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Chapter 17: Happily Ever After... Breaking the rules

"YUGI! I can't believe that you disobeyed me! And after I told you specifically not to, you went ahead and had sex! Even Bakura told you not to!" Ryou continued to talk the smaller teen's ear off as Yugi covered his ears. He knew that he would get a lecture, but he really didn't want to talk about this.

"Well, what about you? I'm sure that you didn't do anything last night." Yugi said sarcastically in a break of the lecture. The other fallen fell quiet as his face heated up. White hair tackled Ryou just as Yugi hmph-ed in response.

"Ry~ou. Want to do something F~un?" Bakura sang, already dragging his angel away to their bedroom. Ryou's face grew even more red, but he followed with little to no resistance.

"Are they gone?" a familiar deep voice whispered into the tri-color haired teen. Said teen shivered, but answered none-the-less.


"Oh thank goodness. I thought they'd never leave!" warm arms wrapped around Yugi's waist and the teen leaned into the embrace. He murmured a sigh of agreement. After a moment of silence, he spoke up.

"Hey, Yami? Can you hand me a piece of paper and something to write with?" Yugi asked innocently.

"Uh, yeah." Yami quickly handed the asked-for items to the fallen angel. "May I ask why?"

"Well, the other fallen angels have come up with a game and now, apparently, I'm involved." Yugi scribbled ruthlessly onto the paper.

"And that game would be…?" Yami trailed off, question hanging in the air.

"Who can break the most Angel rules. We've already one of the-" Yugi looked up suddenly, "Sorry, make that two, major rules. Now it's a race to see who can break the most in a set amount of time."

"Oh… and what were the two?" Curiousity burned with the little 'innocent' game.

"Sex with the same gender and before marriage." Yugi answered matter-of-factly.

"I see. Who's winning?"


Yami blinked. Ryou? He didn't seem like the 'rule-breaker' of the fallen group yet… "Ryou? That came as a surprise…"

"Yeah, I know. But apparently he broke three other rules."

"Which are…?"

"Saying the 'F' word and using it in a … 'dirty' situation." Yugi's face grew red as he explained. Yami nodded, knowing that rule. "And um… h-he and Malik… th-they… committed… adultery?"

"Really? I didn't think that Bakura and Marik would allow them."

"Um, they were sort of in on it… make that four." Yugi recounted.


"Live porn." Yugi hid his red face with his bangs and dug into his warm covers. Yami lifted the covers to peer at Yugi's adorable embarrassed face. Perhaps he should leave that particular subject alone for a while… unless he wanted his little one's face to stay permanently red… though that was a thought.

"So what happens to the winner?"

"Um… it's more of what happens to the losers…" Yugi really didn't want to say that the losers had to do whatever their respective demon wanted for a day. He could only think of the ways that Yami would do to keep him from winning. "Let's just say, it's not pleasant."

"Huh…" Yami really wanted to know why Yugi was being so cryptic about it, but for now, he'd let it go. Suddenly, an idea came to him and he grinned, "I think I could help you with two of those rules."

"Really? What?" Yugi looked up hopefully. Hot soft lips met his, taking his breath away. When the demon pulled away, the fallen was light headed with lack of air. Whimpering softly, Yugi looked up with confusion in his eyes. the king grinned deviously.

"You're going to have to ask for it, Yugi. And you know," Yami leaned down to whisper huskily in his little one's ear. "Exactly. What I mean."

Yugi shivered, but a grin found a way onto his face. Yeah, he was definitely going to win, to reach his goal.

And he was going to enjoy every second of getting there.

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