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Bella's POV:

I couldn't help but sigh as I watched the lightening crash across the sky just outside the window. The brightness of the flashes lit up the air surrounding the plane I was currently travelling on. I was on my way back from visiting Renee and Phil in Jacksonville and part of me was dreading going back to Forks. Another larger part of me however was thrilled. I missed my dad. I missed Jake.

"We will be beginning our descent into Seattle momentarily. Please ensure your seatbelts are buckled and your seat trays and backs are in their locked, upright position. Thank you for flying with Northwest Air and we hope you enjoy the rest of your travels."

I grinned widely and bounced slightly in my seat. My dad and I had spoken earlier and he promised that he would be at the airport to get me and that Jacob was going to try to join him.

After my disaster of an 18th birthday party I had been utterly destroyed. Edward had left me and dragged his family with him. There had been a time when I couldn't even think his name but gradually I had realized I couldn't mope and be depressed forever. I couldn't give him that satisfaction, the satisfaction of knowing that he had destroyed me. I had to pick up the pieces of my broken heart and try to just keep living. I hurt, there was no way I could possibly deny that, but I wasn't a zombie anymore. I was angry and sad and distrustful but I was alive and for the moment that was all that counted.

I missed the rest of them though. I wasn't sure who I missed most but I did miss them. I missed my big teddy bear, Emmett. I miss Rosalie- we didn't get along at first but we'd slowly been growing closer before they all disappeared. I miss Jasper and his ability to calm me in an instant. I miss Alice and her craziness and Esme for her motherly love and Carlisle for his always caring demeanor.

It had been three months and Christmas Break was starting next week. I had taken a week of school with the permission of Charlie to go and visit Renee and Phil and celebrate an early Christmas with them. I had had a blast but it made me realize how much I truly did love living with Charlie. He was more of a parent than Renee had ever been and most of the time that I had spent with Renee had been her regaling me with her most recent crazy idea- she wanted to try to break into commercials. I had had to bite back the laughter that threatened to spill and tell her that whatever she did I'd support her.

These thoughts took me through the turbulent landing and up to the security gates. I grinned as I passed through the crowd and saw Charlie, dressed in his uniform and holding a bouquet of what looked to me like my favourite flowers- lilies. Leave it to dad to know how to put a grin on my face.

"Daddy!" I called excitedly as I ran towards him.

"Bella!" He called back just as excited as I ran into his outstretched arms and buried my face in his shoulder. He smelt like Old Spice and that comforted me- some things never changed.

"Missed me much?" I asked laughing as he handed me the bouquet. "Oh dad their beautiful, thank you." I inhaled their fragrance deeply and we started walking together to baggage claim.

"You know I did Bella especially your cooking" He teased me. I knew he had missed me even more when I had been at home but not there as he had put it. I had just been a shell and it had taken a toll on him. I think that killed me most. Them leaving hadn't affected only me. It affected every single person I was close to.

The Gods must have been on my side today because both pieces of my luggage- large black bags with hot pink kisses all over them- were in the first round of luggage unloaded.

Charlie groaned as he grabbed the larger of the two after insisting that I shouldn't have to carry the heavier one. "What did you pack Bella? Bricks?" He questioned only semi-seriously.

"Renee took me shopping. And sent presents for both of us." I knew my parents had loved each other dearly at one point in their lives my mom just couldn't stand small town life. She felt caged and needed to be free which meant having to be free of dad. It broke his heart and I knew he understood how I had felt after Edward had left me.

Charlie chuckled as he loaded the bags into the trunk of his cruiser. "Just like her to do that."

"So dad where's Jake?" I questioned suddenly very aware of my best friends absence. "I thought he was going to make the ride up here with you."

"I honestly don't know kiddo. He hasn't answered any of my calls since 3 days ago." Charlie shrugged and started the car as I did up my seatbelt. "Bells try to sleep some you look exhausted." He stated as I tried and failed to cover a yawn.

"Sorry dad it's been a long day" I sighed leaning my head against the cool window and watching as the still black sky lit up over and over with lightning strikes.

"I'm just glad to have you back Bells, all of you. Now we just need to get the sparkle back in your eyes" I heard him say as I slipped into unconsciousness comforted by the soft lullaby the drum of the rain on the roof of the cruiser made.

I felt horrible after I woke up. Not because I had slept the ENTIRE ride back to Forks but because I hadn't been awake to keep Charlie company at all.

"I am so sorry dad!" I exclaimed again as he shut the door behind us. It was still pouring and in the less than a minute we had been outside we had both been drenched.

"Bella it's alright you were tired. I didn't mind, besides it meant I got to listen to my radio not yours" He winked at me making me feel better about it.

"How about I cook you dinner to make up for it?" I grinned widely knowing he couldn't refuse an offer that included my cooking.

"Steak and potatoes?" He asked gazing at me wearily.

"Of course dad I know it's your favorite." I laughed before lugging my bags up to my room and hopping into the hot shower. I could hear the game on downstairs as I toweled off and tied my hair into two braids down the sides of my head. After climbing into a pair of my favorite yoga pants and a warm sweatshirt I went and started Charlie's dinner.

I was flipping the steaks in the oven when Charlie poked his head in "Smells good kid" He grabbed out two plates and set the table.

"Aren't you going to finish watching the game?" I looked at him questioningly. It was very rarely that we actually ate at the table and not on the couches watching whatever was on.

"Nah" He shrugged. "I thought it would be nice to eat dinner at the table with my daughter like a normal family. Find out how your trip was."

"That sounds great daddy" I couldn't keep the smile off my face. He was trying so hard and that meant the world to me.

We finished making dinner in companionable silence and I dished out our dinner.

"So Bells did you have a good time with your mom and Phil?" Charlie asked sounding genuinely curious.

"It was good dad. Nothing like here but it was good. Renee was on again about her latest adventure. She and Phil were down in Los Angeles last month and some guy came up to her and started going on about how he thought she'd be great in a commercial or two. So that's her newest obsession." I paused infrequently in this discussion to eat.

Dinner was filled with chatter and laughter and my dad seemed really quite happy. By the time we were done I was yawning again and Charlie told me to leave the dishes, he'd do them before he headed off to bed himself.

"Thanks dad" I hugged him tightly. As I headed up the stairs I shouted "I love you!" over my shoulder.

"Love you too" Charlie called. We weren't ones who showed affection towards each other very often but I had really missed him and needed to hear him tell me he loved me.

I grabbed the portable phone from the upstairs hall as I headed to bed. I wanted to call Jake and see how he was, why he hadn't come with my dad to get me.

I dialed the familiar number and listened to the rings of the phone counting each one. I had gotten to ten rings before Billy finally answered the phone.

"Hey Billy it's Bella- is Jacob there?" I asked excitedly.

"Sorry Bella he's out" His usually kind voice sounded harsh and gruff as he barked into the phone.

"Oh" I said disappointment lacing my words "Will you ask him to call me when he gets back?"

"He's not going to want to Bella" Billy snapped "He doesn't want to speak with you. Bye Bella" Billy's voice trailed off as if he wasn't really happy about what he was saying as he hung up the phone.

I stared at the phone in shock for almost 5 whole minutes afterwards listening to its dial tone. Why wouldn't Jacob want to talk to me? What on earth had I done to make him so mad at me?

I quietly hung up the phone in the hall and returned to my room. I sank into my warm covers and let the silent sobs overtake me for the first time in almost a month. The one thought that crossed my mind was 'Am I not good enough for anybody?'