My Milky Way Chapter 3

Emmett grinned at me as I climbed into his silver Jeep (I didn't care about the make, all I knew was that it was big and loud). I lifted my legs and placed my feet against the dashboard, wrapping my arms around myself after securing my seatbelt. I glanced at him from the corner of my eye, and smirked as he glared down at my feet.

"I know you love this beast Em, but the scuff marks from my boots will easily wash off. Suck it up and drive!" I smacked his arm for emphasis, laughing as he grabbed the place I hit and feigned hurt.

"Bella Bug, what did I ever do to you?" He whined, his eyes looking as innocent as the Devil's.

"You threw a bowl at my head yesterday." I stated bluntly.

"Hey! That was an accident! I swear, that thing had a mind of it's own... it just jumped out of my hand!" Emmett threw his arms up in mock annoyance while I giggled.

Kissing my fingertips and then patting him on the spot I had hit him, I smiled sweetly up at him.
Emmett grinned.
"Come on, drive me somewhere that isn't my house. I don't want to see the 'rents doing stuff." I grimaced, lowering my feet to the floor of the car.

"Esme not answering her phone again?" He chuckled. I nodded and frowned.
"At least the old man is still getting it on at his age."

"Shut up shut up shut up! Gah! My ears are bleeding, see? Look what you did!" I covered my ears with my hands and began to repeat a chorus of unintelligible words. Emmett just howled with laughter and finally pulled away from the curb.

A little while later we pulled up outside my restaurant; Holly (the plant). The big red sign was visible in the night because of the old fashioned street light directly to the left of it. Rippling, dark purple beams framed the sign spectacularly. The window spread to cover almost the entire front of the restaurant, and it was tinted to the point where you could only see the silhouettes of the people inside.

"I forgot how nice it is to come to the restaurant at night." I sighed while wrestling with my seatbelt. Emmett easily released the belt's hold and I practically ran towards the back door of Holly.

I pulled out my key and quickly opened the door, leaving it slightly ajar for Em as he slowly made his way over. I rolled my eyes – did he not realise that I was going to make him some food?

By the bang of metal hitting metal and a wild shout of surprise a moment later, I guessed that he had finally caught on.

I lifted my green apron from it's peg and made my way towards my kitchen.

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