Note- Made myself some goals for this story: No Kevin, No Tamara, no angst, just sexy scenes.

The Love Game

Chapter One

March 2007

"Comfy there, Hot Stuff?"

"You know it, baby girl."

"Good," she cooed and laid back against him. "Me too."

Talk about self induced torture. Derek Morgan had really done it to himself this time. His playing with fire with Penelope Garcia had him in quite the predicament.

Stuck feeling like a teenager with a raging hard on that he was trying to hide from everyone else in the room.

It wasn't hardly the first time she got him turned on in the nearly three years since they met but it was the first time her warm, tempting curvy body was pressed so close against his when it happened. Good luck hiding it when she was sitting between his legs in his boss's media room watching a movie.

Derek always liked to get as close to Penelope as he could without actually fucking her senseless. She was his ideal woman. The problem was he had some kind of stupid madonna/whore complex going on (according to Reid at least) where that made Penelope too good for him to actually fuck. She was a dream. A vision. Perfection. She was wife material and everybody knew Derek was not looking to be a husband just yet.

But he couldn't resist her in every way. So he would do all he could to flirt with her, to hug her, make her feel good and safe, make her feel sexy and smart, make her know he thought she was phenomenal.

And he would sneak in a cuddle here or there while watching movies. Only while watching movies. He couldn't let her touch him too much at work cause it would cause the problem he was having right now: his dick thick and engorged because of the feel of her hands on him, in even the most innocent way.

Not that she was innocent in this whole thing today. Not hardly. Once he started shifting around, trying to lean back so she didn't feel how hard he was she had started scooting back and ever so slowly rubbing against him, as if she was trying to get more comfortable but he knew she was doing it on purpose.

Because she took his hand that was resting around her waist and slid it onto her thigh, holding it there with her hand, so close to where he would love to be able to slip his fingers but also so far away because he couldn't feel her wetness coating him. Couldn't rub her clit till she bucked and screamed. Couldn't bury his mouth there and suck her sweet juices dry.

Yeah, their friends wouldn't appreciate the show at all if he tried that one right now. Besides Derek and Penelope weren't lovers. They were buddies. He kept her on a pedestal. Maybe too high. Maybe for too long. Maybe it was about protecting him and not her.

He couldn't remember his list of reasons they were not dating already right now. There was no blood in his brain to think with because it was all down in his dick, throbbing over her plump ass wiggling slightly every once in awhile and making sure he couldn't lose his hard on if he tried.

Why hadn't he remembered that the last time they cuddled he had started to have a similar problem, just not as severely, and had vowed to not get himself in that situation again? He must have remembered that, in the back of his mind, when he showed up today but he just hadn't gave a damn.

Like a moth to a fucking flame he gravitated to her side, slid his body down in front of the couch and tugged her between his legs. His baby girl's spot and nobody else's. He did it for himself cause he wanted to rest his chin on her shoulder, smell the honey and strawberry scented shampoo she was using nowadays, and wrap her in his arms. Wrap her in the muscles that were all for her now.

Well he got her in his arms. That was for sure. And he got what he was really wanting in the back of his mind. Fucking turned on and ready to go.

Good job, he scolded himself. And she can so tell you're hard right now. That's real nice!

Not that she seemed to mind. Nope. He liked to think of her as an angel- which she was in some ways because she was his relief in the cold world he lived in- but she could be as sinful as he was. Her pressing his hand on her thigh, as her face revealed no sign of what kinky thoughts had to be in her head, showed she was up for playing his game without a bit of fear or worry over what the consequences would be.

Derek always wanted to protect Penelope from getting hurt by him if they had sex and, God forbid, something made them split up later. And he wanted to wait till he knew he was ready to try to go for forever with her.

But he had really been protecting himself from risking too much. Hell with that, he thought that day. She is not a risk. She's my heaven. My hot, sexy, dirty mouthed corner of heaven right here on earth.

Her mouth. Those red painted lips. Those perfect white teeth. That pink, long tongue. Damn he should not have started thinking about her mouth.

Derek tried to focus on the movie again but all he could really focus on was Penelope's hand caressing over the top of his, slowly, smoothly, tracing letters.

What was she writing?

When he figured it out, what she traced over and over, he had to chuckle. Do me.

(You can do me in the morning.

You can do me in the night.


You can do me when you wanna do me.


Take a look at me.

Tell me do you like what you see?


Do you think you


Do you think you can do me?) (Bell Biv Devoe)