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How blind these humans were in the dark. I guided yet another one away from the tree he had nearly broken his nose on.

I wanted to abandon them, running so slow on legs that I was sure I could run faster on. That they had to rely on legs at all was a bit annoying.

If it weren't for the fact that I had promised Simon I would guide them and keep them safe I wouldn't have bothered.

More guards came with their stupid 'night vision' goggles.

It wasn't even close to night vision in my opinion, but I supposed it worked well enough when it came to targets.

I slid behind the group and picked off some of the nearest. Then I sent out a shriek that would render the rest of the goggles useless.

Idiots, they only sent that against me? How soon humans forget...

what was that?

I gasped as something slid into me instead of through me.


"We don't forget." It sounded static, some new machine to dispose of me.


I heard another noise, ripping?

It hurt...

Stay focused. What was it?


Don't get sidetracked.

"Somethings wrong, stop the transfer."


"I can't!"

It hurts, Simon...

"Where is she going?"

"I don't know sir."

I found it.

Strange blade. Looks black even to me.

Bleeding. I need to stop it.

Simon, stay safe.

Sudden brightness.



Finnian looked at me like a puppy.

A puppy with monstrous strength that just knocked down the young masters favorite tree.

"Finnian, what do you have to say about this?" Could his eyes hold any more water?

"I'm sorry! Sebastian please forgive me!" I wasn't planning on it.

"Leave the rest to me. I'll deal with you later." I turned toward the disaster zone.

"Sebastiaaaaan!"Maylene ran into me.

I steadied her as Bard came to a stop beside Finnian.

"Sebastian, I was only going to polish them, honest." Wonderful. What set would I be replacing today?

I heard an explosion from the area of the kitchen. Bard gave me a guilty looking smile.

When were they going to become competent I wondered?

A ripping noise filled my left ear. I turned towards it. I could hear screams and other panicked sounds through this..... rip?

That seemed appropriate.

It sat silently in the air.



Then a girl came through.

Her clothing was in shreds, I spotted a large wound to her side before she collapsed on the ground.

The rip closes.

Another day at the mansion I suppose.

I put out the cigarette Bard dropped while gaping at the rip.

"Maylene." She jumps at her name and pushes up her glasses.


"Take care of her, she seems to be injured. I must inform the master that we will be having an unexpected guest." Maylene bows and Bard gently picks up the girl.

She gasps painfully nonetheless.

The girls injury was bad.

It looked like a deep knife wound.

The kind I would have made to assassinate someone.

We were in the bedroom. Bard had the medical supplies.

I could see slightly better with my glasses on. It would have to do.

I patched up what I could and sewed up the skin with a sterile needle and thread.

The wound could not be out in the open.

I bandaged it. It had to go all the way around her torso, though really it was her side that needed it.

It made the wound look worse.

I wondered if she would panic when she woke up.

I wondered if I would have to kill her.

Sebastian came in to check my work.

"Good job, Maylene." I bowed and blushed ever so slightly in response to the compliment.

He bent down over the girl. I bent in with him.

I yelped when he stood back up. "She probably won't be awake for awhile. Maylene, I want you to watch over her. I will take over your normal duties."

He will?

So that I can just sit and watch over her?

I wonder, if I ever get injured, will Sebastian watch over me?

The door slammed shut.

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