Okay! Here's the beginning of my latest story. I know I'm in the middle of one already, but I can't resist! This idea came to me and I've gotta jump on it! I hope you enjoy!

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How did it come to this? How did he end up on this side of the blockade, with the cops on the other? Outside he could hear the sirens blaring loudly. Sweet Baby J, there are a lot of sirens. What do I do? What do I do? WHAT DO I DO?!

Any minute the cops would barge in and arrest him. He had no way out. No escape.

He frantically searched all around him for some sort of exit. There has to be a way for me to get out of here. "Here" was an empty office space on the corner of Bunker Hill and 2nd Street. There were a few cheap desks that the previous owners had clearly not cared to get rid of sitting against the walls, but that was about it. It'll have to do.

He dove behind a desk and attempted to conceal himself as best he could. After a few seconds, he chanced a glance out the window. Crap. A swarm of black and whites along with his two favorite detectives were creeping their way towards the nearly deserted building, doing their best to stay concealed. Oh right. Like I'd shoot them.

The glass door burst open and room was filled with police. He just stayed behind the desk, not breathing. After a few seconds of confused searching, she found him.

Detective Juliet O'Hara shouted, "I've got him!" Resigned, he stood up and simply looked at her. He could see the sadness in her eyes and hear the quaver in her voice as she slapped the cuffs on his wrists and said coldly, "Shawn Spencer, you are under arrest for the murder of Kathleen Fox."


I know, I know. It's super short. This is really just a taste. A tidbit. What do you think, should I continue, or is it a misfire? REVIEW! Please and thanks!