Silver hair danced across Moons' back as her mount jumped over the rocks and fallen trees in their path as two other wolves raced behind them, tongues lolling out of their mouths, and pants matching the thuds of paws hitting the earth. She looked over her shoulder, her cobalt eyes gleaming before slowing her wolf down as they reached the edge of a clearing. Three does stood unaware near the opposite edge nibbling on the green grass at their hooves. Her hand reached over her shoulder pulling an arrow out of the quiver strapped to her back before notching it. Jumping of her mounts back she silently crept forward as her mount and his mate padded to the opposite side of the clearing before herding the does closer to where the elf stood. She crouched, aimed her bow, and suddenly when another arrow hit one of the does the deer in the heart She stood up straining to hear what caused her prey to scatter. The other does fled and the wolves rushed back to her side hackles raised as she waved a hand to make sure they were silent.

The voice of humans and crunching leaves made it's way closer to her. The white wolf picked the cub up in her jaws and ran, knowing her mate can save watch out for her friend if need be, but her job was to look after the gray cub no more than six moons old. Looking back over Moons' shoulders she noticed that the midnight colored wolf stayed behind, her eyes opened in shock but she should have known.

*Shadowbringer, go!* she sent to the black wolf. His amber eyes looked towards the noise the humans were making and back to her before snorting softly. He took a step closer to her now almost standing before her as if to defend her. The the elf with the moonlit hair had started backing away moments before the humans walked through the bushes. She had never gotten close to one before, but her parents had warned her of them when she was a cub herself. She stepped on a dry twig, the snap it created echoing through the forest and the youngest human hunter looked up and saw her waving his hands excitedly as he spoke to the others in a gruff voice. She ran, her blue eyes wide as she raced towards where the two other wolves had previously disappeared from. The human raised a sling from his side and sent a fist sized rock hurling in her direction hitting her in the head. Red seeped into silver as she crumpled to the forest floor sending to the raven wolf watching him run off to safety for the mean time as her vision slowly turned black and all senses left her.

"Oh my head." She whispered quietly slowly opening her eyes to see rock a tree branches width away from her nose as she pulled her head back in shock. She tried pulling her arms to her sides but only ended up with the sound and the sharp sting of a tree branch flaying the skin on her back and finding they were tied above her head. She looked up at the rock she was bound to to see skulls and bones draped across its' peak. She gasped as she saw the elven skulls staring down at her, the bleached tops and empty eyes making her shiver in fear. 'So this is what they were warning me about.' She whimpered softly but loud enough for the humans to hear. An older man with graying hair and bones of various animals draped around his neck came close to her, his breath smelling of decay and she gagged, the reflex being the cause of another lash across her back and the old man pulled away talking to the others. She focused her eyes as she looked around. Humans everywhere we staring at her, fear and hatred etched into their faces. Many smiled as they saw the agony she was put through and she gritted her teeth trying to keep every hiss, or shout from making its way through her mouth. She bit her lip as the human lashed out at her again and again, and eventually some of the humans cubs started throwing large rocks at her arms, back, and legs. What seemed like seasons later, the old man that she had stood in front of her earlier came up to her with his stone dagger glinting in the fire light. He yelled and spread his arms wide, causing the others to shout as well before he swung his arm down and stabbed her in the side. Her mouth automatically opened in a scream that was cut off when he hit her across the face and more branches were thrown across her back.

By the time the sun had risen once again behind the distant mountains and the stars and moons disappeared from the sky, another elf had joined her on the rock. His red hair matched the flames of the fire, and two braids hung by by the sides of his face. A gold band laid around his head standing out against his hair. He looked at her before he was struck before he squeezed his eyes shut, and she let out a groan of pain as fire was shoved into her back. Shockingly the humans had thrown her long hair over her shoulder earlier in the day, the reason unknown to her, as they tossed the other elfs' hair over his to get a clean shot of his back. They shared another look, and he looked at her curiously. Before she thought too much about it, the humans rubbed something into her open wounds causing her to scream as the sting slowly turned into a fire that raced through her veins spreading across her entire body.

The red head occasionally looked towards the forest, and unknown to the humans, send as both the captives were both beaten more. Moon was now barely awake, the pain and blood loss finally getting a hold of her and her companion was starting to get worn out as well. Mentally she laughed. She had put up with the beatings for almost two days, and the elf beside her is almost unconscious after one. She was worried for him, although they didn't know each other and even though they hadn't spoken, but in a situation like this, sometimes it cannot be helped.

Her back was torn open once again,and fire was shoved into the red heads open wounds before a pack of wolves and their riders jumped out of the tree line howling and some notching arrows others brandishing swords. The elf beside her sighed in relief before his head was pulled back exposing his throat and the same was done to her, a human roughly pulling on her hair, she had no energy to fight him and her body was almost completely numb. She barely noticed when the human let her go a scream tearing its way out of his throat. Two elves talked frantically to each other, their voices muffled and blending together. When the ropes keeping her arms in place were cut, Moon started to fall, her legs too weak to support her weigh and she was soon pulled onto a gray wolfs back before the elves raced back into the forest. She didn't know what had happened with the other elf but she assumed these were the elves he had been sending too so he must be safe. that was her last thought before the darkness consumed her once again.

"Cutter, are you certain?" An elf with silver, almost white hair glanced at his friend as he laid the female they rescued down on some furs. She had been bandaged to their best ability, and her clothing had been mended by their tanner. The blonde looked up from where he stood in the entrance to the room to see his friends curiosity bouncing within gray eyes.

"I'm positive Skywise, no elf should be left in the hands of the humans. We should stick together, all of us. He walked over to the elf that laid in the dark furs as he studied her. "Although, I wonder where she came from." He tilted his head, brows furrowed as he stood back up. "Keep an eye on her and call to me if she wakes up. I'm going to visit Redlance once more to see if he's woken yet." Skywise nodded as Cutter left the room, the hide blocking the entrance swaying back and forth from where it hung.

"Who are you?" Skywise asked watching the sleeping figure. He rubbed his forehead in thought, fingers massaging his temples underneath his metal head plate that kept his hair back. A soft pained, whimper and the soft rustling of her hands clenching the furs alerted him to the fact that the newcomer was slowly waking. He watched her from his spot, sitting against the side of the room, his torso leaned forward as he rested his elbows on his knees.

Her eyelids opened revealing eyes bluer than any sky he had ever seen and she sat up quickly before hissing in pain as her wounds reopened. "Hey now, take it easy." Skywise was at her side instantly slowly pushing her back down moving a few furs behind her head so she was propped up slightly. "There better?" His voice brought her out of whatever trance she was in and she looked at him curiously, pain swirling in her eyes.

"Yes," She looked around and bit her lip in confusion. "Where...where am I?" Cutter's words flew back to Skywise and he raced to the hide and pushed it back calling up to his friend.

"Hey Cutter, she's awake!" A muffled shout was heard and he quickly stepped back inside. "You're at the Holt, we rescued you from the humans as we retrieved Redlance."

She though back on the red haired elf that was tied beside her and she almost sat back up but her protesting body wouldn't allow it. "Is, is he alright?"

"He's in no better shape than you, but he's alive." The hide was pushed aside once more as the blonde elf walked back in and he smiled at Moon. "I'm Cutter chief of the Wolfriders, no doubt this squirrel brain didn't tell you who he was. This is Skywise. Who are you? And where did you come from?" She tell how curious he was from the silent emotion swirling behind pale blue eyes.

She sighed in relief, pushing back a few strands of silver hair that had fallen in front of her eyes. "I'm glad." She smiled shocking both of the elves that stood before her.

"Why would you care? You don't know him?" Cutter raised an eyebrow slightly.

"I have to know someone in order to care? We're elves, we should all care about one another. And to answer your question, my name is Moon, and I've always lived in the forest." She bit her lip before her eyes opened wide. "Shadowbringer and Starchaser! Have you seen a large black wolf, a white wolf, and a dark gray pup?"

"Actually yes, although the other wolves are staying away from them." Moon smiled at the news and he eyes started getting heavy.

"Good." A few moments later she fell asleep, a few strands of hair spilling over her ear and falling in front of her face.