Walking to the host club from music club, I had no idea that I was in for a couple surprises when I entered the premises known as Music Room 3. One of the wonderful surprises involved Mori being dressed up as a samurai, while the other one was significantly less delightful. At first, when I walked in, the only thing amiss was the distinct lack of customers, which wasn't any great disappointment. Maybe Mori and I could go on a date tonight, I mused as I walked up to him to give a hug and quick peck on the lips. Unfortunately the moment was marred by an ill-disguised gasp coming from the last person I would expect to see in Music Room 3: Ritsu Kasanoda. I felt a slightly disgruntled look pass over my face. "Kasanoda-kun, what are you doing here?" I asked weakly. Kyoya was going to kill me. I had violated the single rule he had ever given me and now he was going to kill me. How had I not noticed his red hair when I walked in?

Kasanoda seemed to be in a state of absolute shock for some reason. "I didn't know you were dating Takashi Morinozuka," he replied lamely.


"So you two know each other?" Kyoya asked. I could see a trademark glint in his eyes that said I was going to meet an untimely death.

"Yeah…" I said again.

"Well," Kyoya threatened, "I hope you know him well enough to convince him to keep your relationship with Mori-senpai a secret. We wouldn't want your life to be endangered – by the fan girls, I mean." Damn it, I had forgotten about the fan girls. Kyoya wouldn't even need to get his hands dirty if he wanted me dead.

"Of course I'll keep it a secret!" said Kasanoda. And with that, he took out a mark and wrote "Heather's Secret Forever" on his arm.

"Uh, thanks Kasanoda-kun, but I would have taken your word for it; you didn't need to write it on your arm. Actually, I'm a little curious as to why you're here. I wasn't aware that you had, er, homosexual tendencies." This scene was just getting more awkward by the moment.

"What? No! I came here to ask Morinozuka a very important question. Morinozuka please tell me! How did you get to be the way you are? You have this tough look in your eyes that so expressionless, silent, and uncommunicative. With an expression like Cerberus, how can you be so well-liked? Please teach me your secret!"

Everyone else was in hysterics because of Kasanoda's speech, but I felt so bad for Mori. Kasanoda had a lot of things wrong. First of all, Mori's face did not resemble Cerberus in any way whatsoever. Second of all, Mori wasn't uncommunicative. While he wasn't the most talkative, his body language and subtle facial expressions always let you know what he was thinking. Overall, I believed it was an unfair assessment, and said as much. "Mori isn't scary at all. In fact, when I first met the host club, I was more afraid of Tamaki than I was of Mori."

"Heather, you aren't supposed to be this dense," began Hikaru.

"Think about it," said Kaoru. "When you first met Mori you didn't have corrective lenses and everyone knows that you're blind as a bat. His face was a giant blur to you."

"Also don't forget," added Hikaru. "You weren't afraid of even Kasanoda when you first saw him, so you're not exactly the go-to girl for an assessment on scary faces."

"Besides," they added simultaneously. "Anyone who received the welcome you did from Tamaki would be afraid of him. That doesn't make him scarier than Mori. Therefore, Bossa Nova, you can be Mori's apprentice!"

At this point, Tamaki and I were both pouting a little bit. "I was just being friendly because I think of Heather as a daughter!" he said defensively. "Now, I'm sure that Heather adores my means of affection."

He tried running over to me, in order to give me a hug. Luckily, a quick sidestep deterred him. "Mori still isn't scary," I muttered. "Hey Mori, seeing as club activities ended early, would you mind doing something tonight?" I asked. He quickly shook his head up and down, probably upset after the humiliation that Kasanoda put him through. "Okay, let's go." I grabbed his hand and we were out of there.

Once we were on our way to a beautiful garden I had heard about Mori gave me a grateful look and said, "Thanks."

"It's the least I could do. You certainly looked as if you needed rescuing," I said with a smile. "Could you do me a favor, though?" He nodded. "Don't be too icy with Kasanoda tomorrow. He never meant to embarrass you and he always has the best intentions at heart. Plus he's my partner in cooking class, and he's the best cook out of us, so I need him in a good mood seventh period," I added jokingly. Again, he nodded. "Don't take what he said too seriously, okay?" I placed my hand on his arm.

"Do I really have the face of Cerberus?"

"No!" I said quickly. "I meant what I said: you aren't scary whatsoever."

"He said I was silent and uncommunicative…"

"I don't mind the fact that you don't say a lot. Besides, you've been talking a lot more lately, which I also don't mind. Whether or not you actually speak, you always get your point across – just more subtly than most people. I can read your face and your body language to know what you're thinking." He smiled. "You're the epitome of awesomeness and the paragon of boyfriends."

By now we had arrived at the gardens, and because it was dark, they had small lights along the pathways and around the plants. It was beautiful and the perfect place to walk around with each other, if only for a short while.

Something suddenly occurred to Mori. "I forget to ask Mitsukini about this. I didn't ask him if it was alright, or if he wanted to come."

"Is that so horrible?" I asked tentatively.

"It's just the first time." We walked around for a little while longer before both of us had to go home for homework. "Oh, by the way: my English grade has come up significantly. Thank you for being such an excellent teacher."

"Just tell me if you ever need any more help." We kissed goodbye and I headed home.

The next day could have been called disastrous as best. Kasanoda took to following Mori around and successfully scaring away anybody who wanted to talk to Mori besides Hunny. When I got to the host club that day, the pleading look Mori gave me was enough to break my heart. However, he and Kasanoda both needed help right now, and as much as I hated to say it, Kasanoda needed it even more than Mori. I sat down next to him. "Bad day, huh?" I asked. He nodded glumly. I stared at Tamaki, Hikaru, and Kaoru taking of the Kasanoda project and happily reported, "Hey, you aren't in charge anymore, at least. However," I added. "I think that someone besides the three stooges should be in charge. They're going to make Kasanoda even scarier than he already was." Suddenly, I grin came onto my face. "I have an idea."

I walked over to the remaining female customers. "It's so tragic isn't it?" I fake-sobbed.

It piqued their interest. "What are you talking about, Heather?" they asked. The guests had all become accustomed to me, and were no longer intimidated by my occasional vacant stares, or the giant scars on my left arm.

"They scary boy with the red hair, of course," I answered. "Of course, I was instantly deterred by the human blizzard, just as anyone would." I was sure Kasanoda wouldn't mind a lie here or there, if it meant he could have friends. "Then, I was assigned to be his partner, along with Nekozawa," I stated as dramatically as possible. I had actually volunteered to be partners with them, but these two girls couldn't possibly know that.

They both gasped, "You poor thing!"

"At first I was terrified of curses or literally freezing to death, but what actually happened was so utterly surprising that you'd never believe it: they were both the nicest people on the planet." Both girls gasped again. "I was especially stunned when it came to Kasanoda over there. If you just ignore his menacing face, then you'll come to realize that he's a softie who loves kittens."

Both girls glanced at the Yankee with a newfound curiosity. My work was done. I sat down again next to Mori. "Make a boy seem tragic and most girls will go for him." I motioned towards the customers who were timidly shuffling towards the intimidating Kasanoda to talk to him.

I smirked a little at the incredulous look that Mori gave me. "Never underestimate the powers of a tragic story," I said smugly.

"I'm impressed," he stated simply. "But there's something else we need to worry about."

"What is it?" I asked.

"Someone has been trying to hurt Kasanoda-kohai." That make absolutely no sense to me. Who would want to hurt Kasanoda?

Author's Note: There is no excuse for making everyone wait so long for the latest chapter and I'm really sorry. That is, if anyone is still reading this story. I'm also sorry that this is more of a filler than anything else.