Last Time: Remus suppressed a shiver as he watched the Dark Lord leave. He got up on shaky legs and left Voldemort's rooms, hoping no one would notice the slight bulge in his pants.

Chapter 11: Satiated

Remus walked through the halls in search for Severus. He needed to talk to him, badly. He also had a little problem in his pants that he needed to take care of as soon as possible. He passed by a few Death Eaters who surveyed him hungrily, but they didn't touch him knowing that they would get in trouble with Voldemort. Remus walked through the mansion until he got to the door that Severus had pointed out the other day when he had gotten a tour of the mansion as the door to Severus's bedroom.

Remus knocked lightly on the door and waited for a response. The door opened to reveal a shirtless Severus who had a towel around his neck. Remus's cock stirred in his pants at the sight before him. He put his hand on his "master's" chest and pushed the man inside the room, closing the door behind him.

"Remus," Severus said, cheeks becoming flushed from the lusty stare he was getting from the werewolf. "What're you doing here?"

"I just came from Lord Voldemort's room." Remus said, ignoring the shiver that went through Severus's body at the mention of the Dark Lord's name. "It was an interesting meeting; I thought you might want to hear about it."

Severus took the towel from his neck and ran it quickly through his hair, placed the towel on the back of his desk chair and then sat on the edge of his bed. He patted the bed next to him, telling Remus to sit down. Remus didn't even hesitate, quickly sitting next to Severus. "So, tell me what's got you so excited." Severus said as he looked into Remus's eyes.

Remus told Severus everything that had transpired in the Dark Lord's room at breakfast. Severus listened intently, raising his eyebrows at the surprising parts (the Dark Lord wore a glamour?) but otherwise not showing much of a reaction. When Remus finished, Severus looked at him for a moment. "Well, that's a lot to take in." Remus nodded.

Severus stood, processing the information Remus had just told him. He turned to the wolf to see his every step was being watched. He looked the man over and noticed a slight bulge in the wolf's pants. The flush came back to his cheeks and he crossed his arms over his chest even as he felt his own cock stirring in his pants.

"Is it possible you liked the attention the Dark Lord happened to give you today?" Severus asked as he motioned to Remus's pants.

Remus flushed and looked away. "I can't help my reaction to him. You didn't see his handsome face, feel his gaze upon you, and hear his voice caress your name."

Severus laughed. "No, I wasn't there today. But, I do know how seductive the Dark Lord can be." He rubbed the mark on his left forearm. He walked up to the wolf and placed his hands on the man's shoulders as he leaned over him. "Would you like some help with your problem?" Remus nodded and kissed Severus.

A few hours later, Remus left Severus's room, satiated and very happy. He was making his way to his room to see if the house elves had left his lunch there when the Dark Lord passed by him in a hurry. I wonder where he's going… Remus thought to himself, his curiosity piqued since the Dark Lord hadn't even acknowledged his presence in the hall. I'll just follow him and see what he's up to.

Unbeknownst to Remus, though, this was all part of Voldemort's plan. I'll show him how much I want him. He thought evilly as he entered his room and closed the door, leaving it opened just enough so that Remus could look in and watch. He sent out a patronus to his slave to come through the side door and meet him "NOW!"

Draco was there in less than a minute, wearing his usual uniform of just a pair of boxers. Remus was surprised at how sexy the young Malfoy looked. He shook his head to get that thought out, he couldn't think of a former student that way. He continued to watch what transpired inside the Dark Lord's room.

Voldemort walked over to Draco and placed his hand on the boy's cheek. "Today, my pet slave, we're going to do things a little differently." He waved his wand in front of his face and removed the glamour he wore and smiled when Draco gasped at the transformation. "Do you like what you see, pet?"

Draco nodded and almost yelped when Voldemort leaned down and kissed him on the lips. It surprised Draco at how slow and intimate Voldemort was being. His heart almost stopped beating when he felt a smooth, perfect tongue lick his lips, as if asking for entrance. He gasped at the sensations running through his body and Voldemort took this chance to thrust his tongue into his slave's mouth and explore the moist cavern before him.

Draco moaned when Voldemort's tongue touched his own and soon he was kissing Voldemort back, getting aroused for the first time since he started being Voldemort's sex slave. Voldemort wrapped his arms around Draco's waist and pulled the boy to him so that he could rub his erection against the boy's own growing erection. He pulled away and smirked at the flushed boy who whimpered at the loss of his master's lips.

"Don't worry, pet, you'll get plenty more." He led Draco to the bed and gently pushed the boy down, climbing on top. "I want to hear your screams of pleasure tonight, pet. Don't hold back."

Remus's sated cock began to rise at the Dark Lord's words. That's just so fucking sexy, he thought to himself. His cock stiffened even more as he brought his attention back to the show before him.

Voldemort had begun to kiss Draco all over. He started at the boy's lips, then trailed kisses down his neck and to the boy's chest. He stopped there to worship the boy's nipples, his cock throbbing at the sounds of the boy's moans and whimpers. He continued down, quickly swiping his tongue in Draco's navel, before stopping right above the boy's boxers. He looked up to see Draco panting and flushed at his attentions and he smirked. He could read Remus's mind at the door and knew the werewolf was watching his every move, so he dragged out the show.

He pulled the boxers right off the boy's body and moaned when he saw the erect cock was leaking precum already. He licked the drop of the tip and put his hands on the boy's hips when Draco made to thrust into his mouth. He licked the cock's sides a bit before finally sucking it into his mouth, hollowing out his cheeks and moving his head up and down the member. Remus's cock throbbed as he saw how Voldemort worshiped Draco's cock. He was tempted to pull his out and begin to wank, but chose not to.

Voldemort sucked a little more on Draco's cock while reaching a hand down to play with the boy's balls. Draco was starting to moan louder with the more Voldemort played with him. He had never thought the Dark Lord would ever stoop this low, but he wasn't going to complain. The man knew how to give a good blow job. All of the sudden, Draco screamed in ecstasy as he felt a tongue lick his entrance.

Voldemort was almost at his limit when he heard that sweet scream come out of his slave's lips. He kept licking the pucker in front of him, dipping his tongue inside occasionally, and loving the moans and screams he got out of Draco. Finally, he summoned the lube from his bedside table and applied a bit to his fingers. He gently entered the boy and continued his assault with his tongue. Draco lifted his hips off the bed to get closer to that delicious mouth. Voldemort put his free hand back on the boy's hips and held him there. When he was able to ease three fingers into Draco, Voldemort pulled completely away from the boy, ignoring the whimpers of protest.

Remus almost fainted as he watched Voldemort strip off his robes and clothes and stood there naked in all his glory. The man was truly beautiful in his real form. He gasped quietly when Voldemort climbed onto the bed, on top of Draco and began snogging the boy again.

Voldemort loved the reaction he was getting from both his slave and from Remus. He snogged Draco a bit before getting onto his knees in between Draco's legs and pushing his cock into Draco's tight entrance. All three men moaned when Voldemort was fully sheathed in Draco. The Dark Lord couldn't take the slow pace anymore and began to thrust into the boy violently. Draco moaned and begged, knowing he couldn't cum unless Voldemort gave him permission to. As Voldemort began to reach his peak, he wrapped a hand around Draco's cock and pumped the boy to completion. Draco screamed as Voldemort milked his cock for every last drop of cum. After the boy was finished, Voldemort pumped into him with abandon. He was close and he needed this release.

Finally, Voldemort climaxed and emptied himself into Draco's ass, screaming "Remus!"

Remus's heart skipped as he first thought that he had been caught. When he realized the Dark Lord hadn't seen him yet, his heart began to beat fast and his face became flushed, his cock throbbing even more. He was thinking about me the whole time, he thought in awe.

He finally decided to stop gawking at the couple that were starting to clean themselves off and he walked into his room, bewildered and super turned on.

Voldemort cast cleansing spells on both himself and Draco. He pulled his night robes over his naked body and sat on the edge of the bed where Draco laid on his stomach, his face buried in the pillows. He heard the telltale sign of crying. "What is it that ails you, slave?" he asked Draco, still in a nice mood.

Draco sniffled and swallowed before shaking his head. "Nothing, my lord." He got out of the bed and bowed to his master. "If that is all you need me for, I'll go shower now."

Voldemort felt himself feel a rare bout of pity and cupped the boy's face so the boy looked up at him. "Why don't you come help me shower and sleep with me tonight? I might need your services again soon."

Draco nodded as Voldemort leaned down to kiss him. This was going to be a long night.

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