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I giggled and gripped Wite's cheek with one hand while the other held her hands, then I started to drag my nails down her face. Black streams flowed freely down and joined with her inky tears of pain. "You've been a bad girl Wite." I whispered. Wite whimpered.

"Ches," She whispered, shaking. "I was joking okay? Remember? A game right?" I snorted. "It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt, now isn't it?" I reached down and grabbed a large piece of what had once been a vase. Wite gasped and squirmed as she saw it. I smirked and gave a small giggle as I jabbed the long piece through both of her wrists and into the wall. Wite yelped.

She glanced at Sebastian, and I registered that he was indeed still there in the back of my mind, then spoke in a tongue that would not be in existence for another century or so from this time period. "Ches," She hissed. "They told me to kill you, you and I both know that means she has decided you are a lost cause." I rolled my one good eye. "Good for her." I replied in the same tongue, and pushed against Wite's elbow with my hand until I heard something snap. Wite gasped. "Look, Ches, please don't. I'll do anything just please stop." I glared at her. "Not likely." I told her. She whimpered. "Please Ches, I didn't know what I was doing, I was mad so please-" She broke off into a yelp as I broke several ribs at once.

My anger began to fade, and I realized that Sebastian was still standing just across the hall. This would be difficult to explain, and I didn't really want to deal with it. Wite whimpered again. I thought fast, if I kept up at this rate, I really would kill her, and she didn't deserve death, it was too forgiving, plus if I got her to... yes that would work well.

"Wite," I whispered in a tender sounding tone, Wite flinched, then looked at me in a pleading way. "You said you would do anything for me if I stopped right?" Wite nodded as vigorously as someone in as much pain as her could. Honestly, she was so weak. "Would you promise with me?" I asked her. Wite glared at me. "What?" She hissed. I poked at her broken ribs and she yelped.


They were speaking a language I did not know. There were very few of those. I grit my teeth. This game had spiraled further out of control than I had thought would happen.

The white haired girl, Wite? Began to speak in a hissing furious tone at something Ches had said, and Ches calmly prodded her obviously broken ribs. The girl yelped and Ches said something in a short clipped tone. The girl glared and Ches wiggled the stake pinning her to the wall. The girl coughed up some more of the dark liquid that seemed to be her blood and said something in a defeated tone. Ches smirked one more time, then brushed her hand against the girls neck. Black designs began to swirl and take form.

Ches turned to me. "Sorry Sebastian," She said, smiling in an almost smug way. "I'll have to leave my mess to you, we will explain when we wake up, so be sure to take care of both of us." then she collapsed to the debris littered floor.


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