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Chapter 1 - Prologue

Why is it that sometimes it feels as though your whole world comes down crashing on you? The phrase had never made any sense to me…but I could see it now.

I could see how life changes your perspective of things.

We were happy. Happy living in our own fantasy world, where the story ends with a happily ever after. Why can't it always continue that way - the princess and her prince in eternal bliss.

I knew now that fairy tales were not true. The abyss of pain always reared it's ugly head and I couldn't be the ice to sooth it. The bereft princess despaired over her wounded prince. My beautiful prince who was looking up at me with those defeated eyes.

A man who had lost everything, looking to me for solace, something I wished I could provide to him but I wasn't sure I had the strength for that.

We silently stared at each other saying more than we ever could with words.

I need you….come to me, he beckoned.

Carefully I stepped towards him, his eyes urging me on. He opened his arms for me, an invitation or a plea I don't know …. but it didn't matter. I bent down on my knees and came on level with his face. As though he couldn't stand the distance, he pulled me into his warm embrace. I hugged him back tightly, letting him hang on to me for dear life. A strangled sob escaped from his throat and I instinctively clutched him tighter. He buried his face in my hair and inhaled huge breaths as if trying to calm himself with my scent.

My eyes filled with tears as this weak man, my man, .more vulnerable than I had ever seen him, clinging to me as if any distance from me would kill him. So different from the man I had met 8 months ago at the art gallery. The confident, charming entrepreneur who had exuded a charismatic aura of power. It had just taken one look into those eyes and I was a goner.

Dragging myself to the present I painfully squeezed out "I am so sorry Edward." My voice thick with tears sounded hoarse.

He held me tighter as if acknowledging my words but remained silent.

Why? I questioned the forces in the heavens, what had we done to deserve all that came our way? I angrily glared at the ceiling, trying to keep my tears in check by gathering all the conviction I could from the heart beating in sync with mine.

So I did all I could…I held on to my husband as the sea of despair and loss washed over us, once again engulfing us and I let it because the damage was done. Once he had held me upright when I didn't have that conviction, now it was my turn. Kneeling on the cool granite, I made myself a promise….. I would keep my vows, God had decided to test my love and I sure as hell would get Edward and I through this even if it had to be the last thing I ever did.

Edward kissed my forehead softly. His warm, moist lips calming the tempest whirling through my mind.

"Thank you love," his velvety voice whispered. The melodic rhythm of his breaths made me close my eyes as I rested my head on the chest of the man I loved.

We would get through this together, I vowed and hugged him even tighter if it was possible.

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