Lelouch vi Britannia, the Demon Emperor, was assassinated by Zero. Zero was hailed, once again, a hero, but not just in Japan this time, but in the whole world, even in Britannia.

Nunnally vi Britannia was declared the 100th Empress of the Holy Britannian Empire, and as people had all wished for and hoped, all peace was restored. People blamed every bad happening on him, and hence, when he died, the joy brought the world back together. The Damocles was demolished by being sent into the sun. All FLEJA weapons were disassembled.

Zero became the personal assist to the Empress, as was Schneizel el Britannia, the elder brother of the Empress.

Lelouch vi Britannia was buried in a place only known to four people, Zero, Nunnally, Jeremiah Gottwald (who was the only person who knew of Zero Requiem at the time other than Zero and Lelouch himself), and Kallen Kozuki (or Stadfield as Ashford Academy knew her). Other than them, no one else knew that Lelouch was even buried, as Zero made the claim that the Demon's body was in the Damocles when it was put in the sun.

C.C., the immortal witch, vanished, never seen again by anyone again. Kallen had assumed that she knew about the Zero Requiem, and probably where Lelouch was buried, as nothing like that really escaped her.

Kallen was angry, Lelouch had died as the villain. Nobody knew the truth behind him, everyone cursed the day he was born, and every year, there was a holiday some people observed to celebrate his death. Zero had discouraged it, but people still did it. Only the four who knew the location of his grave knew the real story, not another soul.



A tall man in a dark cloak and cape sat on a chair in an old warehouse, twirling a dagger in his fingers. Under the cloak, a red shirt, and dark pants were worn.

Across the warehouse, sat a womanin a dark cloak as well, but traces of long green hair could be seen. She held a plush in her arms of some yellow thing.

The warehouse they were in was large, and completely empty, except for a few crates, and a large thing of some sorts covered with a tarp. Dividing the two people, was a small bed of some kind, with a body covered with a blanket over it lying there.

"You are really going with this?" the woman asked calmly.

"That is not even worth answering," the man responded, stopping the dagger and driving it into the wooden crate he was sitting next to," I've waited far to long to stop now. Besides, when do you get a chance like this again?"

"That is also a question not worth answering," the woman said emotionlessly. She looked at the body.

"Are you certain that you need to do what you plan?" she asked," It is risky, and might not work. You can only assume what you think happened, happened." The man smiled under his hood, he stood up, and walked forward, and stood over the body.

"I never assume, I just know," the man said, and he tore the blanket off the body, and looked at it. The bloodstained clothes still lying there. The woman paused and looked at the body, wondering.

"All I need to do now, is this," the man said, as he held up his hand, and pressed it against the body's chest. The man's back glowed, and the chest of body glowed. The glow quickly faded though.

The eyes of the body shot open.

Lelouch vi Britannia gasped, and took in a deep breath, as life seeped back into him.