All characters in this fan fiction are the property of Miramax….this is all in good fun and I hope you enjoy. This is dedicated to all those women out there hoping that their Leopold will come riding in on a white horse, swoop them off their feet and live happily ever after. Keep believing!

Kate smiled in her sleep. What an incredible dream she was having. Leopold gazing at her across the room, then swooping her into his arms as they waltzed around the ballroom. This man was perfect. If only he really existed. She didn't want to wake up, this dream had been so detailed, almost as if it really happened. So you can imagine what it was like for her when she opened her eyes and found herself in a room straight out of an English period drama.

She took in her surroundings. The magnificent 4 poster bed, she was lying in with satin sheets and beautiful carved posts, the splendid walnut wardrobe in the corner with intricate detail on the brass handles and the portraits placed strategically on the wall of ladies in beautiful gowns, children with dogs, men on gallant steeds. This was definitely not her New York apartment.

There was a light tap on the door, that startled Kate. She hesitated then said, "Come in."

A jolly plump woman in her 50's entered, "Good morning, Miss. I'm sorry to disturb you, but his grace was concerned you might sleep all day if I didn't come in and draw the curtains. Let a bit of sunshine in, it is truly a marvelous day and so exciting about the upcoming wedding. The whole house is a buzz." She realized she had said to much and quickly went to the windows and drew back the curtains.

Kate being self sufficient wasn't accustomed to anyone waiting on her, "Really, you don't have to do that, I am perfectly capable…", she paused realizing she didn't know the woman's name.

"Sophie, miss. The name is Sophie. And his grace made it perfectly clear you were to be taken care of. And I will take care of you. Anything you need. That's what I am here for," she picked up the gown and began to hang it up in the wardrobe.

"When you speak of your grace, you are speaking of whom?" Kate couldn't believe any of this was happening. Was it some kind of joke?

Sophie chuckled, "His grace said you had a very good sense of humor, Miss. His grace is of course your future husband the Duke of Albany. He is marvelous, if only I was so fortunate to work for him."

"You mean Leopold?"

"That is his Christian name of course, Miss. But I am not allowed to call him that. I suppose it's very confusing being American, and not use to the British monarchy and their titles."

"What is the date, Sophie?"

"Why it's April 29, Miss."

"The year?"

"1876, of course, Miss."

"And where could I find his grace at this moment in time?"

"In the dining room with his lord and ladyship, miss, having breakfast."

As she watched Sophie put the dress into the wardrobe, she realized she had no other clothes. She looked down at the plain white ruffled nightgown she was wearing, still very disoriented about the events of the last few days. Did she really jump off the Brooklyn Bridge? Maybe she was dead and this is what heaven was like…being waited on hand and foot. She snapped out of it thinking of the moment, what would she wear to breakfast?

Sophie seemed to be reading her thoughts and brought out a dress from the wardrobe. "Her ladyship has arranged for somethings to be sent over, but until then she's loaned you some of her everyday dresses and hopes they will be suitable. You are about the same size, which is convenient."

The flowery print dress, to Kate, looked like something a maiden aunt would wear, but what choice did she have. "I am sure it will be fine. I'll get dressed and join them for breakfast."

She was surprised when Sophie actually tried to help her with her nightgown. Kate abruptly stopped her. "No offense, Sophie, I know you are only doing your job, but I prefer privacy while I change. I will find my way down to the dining room, you can inform his grace that I will be there shortly."

Sophie seemed a little upset as she closed the door behind her and left the room.

Meanwhile the dining room was much more animated than usual. The quiet English breakfast they were use to had been replaced with a heated argument by the Duke and his Uncle. The servants were being extra careful to stay out of the way, and even Lady Margaret was staying as far away from the two gentlemen (if you could call them that at this time) as possible.

"You can not seriously be thinking about marrying this woman, Leopold. We know nothing about her family, the McKay's of Massapequa. You are being irresponsible as usual."

"I believe I am being very responsible. You told me I had to choose a wife last night. I did just that. I am marrying Kate. I am in love with Kate."

"This has nothing to do with love, Leopold."

"It has everything to do with love, Uncle Milliard."

"You are a fool, Leopold. The family will lose everything."

"Have some faith in me, uncle. Get to know her. You will find her enchanting like I have. She is so full of life, unlike most of those boring debutantes milling around and gawking at me every second."

"You should be flattered. Every woman at the ball last night had their heart set on becoming the Duchess of Albany."

"They wanted a title, the prestige, the privilege…Kate is in love with me, uncle."

Milliard paced around the table scowling, Margaret stopped him by taking hold of his hand, "This is suppose to be a happy time, Milliard. Your only nephew is to wed. There is no point in continuing this argument, because obviously Leopold has made up his mind."

Leopold leaned over his aunt's chair and gave her a kiss on the cheek, "Thank you, Aunt Margaret, for understanding."

"I wish your parents could see you. No matter what your uncle says, they would be overjoyed with the happiness you exude."

"For god sakes, Margaret, you are supposed to be on my side."

The side door slowly opened, and Kate found herself intimidated for the first time in her life. She had heard the commotion as she had descended the stairs, and had no idea what truly to expect. Leopold immediately left his aunts side and greeted Kate at the door. He took hold of both of her hands and looked into her eyes smiling. She closed her eyes and then reopened them just to make sure this was real. He was gazing down upon her and he slowly leaned towards her and kissed her gently on the lips.

"Kate, dear sweet, Kate. I hope you slept well, come and sit down and join us for breakfast." Leopold glared at his uncle as he walked by, hoping he wouldn't make a scene in front of Kate. Leopold knew only to well, what it was like to be thrown into another world you weren't accustomed to. He knew Kate would need to get adjusted to life in 1876, and Uncle Milliard could only make matters worst. And knowing his Uncle Milliard, the matter wasn't dropped only brushed aside for the time being.