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Heroes or villains, their deeds become history, the history becomes story, stories become legends, legends become myths and with time myths become dust...

A guide in the most secure room of one of the more important museums of the world stood besides a heavy duty glass case holding an ancient treasure on immensurable value in front of a bunch of tourists, he looked at them and noticed that a few were actually renowned scientists and reporters before starting his explanation.

"A lot of myths exist in this world, here in the royal museum of universal culture we try to preserve not only history but stories, myths and legends as they are a very important part of how every culture and civilization have evolved from its roots, however a very ancient myth had recover strength and publicity recently thanks to a puzzling and amazing discovery."- He said while motioning towards the contents of the case and continued.

"It was said by story tellers that at the beginning of civilization the world was in chaos until a great king united it, however at his death an evil god or perhaps a demon of death and destruction was released over the world to destroy it, this entity ruled while destroying the world for hundreds of years until a descendant of the king sacrificed him or herself in battle with this titan to seal away its evil and powerful spirit for it was too strong to be truly killed or destroyed."-He looked once more at the public, some of them were taking notes, yet his explanation hadn't finished yet.

"there is also And old myth from around 5000 years ago connected to that previous story that tells of an evil and powerful overlord, a red demon fierce and strong , cruel and bloodthirsty that unlocked the power of the god of destruction and death and used it as his own power to conquer all the continent that was known as Prodesto in that era in over merely 1 year of campaign, the myth varies about it being a red demon with the voice of death or something called world devourer, not a true name and no more description than it wielding a black sword made of the rocks of the underworld and that this tyrant was always referred as being related somehow to red color remains to believe that it was slightly true; The myth says that at the end it was defeated when a coalition off all the races that existed then united to fight against such foe, the battle was supposedly fierce and was almost lost until a sacred hymn was sung with the power to paralyze the tyrant and call out the powers of the god of death long enough to give the fighters a precious moment to strike down the terror leaving behind nothing but the black sword which absorbed all the evil of the creature with the ability to give immensurable power to anyone who wielded such weapon at the cost of mind and soul, supposedly it was then sealed away in the deeps of a mountain by those that survived the final struggle with its owner. However some strange things about this myth still remain to discard completely as unreal....."- He trailed to create suspense.

"As we all know all legends always have a tint of the reality in which they are based and regarding the one I just told it is a fact that all the remaining races of the world know of this myth it no matter how scattered around the world they are and those that are extinct also knew it, in the south border of Orvelisk, anciently known as Orviska some ruins of what should had been an humongous castle were found recently , and now this sword made of onyx was found suspended in the air by eerie chains inside a cavern under a mountain, in the most inaccessible chamber of what appeared to be a whole sub terrain fortress. This discovery is so important that the sword has not been touched by a single hand, only the most specialized technology had been used to manipulate such a delicate treasure and in site spectrum analysis gave and estimated existence time of 5500 years give or take few hundreds more or and until all the appropriate equipment is brought here to the museum to provide a safe and more exact analysis the sword shall remain at display behind this security crystal, the analysis also confirmed that the whole blade is made of the purest onyx ever found, a mineral universally known for ancient civilization to have connections with the underworld, the darkness of the night and death which gives another point of reference to the myth; As you can imagine this single sword has created a lot of controversy, yet until a full analysis is complete we can only speculate so much ".-With that explanation the museum guide finished the last tour of the day, he then went ahead to the exit with the group of tourists without noticing that a young man remained behind.

The young man had striking blue eyes with 2 diagonal blue stripes under each eye and silver white hair, a small but sad grin played in his lips while a whole gallery of emotions played in his eyes making his expression unreadable, he just stood there watching intently the sword for hours after the museum's personnel closed and turned off the lights, not even aware of anyone still being inside.

After a while he got closer, the proximity sensors ignored his presence even when he touched the glass.

-"It's been a long time...kid"

Revya´s POW

I don't know how long has it been, Does it matter? I practically destroyed half of the known world and then conquered the other half, at the end I fell into an obvious trap, I knew all my lackeys would abandon or betray me sooner or later, I should have killed Dio and that Diness, I doubt Lobo would have done planed that ambush, he was really enjoying himself managing my empire and Kanan is out of question, she was organizing my or rather Gig´s religion, Gig..... how the fuck did he became all nice all of a sudden?, after all this time I still cant understand it, yet I have acknowledge that it was his betrayal the thing that actually hurt me enough to let them finish me, it was at the middle of that fight that I somehow lost contact with him, which was a big thing since we were fused, then I reacted and came back to the real world when that girl Layna boasted with a " still kicking, huh?" I didn't care about what she was saying, but then she had the audacity of asking for last words thinking I would repent, the nerve! HA, AS IF!

Maybe they had wounded me a lot, but I could have taken them even if I had to go along too. I called Gig, he could take my body if he wanted as long as I got to kill those maggots, however when he responded he sounded completely different, his voice sounded different, not so hoarse and he sounded confused and spoke nonsense about being killed by someone once, I lost track of the conversation at that point when the world eater joined the talk but I could clearly sense his despair, his shame, his surprise, I didn't liked it, not one bit. Then more answers and truths came to the light, everything was Virtuous plan because of Drazil whatever that was, I was a world eater, Gig would return to heaven and became a good master of death and get a new body....BHA! I would not have permitted that, but he said please, he had never said that or asked for anything nicely before and although time has passed I don't know if that made me lose my guard and they took the chance of it or if I silently gave my consent; then, as if there we rent enough surprises already he said he liked me, my heart both raced and broke, next and in a reassuring and caring tone he said goodbye, It took me like 200 years to understood that , now at this point I cant remember everything but I remember clearly his words, "If we ever get the chance....Let's have some fun kid?" that may have sound nice and good but I knew that it was a goodbye, only I could have detected the sadness in his voice, however I knew those insects would have not let my soul go nor would Virtuous allow me to reincarnate ever, then he left, the feeling was as if part of my soul was being ripped apart, well in a sense it was, after all that I had no energy whatsoever and nothing mattered anymore, not like it did before, but at that moment I couldn't do anything anymore not even fight back, yet I tried, but I was too hurt, too angry, too wounded and too tired and above all I knew I would never see or hear Gig again.

Then they decided to seal me inside the sword where Gig was sealed before, Oh delicious irony! If I ever get out of here I'm tracking all their descendants and killing them in the most painful way I can.....well, at least I wasn't alone here, not at first, Danette was with me, I was really mad but she tried to be reassuring, she was different from the ditz I had known and whenever my temper got out of hand like when I could hear or sense what was happening in the outside world and I forced some of my power to be let out of the sword she singed that cursed lullaby that put me to sleep, After a lot of thinking I came to the realization that its a world eaters souls where its power is, how else could Raksha used Feinee´s powers or how could I project my energy outside the sword sometimes before Danette put me to sleep? And Danette, I'm actually glad that she was with me even if it was for a time.

In the beginning I didn't even spoke to her, she did all the talk and when something angered me she put me to sleep, a few decades or centuries later I finally responded to her, we spoke about the world and eventually the topic went to our childhood and everything, I of course got angry again and she sang that damn lullaby, with time we could speak without me trying to kill her nonexistent self, however every and each subsequent time I slept longer and every time I woke up she was weaker until one day I woke up and she wasn't there anymore, It was only natural as her soul was a mortal one and whatever energy she had as a crimson tear was mostly used when sealing me and the rest was used to simply maintain her and to put me to sleep. She disappeared, I don't know when that was, I lost track of time a long time ago, It doesn't help that I finally lost any contact with the outside world a little after Danette disappeared, I remember the sound of chains and a holding sensation surrounding the sword and after that no more sounds came from the outside world and no longer could I project energy outside the sword, maybe they finally decided to throw me into a pit or something.

Many hundreds or perhaps thousands of years have passed since I was defeated, maybe they were only a few years, I don't know, for the most part I have slept, practice combat or reminiscence not having nothing better to do after I learned to make something like a materialization of myself in this blanc world , however a few days ago some noises woke me up, first steps and movement, then voices, I couldn't understand any words, but soon I felt less suffocated, the bounding chains were lifted and the sword was released, however the sword was not touched , at least not by anything living, I would have take over any body immediately, I could sense the sword being moved and put somewhere, probably in display because I could hear a bit of the noises close but always a bit afar, like outside of glass. Where they making fun of me? And spectacle or show? "Oh look, that is the sword where the devourlord is sealed", just wait till I have my chance, over time my anger had gotten cold and controlled, I'm not that impulsive anymore and I have also learned to direct all that anger to fuel me and the moment someone touches this sword, and that will happen sooner or later, Ill be back, I can wait, I have time.

I sense a presence near, its....familiar somehow but after much time I don't recognize it, maybe I'm just confused. It's been in front of me for hours now, Why do I feel anxious?, its getting nearer....

-"It's been a long time...kid"


Virtuous POV

After the final battle of the devourlord I saw how that poor child was sealed in the onyx blade, Gig remembered his life as Vigilance and returned to heaven before I as the body I was using was finally crumbling. And once in Heaven I reincarnated which means I simply put my soul into a new body, however Haephness was not happy with me, the body I was given was ,if still a divine one ,a copy of the old body of Layna, an eternal reminder of what happened and as for Vigilance I did not see him until a century or so later, he still looked the same he avoided me at all costs.

With both masters back the world of Haephness regained a bit of its former balance, Drazil´s master of death Gamma couldn't catch all the souls of the drazilians Layna harshly killed at once when she came back to Heaphness and so new souls managed to enter the cycle in our world of Haephness, however it became a cold war between the 2 worlds for the gathering of souls.

In the world bellow Layna achieved if not an unification at least an understanding between nations and races, at least at the beginning for as soon as reconstruction began and nations were reestablished they began to quarrel for the treasures and territories the devourlord had amassed although a lot of them had been removed in secrecy while or soon after the devourlord was trapped in maize forest, and for a few decades the world went in relative peace however that changed when Layna grew tired of such quarrels a few centuries later and she secluded herself in the remains of the hidden village for a few millennia in the argument of guarding the onyx blade that every so often emanated energy as the devourlord tried to break free, fortunately Danette always managed to stop her, as time passed until her seal finally lost all her strength, Layna and I refused any more sacrifices to be made for the devourlord. Layna made a decision, her last one, another crimson tear seal would be meaningless for it would wither away with time so a divine instrument would have to be made to hold back the dormant yet dangerous strength of the devourlord or rather to prevent her power to surface outside the onyx blade, and so with all the might Layna possessed as a world eater Strong's chains to hold the dark sword and prevent any living being even gods to touch the sword were made, leaving only a mortal soul that returned to the cycle behind.

After that I stumbled upon Vigilance in heaven, a rare occurrence since he preferred to be in the world and always avoided me, he was laying in the ground looking at the sky, and when he noticed me and stood up I could help not but to take a step back in fear.

-"Trying to pick on the pase ya old hag?"- He said, in his eyes I could clearly see his spite and discontent, this was not Vigilance, this was Gig and he hated me.

-"V-vigilance?" –I asked with a tint of fear in my tone and he smiled sadly but smugly at the same time.

-"Why don't we leave it at "Vig" for short? I took all the blame ad responsibility for all I did and a good deal of what the kid did too, but was it really necessary to finally cut her from the world like that? As if being sealed in that sword wasn't enough you devised a way to "chain" her even more. For how long has she been alone since that goat faded? I'll tell you, a lot more than I did!- He said clearly upset.

-So you've been....keeping tabs on her? - I felt bad even tough I knew that it had been necessary and I could not imagine how he felt, but I was also glad that someone cared for that poor child whose life I messed up, and Vigilance clearly did as he was so disturbed as to act like Gig.

-Yes, I had to make sure no one tried to harm her in any way even if I hadn't gather the courage to see her, one way or another she's still my soulmate, and Its my fault she's stuck there.

I was about to respond him when Heaphness herself appeared.

-Oh my, and what is happening here? – Heaphness asked in a light tone while looking at us with an enigmatic smile.

-Vigilance and I were discussing the devourlod´s situation.-I said with a steady and calm tone.

-Is that so? I'm well aware of what her situation is, and I cannot help but somewhat agree with Vigilance, but also is truth that the devourlord is too dangerous as to be let alone to roam free.

Heaphness said in an even more calm tone while Vigilance looked away and groaned.

-However and despite the treat she presents and her past deeds and choices its also truth that she is not to be blamed completely for them just as Gigs actions were partly Drazils fault the devourlord´s choices can also be tracked to you Virtuous. – Vigilance turned to look at Heaphness so fast that I heard his neck crack as he did so while I stared at Heaphness with my eyes wide open and shame in my heart.- Your plans and actions towards that child ended in a great resentment in her heart. Not to mention they failed completely, which makes the devourlord another victim in this silly conflict with Drazil and as such I will propose something.

Heaphness made a pause to look at both of us, her gaze felt hard on me but softer on Vigilance, then she addressed him.

-Vigilance, I know that Gamma is also fiercely trying to take souls but there will be a moment when that sword will get free of those chains, what would you do if or rather when the devourlord´s soul gets free?. Would you take her soul with you or would you take it to the cycle?

Vigilance's checks reddened even if barely while he answered Heaphness.

-I would personally like to take her with me although its not within my power to give her a body I would gladly offer mine like she did before however I would as ask her what is that she desired and follow her wish as long as it does not harm the world, in which case I would not leave her alone again.

Haephness smiled satisfied with his answer and spoke again

-Then this is what I propose. When that sword is set free you will get a change to get to her and house her soul with you until you are sure she wont try to destroy the world, then a body shall be provided to her, however you must not distant yourself from your responsibilities as master of death for Drazil would take advantage of it again.

-Will I be allowed to do what I deem necessary to hold true to that and not allow Drazil to interfere ? –Vigilance's smile sent a shiver trough my spine, perhaps a lot more that memories of Gig had remained within him.


That was the end of that conversation, after that we were dismissed and resumed our duties, I did not see Vigilance often, but whenever I got a glimpse of him his expression was happier and hopeful, then the day when the sword was found and freed of its chains by humans and their technology, it had passed millennia, yet everything seemed as fresh as if it had been days earlier.


I had waited for hundreds of years for someone to find their way to the onyx blade and free it from those chains until humans managed it with their machines, if anyone alive would have touch them they would have died immediately, but now finally I stood in front of her. It has been so long that to the world we are not even stories, the world barely remembers anything about us anymore, and yet I find a bit ironic that it is us that still linger in the world's history and conscience and not the ones that defeated us. A lot of memories come to me, they are still fresh in my mind as Heaphnes´s promise is in my heart, from the moment I reincarnated in heaven a heavy burdens filled me, not only for all I did as Gig but for All that happened to the kid, It was even my fault that she was created and in a twisted sense it feels good to know that I'm the reason of her existence and despite all that we did in our time together I do not regret our meting.

I'm anxious and really nervous, it has been so long..... How will she react? Will she even remember? I was only 200 years trapped in that sword and I was already filled with loneliness to the point of madness..... She had been here for far longer than that.

-"It's been a long time...kid"

I've been here in reminiscence for hours about you kid, I admit that I fell for´ya and I hope you can forgive me for leaving you alone, its time we met again. Being a god has a lot of advantages , and being invisible to the technology is just one, I have waited too long, and no matter what you choose or how bad your mind state is kid, I'm here for´ya and as my hand trespasses the reinforced glass and takes a hold on the sword I think of you .

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