the one that might get published (pray for me!). The reason? To give myself a break from writing so much violence and phantasmagoric scenes. Don't get me wrong I love writing stuff like that, but this story will be a nice change of pace for me. (Smile! Please?)

Do I have a plan for this story? The answer is, kind of. I know how each character is going to be and how they're going to progress. I also know where I want this story to go. But I'm not sure if I want it to be novel sized or novella sized yet.

Any more things to say...

Oh! Bella is based on me. Not in the looks department – she's going to be way prettier than me – but in the personality department. I want to share all of my little quirks and my mind of weirdness with everyone. To be honest, my mum – who is currently snoring up a storm in her room – came up with the idea. She told me that I should base a character on myself. I pondered this for a while, and decided to give it a go using this story. Like I said before, it's just my personality I'm cursing her with, other things are completely made up.

Disclaimer: I wish I owned everything in this (world domination here I come!) but unfortunately I don't. Most of this belongs to blah blah blah and other stuff belongs to it's respective owners blah blah blah the end!

I hope you'd all like to see more of this story.

Oh, and before I go back to watching anime (I became a big fan when I watched the gore filled Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni, which I do not own in any way possible) I would like an answer to this very important question.

Now, I'm not sure if I should do this but I was thinking...

Do you want to read a little extract from the story I'm writing?

It will probably be up for only a week (after all, I don't want it to be stolen) but I would really appreciate some feedback.

This was kind of a long authors note for me... (Starts laughing for no apparent reason). I swear I eat too much chocolate.

See ya soon and have fun! (Fun doing what, I don't know and frankly I don't want to). (Laughs again).