It was almost three weeks since Kakashi, Sakura, Naruto, Gai, Neji, Tenten, and Lee was sent out of the village after receiving a distress call from Suna, that Gaara was taken by the Akatsuki, and killed.

Almost three weeks since Kakashi watched his former student, Naruto Uzumaki sacrificed his left arm to kill Deidara and saved him from a particularly nasty death and become even more wounded than he was already.

He was worried by the amount of blood the teen had lost, but was forced to watch as Sakura worked furiously to save the teen's life as he laid next to Gaara, bleeding to death. But he had never been as worried as when Naruto had brought Gaara back to life by forcing what was left of his already depleted chakra, and the chakra that Sakura had used to reattach his arm; into Gaara until his heart had stopped.

He remembered the overwhelming panic that welled up inside of him when Sakura started crying. She preformed CPR and lucky enough, Naruto was revived, but has fallen into a comma and haven't woken up since. Shortly after, Naruto changed into a young girl. Apparently some sort of transformation jutsu was used to hide her true gender for all these years. But that was fine; he and the others had made peace with the fact that the girl had been hiding things from them, that didn't matter to them. Naru's health, the fact that they cared about her, and the fact that they didn't want to lose her to death's cold embrace. That was what mattered.

He walked down the hall to the hospital room where Naru laid and was shocked to see the blond sitting up in her bed wide awake.

Everyone gathered in Naru's room much faster than Kakashi had anticipated. One minute he was alone in the room with his former student and the next, he was pushed aside by Sakura and Lee, both of whom had attached themselves to the girl's sides and were gushing about how worried they were and crying while the girl looked back and forth between them with a frown on her pretty face.

"Thank god you're alright." Neji said with a gentle smile as he looked the girl over. He had never been so scared of losing a friend before as he was when her heart stopped. She looked a bit better, but it was obvious that something was bothering her.

Gaara leaned over Lee's back and kissed her forehead, and then smiled. "It is good to see you finally awake my friend."

The blond frowned even more, a confused look on her face before she asked. "Do I know you people?"

The happiness that they had felt before withered in their chests as they stared at the girl in shock. "D-Don't joke around, Naruto. You know who we are. We're your friends." Sakura said with a grin as she pushed the blond girl lightly, she really thought that Naru was joking, but it was more than obvious to Kakashi, Gai, Neji, Gaara, Temari and Kankuro that the girl wasn't kidding. She really didn't know who they were.

"Sakura step back and let me ask her a few things." Kakashi said as he gently moved the pinkette out of the way. The girl's face paled as she looked at her former sensei and she cast a worried look at her team mate.

Kakashi sat down on the edge of the girl's bed and tried not to look threatening. The blond looked at him with open curiosity, as if trying to gage if he was a threat to her or not. "Do you know who I am?" He asked as she cocked her head at his question.

"No. Should I?" She asked him. Her wide violet eyes staring at him.

Hn, I never noticed how pretty Naru's eyes were before. But then again she was hiding them along with everything else about her appearance. Her skin was paler than her alter ego's, softer looking, like fresh cream. Her lips was a kissable soft rose pink. Her face looked the same as it had before, but the whisker marks were gone. Her silky hair was lighter and longer, hanging down to the middle of her back. Her build was the same as Sakura's, petite, and fragile looking despite the lush curves she had under her hospital gown.

"Do you know your name then? If you do would you tell us what it is?" Kakashi asked kindly.

"...Not supposed to talk to strangers. Sorry." She said nervously as she shifted in the bed so that she was a little farther away from him. Kakashi thought over the action and wondered what she was thinking when she asked.

"How did I get the hospital I mean, wasn't I banned from this place?" She sounded a little scared as she looked from one face to another. Kakashi gave her what he hoped was a reassuring smile.

"That's very sound advice, but technically you do know us, you just forgot for now. That's all. As for why you're here, you were very badly wounded." He said and watched her face pale until she was as white as a sheet.

"I was? Who hurt me? Was it the monsters again? Was it the dark man? The one that beats me for trying to run away from him?" She asked in a small shaky voice as she looked around again this time as if she expected the something or someone to leap out from the shadows and hurt her.

"No. That's not what happened."

The blond was shaking now, her entire body trembling violently as she curled up against the head of the bed and brought her knees to her chest and started to cry.

"Was it him? The one who likes being called 'master'? Did I manage to get away from him? Are you one of his trackers? Are you going to take me back to that place?" Kakashi listened to the blond babble and wondered what the hell she was talking about. But she looked so scared, it was breaking his heart.

"No, no, you were hurt by a rogue ninja while trying to save Gaara and me. No one here is going to hurt you, I swear." He said, but he didn't think she could hear him. She seemed to have retreated into herself and wasn't listening any longer, obviously believing that they were going to hurt her. What the hell is she so scared of? But most importantly of all, who dared to hurt his student?