Ramón Rojo looked at The Man with no name, blankly.

"Where's Marisol? What have you done with her?"

He paced himself towards Ramón. The Man with no name's vivid eyes pierced into his soul making him react at a quicker pace then usual.

" Why aren't you aiming for the heart Ramón?"

He shoots again, but this time at his heart. He misses.

" Try again Ramón!"

Ramón began to shake and sweat, blood pouring out of his soul. He shoots, but this time he makes the shot. The Man with no name falls on to the barrels down on the pavement.

" You can't win Americano."

A quick bolt to his face, Ramón was on the ground unconscious. The Man with no name stood up removed his poncho and revealed his bulletproof vest to Ramón.

" Only weak men weep."

He walked away.