Title: The Ties that Bond

Warning: Don't read this if you're against homosexuality, bondage, or any of that other kinky candy. It might even contain meantion of a goat later on. hehe Just kidding.

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As the three of them walked into the house, Harry kept Luce's hand gripped tightly in his own. He kept his eyes peeled as he followed Draco through the house, watching for any signs of the blonde boy's aunt. She hadn't made an appearance yet, but he knew that she would.

Draco snapped his fingers once they reached the stairs, summoning a house elf. "Noggle, will you please have Nanny prepare the nursery? We're going to have guests for a while," he instructed, looking very much like his father as he turned back towards Harry and Luce.

Harry's heart gave a squeeze as he watched Draco reach out for Lucinda's hand, a smile playing over his lush lips. When his daughter looked to him first, he nodded, looking around as the house elf popped out and they started up the stairs. His hand gripped his wand as he walked up the stairs, trying to watch every angle that Bellatrix could come from.

The tall blonde looked over, watching Harry twitch at every sound. "You seem preoccupied, Harry. Is something the matter?" he asked, stopping outside the door to the nursery and raising an eyebrow.

Licking his lips, Harry tilted his head and looked over at the Malfoy. "I was just wondering when or if your aunt would be joining us," he replied as Draco opened the door and led Luce into the large nursery where generations of Malfoys had been reared.

The room was massive, just about half of the size of the common room in Gryffindor Tower. It had obviously been outfitted for his daughter, the room done in pink and white with traces of gold. There were stuffed animals of every variety set around the room at random intervals, attracting the eye. A small, delicate tea service was set up at a white table with four chairs around it. It was the room every little girl could dream of.

Harry's eyes prickled as he watched his daughter's face light up. She looked to him first, though, and he gave her hand a squeeze. Her blonde curls bounced as she hopped over to the amazingly large doll house that looked like a small version of Malfoy Manor. When she touched the side, it opened, revealing a complete replica of the inside. It even had miniature furniture, dishes, and linens.

"I'm afraid my aunt won't be joining us this evening," Draco replied, stepping closer to Harry's side.

"Really?" Harry asked, forcing himself to smile at his daughter as she held up a blonde doll that looked remarkably like Draco. "And when will she be back?"

Blinking, Draco turned and looked at Harry, a look of mild surprise on his face. "I suppose you wouldn't have heard, would you? Auntie Bella died last year," he replied, walking over to where Luce was playing dolls and leaving Harry sitting in the doorway dumb founded.



Harry's slim body danced nimbly away from Lucius, a smile curving the ends of his lips. He ducked around the table that dominated the formal dining room of the Malfoy's summer cottage. He giggled as the elder blonde man gave him a distinctly frustrated look. With swift, teasing steps, Harry spun around a chair and bolted for the door.

Before he could get more than thirty feet past the doors, though, he was tackled from behind. Lucius pinned him to the floor, climbing up his body. Possessive hands stroked over his still very slim hips and back before his husband's lips trailed kisses up his neck.

Panting, Harry turned his head and captured the blonde man's lips with his own. "And you said you were getting old," he teased, a cocky grin stretching his lips.

Raising one eyebrow, the blonde man nipped at Harry's lower lip. "Cheeky little thing," he mumbled before he kissed Harry in earnest.

Laughing into the kiss, Harry flipped over and wrapped his arms around his husband's neck. "Grumpy old codger," he teased back, pulling out the tie that held back the silky smooth white blonde hair that he loved so much and burying his finger in it.

"Old," Lucius replied, pulling back and bracing himself on his arms above the ebony haired boy underneath him. "You weren't complaining last night."

Forcing his features into a serious mask, Harry reached up and cupped the man's face. "I was faking," he replied, pursing his lips to keep from smiling at the outraged expression on the blonde man's face.

Looking affronted, the head of the Malfoy family sucked in a deep breath. Harry's eyes danced merrily at the expression flicking across the man's face. His merriment turned to heat, though, as Lucius's hands slipped underneath his loose t-shirt and stroked over his still flat stomach. "Faking?" he asked as his hands quested higher.

Lucius's fingers gently teased Harry's nipples, making the boy's hips buck involuntarily. The small nubs had become almost unbearably sensitive since he'd gotten pregnant. His eyes nearly rolled into the back of his head when Lucius leaned down and nipped at his neck.

He moaned and sat up, pushing his husband onto his back before he stripped off his shirt. Licking his lips, he smiled down at the elder Malfoy and straddled him. "Oh yeah," he teased, his nimble fingers making quick work of the buttons on the front of Lucius's black dress shirt. ", Completely faking."

The blonde's hands reached up to stroke over Harry's sides, his large hands nearly being able to circle the boy's slightly ticker waist. His face softened, his blonde hair spreading out on the pale wood of the floor. Harry pushed his glasses up on his nose and leaned down, unable to take the look that was creeping into Lucius's eyes. The cold, flat grey had started to melt; looking so much like Draco that Harry felt his heart squeeze painfully.

When Lucius's arms wrapped around his body and pulled him tightly against the large, immovable strength of his chest, Harry buried his face against the silky smooth skin of the Malfoy's neck. "Mmm," the blonde rumbled noncommittally, trailing his fingertips up and down the boy's spine.

Harry bit his lip as he caught a hint of the fabric softener the house elves had switched to mixed with his husband's aftershave. His stomach rolled and he tried to push himself up. When Lucius held on, Harry bucked and covered his hand with his mouth to keep from getting sick on his husband.

The blonde rolled out from under Harry in one swift move, making Harry's tender stomach rebel harder. Horror flickered over Lucius's face as his husband was sick all over the beautiful wood floors of his entry way.

"Harry, are you alright?" he asked, slipping an arm around the boy's shoulders and supporting him as he continued to dry heave.

Catching another whiff of the scent that was driving him insane, Harry pushed the blonde away. "God no," he rasped, his head hanging low. "Just give me a second, I'll be alright."

"Just stay here," the blonde said, sitting back and snapping his fingers to call the house elves. "Call the healer and clean this up."

As the house elf popped out of view, Harry's eyes flew open. "No! No I don't need to see the healer!" he moaned, wiping his mouth with the back of his t-shirt. "I'm fine."

Raising an eyebrow, the blonde looked at Harry very steadily. "Obviously you're the picture of health," he replied dryly, reaching out to gently rub the skin between Harry's shoulder blades.

Pushing himself up, Harry shook his head and sat back on his heels. "No, I'm fine, I promise. It's just the fabric softener," he replied, fighting the urge to clean up his mess. When the house elves appeared next to him, they sighed and snapped their fingers, cleaning up the sick on the floor.

"Fabric softener?" Lucius asked doubtfully, crossing his arms over his nearly naked chest.

Harry nodded, his eyes drawn to the pale strip of skin that was revealed by the man's posture. He had to fight off the urge to push the blonde back on the floor and lick him from neck to knees. At the thought, his body grew painfully aroused and he sighed. "Will you help me up the stairs?" he asked, raising his heated emerald eyes to meet his husband's cool silver orbs.

Slightly confused, Lucius nodded and slipped an arm around the boy's waist. He gently guided Harry up the stairs to the master suite.

"Wait here," Harry said, sitting the man down in the chair near the bathroom. "I'm going to brush my teeth."

Nodding, the blonde waited, crossing his arms over his chest. "When you're through, you'd better give me a very good reason why I shouldn't call the healer," he replied, leaning back in the chair and settling in to wait.

As quickly as he could, Harry brushed the taste of vomit out of his mouth and washed his face. He looked up in the mirror as he was drying off the smooth skin that was now clearer and more beautiful than he'd ever seen it before. In the books that he'd read, it had been called a 'Glow'.

"Harry, if you're not out here in two seconds, I'm coming in there after you," Lucius called through the door.

Taking a deep breath, the raven haired boy tried in vain to flatten his unruly hair. It was time. He had to tell Lucius that he was pregnant. He was giving the Malfoy line another child. Unfortunately for him, it was the wrong Malfoy's baby. Rubbing his hand over his forehead, Harry took a breath and pulled open the door to see his husband on the other side reaching for the door handle.

Raising an eyebrow, Harry leaned in the doorway. "I told you, I'm fine," he replied to the question on his husband's face.

Looking less than convinced, the blonde reached out and slipped an arm around Harry's waist. "Come on, let's get you to bed," he said, leading the raven haired boy to the large four poster bed.

Harry sighed and let his husband settle him in. When the blonde started to take off his shoes, Harry rested a hand on his shoulder and shook his head. "Lucius, I'm fine. Trust me," he said softly, cupping the man's face in his hands. "Lucius, I'm pregnant."

The blonde wizard blinked at him for a few seconds, not comprehending what he was hearing. When the light finally came on in his eyes; a smile, that was so happy and bright that it nearly hurt to look at, spread across the man's face. "Pregnant?" he asked softly, reaching up to wrap his arms around the boy's waist.

As tears of shame trickled down Harry's cheeks, he nodded and forced himself to smile back. "Yes, Lucius, I'm pregnant," he replied. When his husband stood up and tugged him to his feet, Harry went willingly into the arms of the man that he'd sworn his loyalty to.

When he was drawn into his husband's arms and his lips were claimed in a tender, gentle kiss, a sob pushed its way up through Harry's chest. He broke the kiss, wrapping his arms around the man's neck and burying his face in the warmth of his husband's skin. His nose began to run as he cried harder, blocking out the scent of that damn fabric softener.

"What's this? Why are you so upset, Harry?" Lucius asked, stroking his hands over the smooth skin of Harry's bare back. "This is wonderful news. Don't worry, everything will be fine. I promise."

At the tender words, Harry's emerald eyes looked up into the stormy grey ones that he'd woken up next to every day for the past year almost. "I l-l-l-love you, L-L-Lucius-s-s," he hiccuped, pulling his husband down for another kiss.

"I love you too, Harry," the blonde whispered against his lips, gently tugging off the thick glasses that were sitting crooked on the boy's nose. He leaned forward and nipped at Harry's lower lip before he eased him back onto the bed.

As his husband started to slowly make love to him, Harry's tears dried and he gave himself over to the elder man. Lucius may not have been the love of his life, but over the months, the Malfoy man had carved out his own niche in Harry's heart. Harry promised himself that he would make himself into the perfect spouse for Lucius in penance for the betrayal that he was going to commit.

"Dr-" he started to moan as he felt the man's body slide easily into his own. He looked up, into the grey eyes of his husband and froze for a second.

Lucius blinked at him for a second before he leaned down and kissed Harry, stopping any further words. "I love you," he whispered as he set a slow, easy rhythm.

Harry arched up into his husband and whimpered. "Lucius," he moaned, all thoughts of his first love pushed out of his mind by the tender caress of the boy's father.

/End Flashback/


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