Hermione Granger had to place flowers on Dobby's grave as she passed it by on her way to the Shell Cottage. She could never forget him and his heroic sacrifice. She would always get flowers, courtesy of Neville, to place on the grave. Indeed, it was on this pretext, she told him, she was going there. She liked Bill and had even grown fond of Fleur in time, but they weren't close like Harry or Ron. Still, it was to Fleur she was going to for advice.

She knocked on the elegant door, knowing this way Fleur's day off from work while Bill would be away. Sure enough, the French witch opened the door and beamed at the younger woman.

"'ermione! What a pleasure it is to see you again! Come in, come in!"

"Thank you, Fleur" It had taken a long time for Hermione to befriend Fleur. She was almost always perky, extravagant, and vain, and she had hated having to spend time at the Burrow with her. In time, she finally realized she meant well, and her kind soul surprised her.

"Are you just saying hello, or is it something else?"

"It's...something else. For, um, me and Neville"

Fleur tilted her blonde head as she sat down.


"It's just that...things get boring, and I want to...play with him for doing something"

A gleam entered the part-Veela's eyes.

"Oh. That. I'm glad you came to me, then. What do you have in mind?" she steepled her fingers as a playful smile broke on her pale face.

"I want to..." Hermione searched for the proper verb, "tease him"

"Souivez moi, cheri" The grin didn't leave her face as she left her chair and glided her way to the bedroom.

Hermione followed, curious about what exactly she was planning.

"First, what do you have? Show me" Fleur planted her hands on her hips as Hermione closed the door behind her.

"Pardon?" Brown eyebrows rose in surprise

"Take off your clothes and show me what you have. Your hair needs a little bit more combing, and you have a pleasant face" Fleur steeped over and stroked her hair and cheek appreciatively, "Not bad"

Reluctantly, Hermione shed her robes. She felt very vulnerable in her bra and knickers, but she wanted Fleur's help, after all.

"Tres bien" Fleur crossed her arms and looked her up and down, "Skinny legs, but not bad. Small hips. Round belly. Petit breasts. Cute. Un bonbon for your herbologist, non? Does he nibble on you?"

At this she grinned and Hermione blushed.

"What parts does he like?" Fleur circled her.

"Um, none over the others. He kisses me" at this she sighed at the pleasure of the memory, "all over. He likes my legs and my breasts and my face and my back and my arse and my hair and everything. He's so gentle."

"Ah, so perhaps you should be less gentle on him?"

"I'm not sure he'd like that"

"Who is the dominant in the bed?"

"Um, me, but-"

"Does he enjoy it?"

"Yes, but-"

"Then be as dominant as you like. I 'ave just the thing!"

At this, Fleur went over to a wooden chest that was sitting against the wall and opened it with a flick of her wand.

Hermione peered, seeing a pile of clothes in the chest that Fleur quickly searched through. None of the outfits looked very practical.

"Do you like any of them? Which one?"

Hermione wished she had more selection, but she saw a black dress that looked decently substantial. She took it out. The top was black leather with a tan sash and a white dress. To her distress, the top had no back or shoulders, revealing the skin up to the sides of her breasts. The only thing holding it up where two broad leather straps crossed over each other that would rest on her neck. Part of her wanted to throw it down. Another whispered in her ear to try it on.

"Oh, that is a pretty one. Allow me to show you how it fits" Fleur seemed to approve of the second emotion and nodded thoughtfully at the choice

Before Hermione could protest, Fleur was shedding her robes. Pale, creamy skin shone in the light. Hermione had always felt embarrassed when other girls took their clothes off, especially since she felt so self-conscious about her body. Fleur was perfect and round and tall and curved in the places men adored. She averted her eyes, just in time as pair of pale blue knickers and a matching bra hit the floor.

She never understood why Neville worshiped her body in bed. She was proud of her mind and her independence, and Neville adored those just as much, but she never thought her body was much to look at. Compared to Parvati and Lavender, let alone Fleur, she was downright plain. She knew why Harry was after Ginny and Cho, who were gorgeous She'd have to look to Pansy and Millicent Bullstrode to feel better about herself. Even Katie and Hannah were a cut above her, in her opinion.

"Why so ashamed, Hermione? We are just two beautiful girls playing dressup"

Hermione looked back to see Fleur modeling the outfit. The leather lovingly clung to every curve, revealing creamy pale skin. The skirt only revealed the knees down, but was snug on her hips. It flattered her body quite well, and it could easily do the same for her. Still, she didn't quite like it. She'd had to try it out herself. Even then, she was sure she could never manage to make it work. She just wasn't good enough for it

"Do you think your husband will like it?" Fleur looked smugger than ever

"Oh yes. May I try it on? I want to know how it feels like"

"Of course."

Before Hermione would look away, Fleur had already undone the dress and let it fall to the ground.

The younger witch turned and stared at the wall, feelings of excitement giving way to inferiority. She was no Veela, she was no stunning beauty that could make Neville swoon. She refused to look Fleur in the eye.

"Do you think you are ugly, Hermione?" the Frenchwoman asked.

"Yes" she responded quietly

"Who has told you so?"

"Pansy Parkinson-"

"Was she that one Slytherin with the pig nose?"

"And Draco Malfoy-"

"A treacherous little coward"

"And professor Snape"

"The only tips he could give would be how to look like a wet and angry horse"

Hermione laughed in spite of herself.

"Does Neville think you are ugly?" Fleur asked pointedly

"No. Not at all" It hit her like a stunning spell. That's what mattered.

Fleur caught her expression and placed her hands on her hips.

"So you have nothing to be afraid of. You'll have to drop your underthings to put these on"

There was a brief pause of hesitation, but what the other witch told her emboldened the bookworm, and she stripped without self-consciousness. She turned to receive the clothing, trying her best to ignore the nude woman in front of her.

Fleur looked triumphant as Hermione began to dress. The leather felt surprisingly comfortable. She couldn't imagine wearing it all day, imagining the chafing, but it felt soft against her skin and fit her well. Clingy but not too tight. It was profoundly silly, Hermione thought, but it would get the job done.

"It's pretty, but it's not dominant enough. You need something which will make him beg for his punishment"

Hermione blushed.

"Perhaps some other time. It looks like leather looks as good on you as it does on me and Bill"

Back to the crate. Hermione found a dress that was much more demure, blue and silky baring only a "v" of skin. Fleur dismissed it with a shake of her blond head.

Instead, she pointed to a pile of pink cloth. This, unlike the first, looked very promising to Hermione.

Fleur was still nude, much to the younger witch's disappointment, but the more she thought about it the more comfortable it was. Fleur was, after all, older than her, and yet her body and face had a slight resemblance. After all, Hermione's mother's family was from Lyon. She could be Fleur. She could outdo her if she wanted to. Hermione relished a challenge. Sometimes it led her shame like the disastrous relationship with Ron, but sometimes it led her to unexpected thrills such as playing dress-up with a married witch who had turned the eyes of every male in the school who was giving the humble bookworm a chance.

Two witches playing dress up. Hermione had never played dress-up with other girls, and even when she did by herself, she would always get bored and go read a book. But here, now, with Fleur, she was realizing a side of herself that was feminine but wasn't weak in the slightest.


Hermione looked up to view Fleur's dress with optimism, but the smile faded quickly. The dress was transparent. Well, mostly transparent. It was somewhat opaque, but not enough for Hermione's liking. Much of Fleur's pale flesh shone through the flimsy gossamer cloth, and Hermione had to admit it looked quite beautiful. Still, she couldn't picture herself in the outfit. Not really.

As if on cue, Fleur pulled off the dress and handed it to Hermione.

"Try it on" she requested

Hermione sighed, accepting it and changing into it. After the first time undressing, she had become more comfortable showing herself in front of Fleur. It became a point of pride, a point to prove herself in front of Fleur. A way to settle the score once and for all.

Hermione posed in the light, cool dress, twirling and pirouetting in front of her companion. She felt proud and beautiful and perfect. If she had her way, she would take this one.

Fleur laughed, "It is beautiful, Hermione. I will remember this one. But not for what you have in mind, I think"

"Why not?"

"It shows you as vulnerable. You need something to remind Neville who you are and who is in charge. You can be vulnerable when you take it off"

The younger girl sighed again.

Fleur walked over to the chest again. Fortunately for Hermione, she shook her head at what looked like a schoolgirl outfit and a short, low-cut red sequin dress. However, a look of triumph from Fleur as she pulled out a new costume.

"Ah, here it is" And with a flourish she laid seven pieces of leather on the bed. A skirt, a bustier, gloves, boots, and a riding crop.

"You want me to wear that?" Hermione wrinkled her nose.

"It would suit you. Let me put it on"

The Gryffindor crossed her arms and stared at the ground.

Hermione looked up to see Fleur in the proposed outfit. She had to admit, it looked good. The corset hugged her figure in a flattering way, and pushed up her breasts, already half-exposed, to prominent peaks. It cut off to reveal a small line of her abdomen before the leather skirt covered the upper part of her thighs. The gloves went over the elbow before stopping a small way up the forearms, while the boots went up to knees. Seeing it on her, Hermione realized the effect. The black leather contrasted with her pale skin and made it glow softly in comparison.

"It adjusts to the wearer, and if the spell misfires you can fix it yourself. You are about my same size, I think. What do you think?" Fleur spun around slowly to model the clothes.

"It's nice" Hermione offered lamely, "but what about the crop?"

"I only use it if he wants it rough. Just having it makes you powerful, and you can slap him with it or touch him. Does it feel all right? Imagine Neville doing this to you"

Hermione closed her eyes to remember her husband. Neville thought himself half-short, half-pale, and half-fat, but to Hermione he was more than half-tall, half-tan, and half-muscle. He had a beautiful smile that she loved to coax out of him, dark blue eyes that seemed to glow from within, and hair that shifted from black to blond depending on the light.

She was snapped out of her imagination when she felt the riding crop stroke her cheek tenderly. Her eyes snapped open. A chilling wave of uncertainty traveled down her body.

"Close your eyes, Hermione. Imagine your husband" Fleur chided her.

Hermione closed her eyes again, and the crop moved to her neck. It felt odd, but it wasn't hurting her. When she imagined Neville touching her with it, it became pleasurable. It stroked her neck lovingly, then down her collar and circled each breast. She gasped at the sensation, surprised by the feeling. It traveled down her abdomen, and stroked up and down before skimming her white cotton knickers.

Hermione bit her lip, and squeezed her eyes shut as Fleur raked the crop up and down the inside of her legs before tickling her toes. God, it felt so good. All the places that Neville caressed with his hands and mouth were explored by that piece of leather. When Fleur finally backed off, Hermione opened her eyes to the triumphant witch

"I'll try it on" she sighed

Hermione had to admit, leather did suit her purposes. It felt good, and while she knew it would become hot and stiff, she assumed the play wouldn't last long. Neville was quite good at foreplay, but she didn't want to overdo it.

As soon as she was dressed, she looked down. A great deal of flesh was exposed, cleavage and legs prominent in comparison with the leather. Neville would faint if he saw her right now.

"It suits you. Very nice. Tres seductive" Fleur looked her over, calm and encouraging despite being completely starkers, "Should I fix your hair?"

"You should, but he seems to like it"

"Then keep it. I would love to make it pretty, though"

"I would just like to be pretty. Well, thanks for the outfit." She was so confident; she changed into her robes in front of Fleur as if she did so every day.

"The boy won't know what hit him, will he?" Fleur said. They shared a conspiratorial grin.

Hermione finished getting dressed, and put the leather kit into her purse. Fleur was still nude.

"Thank you for everything Fleur. Aren't you going to get dressed?"

"No, my Billy is going to get the shock of his life when he comes home" She giggled, "Good luck, 'ermione! Tell me all about it!"

Hermione waved back as she left the cottage. She felt better now. She had a plan, even one based entirely on a whim. She had the tools for the job. Finally, she had her lovable husband who had also taken the day off to go meet with professor Goldstien. All she had to do was scout out his time of arrival, change into her gear, and charm him to the bed. She had a solid reason to do so-she caught him reading the copy of the Kama Sutra Parvati gave them when she got back from tea with Ginny. She also had exactly what kinds of mischief she would perform on him the moment he was in her clutches. She could hardly wait.