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"Tsuchiura, why didn't you say anything about this!" Sasaki shouted.

"Sasaki...I…" Tsuchiura said.

"Why are you two holding hands!" The girls sighed at the orange haired boy's voice.

"It's not like that...Sasaki-kun." Hino said.

The others students began to gather at the ruckus site.

"Hey, Hino, your hand!" Nao shouted.

Hino didn't realize at first but when she knows what Nao told her, she quickly takes her hand back from Tsuchiura. If she didn't take back surely, they will be in a lot of trouble tomorrow.

"Are you sure? That they don't have anything going on between you them." Sasaki asked the girls

"Yeah, we can guarantee that." Mio said.

"Hey, Sasaki, come here." Nao dragged the boy away.

"Then, see you tomorrow. Kaho-chan." Mio said and smiles before she ran after Nao and Sasaki.

The students that were attracted by the fuss quickly dissipated after the show has died down.

"Sorry, Hino…if I really explained to Sasaki back there, none of this would have happened." Tsuchiura said.

"You have nothing to apologize for and that was nothing." Hino held Tsuchiura's hand again after they have made a quite distance from the school. "Does it still hurt? Tsuchiura-kun." Hino asked a looked at him with silly eyes.

"A little, but I'm okay. This is nothing. Don't worry about it too much, even if I can't play soccer but I can still play piano by tomorrow. I'll take today as a rest." Tsuchiura turned to the girl and smiles.

"Hino...can…can I call you by your name when there's only two of us?" Tsuchiura's blushed, his face is red since he never feels this way when he was with Sakimoto.

"Ehhhh!" Hino's voice made the pianist blushed even more. But he tighten the grip on theirs hand making Hino knows that he's serious about this.

"But…I…I don't think I can call you "Ryoutarou" not now…" Hino said and turned her face away.

"It's okay…I don't want to force you…" Tsuchiura said.

"No….no...it's okay. I just hesitate…but I don't want to run from anything right now, if I don't try or face it then nothing will change at all. Besides…I got you right?" Tsuchiura finally smiled and they both laughing with happiness.

"Then, see you tomorrow. You don't have to go all the way to my house, be sure to get some practice. Bye!" Tsuchiura walked into the way that leads to his house.

Hino walked back to her house alone thinking about what has happened to her today.

Since the theme hasn't been announced yet, Hino can do nothing but to get better on her skill.

"Morning, Kaho…" Tsuchiura greeted the girl in front of her house.

"Good morning, Ry-ryou-Ryoutarou." Hino was having a hard time to call the boy's name. When the boy looks at her, she blushed because she never called anyone like that except the time the Yunoki enlisted her help.

"Does it still hurt?" Hino asked.

Tsuchiura used his arm to encircle the girl's waist, and then he held her up in the air.

"Well, as you can see. It's healed. It doesn't hurt anymore." The green haired boy put the girl back down and smiled.

"Don't surprise me like that!" Hino said to the boy.

"Sorry, sorry. Then shall we go to school?" Hino nodded. This time Tsuchiura was the one who hold the hand.

When they reached the school area, they released the hand automatically.

"Then see you later, you'll go practice violin after school today right? Good luck." Said Tsuchiura as he takes another stairs that lead to his class.

After class 2-2 last class has ended and the teacher leaves the room, the door opened by the green haired boy.

"Sasaki, can I talk with you?" Tsuchiura asked the boy.

"Yeah, so what is it?" Sasaki asked.

"Well, could you go with me to tell Buchou, that I have to suspend the club activity because my legs are sprained." Tsuchiura explained.

"Okay, you can count on me." Sasaki said.

"Thanks, Sasaki." Tsuchiura blushed because he didn't say thanks to the boy that often.

"Tsuchiura…you…confessed to Hino right?" Sasaki asked the question that surprised Tsuchiura.

"….Y-yeah…" The boy replied.

"So how was her reply? It wasn't yes right?" Sasaki said.

"Yeah, but how did you know that I confess to Hino?" Tsuchiura asked.

"That's a secret! Anyway, don't give up Tsuchiura! You have to win Hino's heart!" Sasaki grinned.

"Wh-what are you saying…that's way too embarrassing when you put it that way." Tsuchiura blushed.

"Heheh, anyway let's go see Buchou!" Tsuchiura nodded and walked with the yellow haired boy.

"Ryou-Tsuchiura-kun! Wait." Hino ran up to the boys. "Are you going home?" Hino asked.

"Not yet, I'll go see Buchou about the club activity." Tsuchiura replied.

"Oh, okay. Then see you, I'm going to practice." Tsuchiura nodded and Hino walked back to get her things. Sasaki grinned and let out a chuckle.

"What are you chuckling at?" Tsuchiura asked the yellow haired boy.

"Nothing, so how did you get your legs sprained?" Sasaki asked.

"Well, I just got into an accident that's all." Sasaki's face was like he was still curious what did happened to his friend but he knows that it wasn't nice to ask someone too much unless they want to talk about it themselves.

"Then you better get the first place in the Concour, Tsuchiura!" Sasaki said and put locked his arm around Tsuchiura's neck..

"Hey, I don't want anymore pressure!" Tsuchiura shouted.

"Oh, or maybe you want to help Hino? That's so nice of you, Tsuchiura!" Sasaki chuckled and pulled Tsuchiura closer with his arm and shake Tsuchiura. "You're really something Tsuchiura!"

"Hey!" Tsuchiura's voice made Sasaki realized and stops. "that's better. I told Hino that we're rivals now…I don't want to change what I said because of our relationship." Tsuchiura said.

"That's something disappointing." Sasaki said and hit into a bigger boy. "Sorry!" Sasaki said. "Ah, Buchou!"

"Look in front of you when you're walking, Sasaki." The big boy said.

"Buchou…I want to take a rest from club activity." Tsuchiura said.

"Tsuchiura got into an accident that sprained his legs." Sasaki helped the pianist explained.

"What happened?" Buchou asked.

"Well…I caught Hino falling from the stairs" Tsuchiura whispered. "Please don't tell Sasaki."

"Ah, so that's what happened." Sasaki was curious about what the bigger boys were talking.

"Then Tsuchiura you better not lose in the Concour, you have no excuse now." Buchou said.

"Y-yes." Tsuchiura replied "Thank you, Buchou! Then I'll take my leave." Tsuchiura bid the boy goodbye and he walked back to his class to get his bag.

"Maybe I'll go see Kaho for a little bit before I left the school." The boy muttered to himself as he gathers his belonging.

Tsuchiura walked to the music department alone. He looked through the door's window to see which room Hino is using it. He looked around for her for a few minutes after he saw her.

Tsuchiura waited outside of the room listened to the piece that Hino was playing, it turned out to be Canon in D, although it wasn't good as it was in the second selection but it's becoming closer and closer when she performed in second selection.

When Hino finished the piece, Tsuchiura opened the door and rushes to her side. "Kaho! That was great. You're getting better!"

"Tsuchiura-kun!" Hino shouted.

"Ka-ka-Kaho! Ehhh, mind explaining? You two. " A girl voice that Tsuchiura was very familiar with and he doesn't feel too good to hear it right now.

"Amou ! What are you doing here!" Tsuchiura began to panic, he didn't expect someone to be with Hino in the practicing room.

"I just want to listen to Hino-san music that's all, after all I haven't heard it for a long time." Amou grinned before she continued. "What about you? Care to explain? About "Kaho" that you just said." Amou said.

"What about that? It's nothing really." Tsuchiura said without noticing what he just said out.

"Hehhhh, meaning that it's normally for you to call each others' name like that right?" Amou asked giggly. Hino began packing her Violin in the bag while the two continue to argue with each other.

"Th-that's not what I meant!" Tsuchiura shouted.

"Eh, Really? Then why are you reacting like this? Normally you would scold me or something." Amou grinned. Tsuchiura were speechless, he doesn't know what he can say to deny Amou's word.

Tsuchiura grabbed Hino hand and ran away from Amou. "Wait, you two!" Amou said.

"Damn…" Tsuchiura muttered out when he's running and Hino knows that it was his legs that are hurting him.

"Tsuchiura-kun! Your legs aren't healed yet! You shouldn't run!" Hino said and try to stop the soccer boy to stop hurting his own body.

After hearing Hino said Tsuchiura slowed down and stop running. "You don't have to run from Amou-san, you know? She probably……..spread the news if she knows what's going on…." Hino said. "But the others will know someday that…"

"But that's not today…I-I'm not prepared like that yet." Tsuchiura said.

"What are you going to do next? Go home?" Hino asked.

"Maybe I'll go practice at Minami-san's shop. Since my siblings would be using it, I guess…now that's it this late." Tsuchiura replied.

"Then let me tagged along, I want to hear your music!" Hino said with excitement that Tsuchiura have to tell Hino to lower her voice down.

"Then let's go. Kaho" The green haired pianist whispered the red haired violinist's name very softly to her ear making the girl's face go a bit red.

"Tsuchiura-kun…did you make up with Sasaki-kun yet?" Hino asked while they're walking together alone.

"Yeah…" Tsuchiura replied. "You're getting better, I heard you played Canon today although it wasn't good like the 2nd selection. But it still left a good impression from it." Tsuchiura commented.

"Thank you…" Hino said and smile.

"You liked that piece right?" Tsuchiura asked.

"Yep, what about you? Farewell Waltz – Tristesse was your favorite right? Ryoutarou?" Hino asked.

"Yeah, Kaho…" Tsuchiura held Hino hand's very tightly. Tsuchiura opened the door to the Minami's instrument.

"Welcome, Ryou and Hino-san? What can I do for you two today." Minami asked.

"Can I use the piano to practice?" Tsuchiura asked.

"Of course, then can you two look after the shop for me? I need to go buy something" Minami asked.

"Okay, you can count on us." Hino said.

After Minami left the shop, Tsuchiura looked toward Hino then he walked towards her. He put his hands on her shoulders. He leaned his face towards her and said

"Kaho…When I saw you fall of the stairs…I thought I would lose you…my body moves on it own to catch you." Tsuchiura began leaning his face closer to Hino.

"Ryoutarou…." Hino said.

"Please don't let me have to feel something like that again okay?" The yellow eyed boy kissed the girl cheeks and pulls back his body.

Tsuchiura walked to piano and he began practicing it. While he was at it, he looked at Hino with gentle eyes, he has never been happy like this. When he stayed with Hino, he really feels like he doesn't need anything else.

"His music really changed from before." Hino jumped at Minami's voice.

"Really?" Hino asked.

"Yes, it was…more gentle than it use before…" Minami said.

"Come to think of it…when I was kid I heard a boy play a classical piece. I stopped to listen I guess that's the start of my deep love for music." Hino said.

"…Was that piece…coincidentally to be For Elise?" Tsuchiura asked Hino.

"Come to think of it…….Yes…I think so. It was Fur Elise. How did you know Ryoutarou?" Hino asked the green haired pianist. But he didn't reply. "Ryoutarou?" Hino called his name again this time he looked back at the girl and says.

"How much did you remember about that event." Tsuchiura asked.

"Not much it was really long time ago…but I do remember that…it was a green haired boy that was playing Fur Elise…He was really handsome and cute too" Hino said and smiles. "I think I asked for his name but I don't really remember…."

Tsuchiura's face becomes a bit red with no reason. "Please…Try to remember about that event and tell me tomorrow…" Tsuchiura said.

"Okay…" Hino replied to the boy. Right after the conversation, Tsuchiura's music began to mess up. His hearts were beating fast because of the conversation earlier.

"Tsuchiura-kun, are you okay?" Hino asked.

"I-I'm fine, I think I-I should head back see you later Hino." Tsuchiura left the shops, face flattered red.

"What's up with him, I wonder?" Hino muttered to herself. "And he just left like that…Umm…Minami-san, then I've to go back to my home too."

"Good luck on the way home." Hino bowed down her head and left the shop.

"Did something important happened in that event?" Hino thought to herself.

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