The Love Game

Chapter Seven

March 2007

Penelope's heart was pounding loud in her ears when Derek drove his motorcycle into his garage. Her body throbbed with an aching want- a longing to be filled by him. Clutching tightly to Derek for the hour long ride to his home had only made that hunger intensify, as she imagined him thrusting deep into her over and over, making her whimper and cry out for more.

The bike came to a stop. Derek put down the kick stand and turned it off. He climbed off the bike and then removed Penelope's helmet.

Completely overcome with lust for this sexy friend of hers she wrapped her arms around his neck, tugged him close and brought him into the hottest kiss they had ever shared. Now that they were at his place everything was steamier. Her nipples were so hard that they were painful nubs in need of caressing, licking, sucking, some sweet relief.

Penelope desperately ripped her coat off and flung it away from her, breaking the kiss a little to breathe but not completely. At the same time Derek dropped the helmet. Wrapping her arms around his neck again, he wrapped his around her back and their bodies mashed together while they shared another hungry, lustful kiss.

Crawling off the motorcycle, never letting her mouth leave his, Penelope massaged her hands down Derek's chest. His leather jacket got in the way of her greedy fingers so she pushed it off his shoulders. They went to lean back against the bike, as his leg notched between her thighs, and the bike started to tip. They both nearly fell down with it.

Laughing and breaking apart, Derek grabbed for the bike to steady it, while Penelope clung to Derek's shoulders. Wearing matching amused grins their eyes met. The air thickened around them, the laughter fading into want again, and the want growing more with every second ticking by. Their smiles turned sultry before their lips connected again in a slower dance, tongues mating sensually and Derek's hands gripping Penelope's ass, molding her lower half against his.

His lips broke away from hers to lay heated kissed all over her neck and then on her shoulder, pushing aside the silky fabric of her blouse.

Penelope whispered "Please, baby, please, I'm so sick of waiting. Make it stop."

Derek gave her another kiss, this one promising all that was to come very soon, and then looked into her eyes, while holding her face. "Woman, I don't plan to ever let this stop." He grinned at her, in the sweetest way, that showed how much he hoped she agreed.

Penelope caught his mouth in another kiss that had no sweetness in it. Just raw, aching, desperate need. Her nails raked down the back of his neck and then her hands started to pull at his shirt, getting it up so she could splay her fingers across his bare back, dying for skin on skin contact.

Against her lips he said "Mmm," pulling away a little he whispered "inside. Come on, baby girl." and then they kissed some more as he took a few steps back and she took a few forward.

Derek pulled away completely, drawing a protesting moan out of Penelope, took her hand and led her through the door that connected to the house. As soon as they were there her back hit the wall and their lips came together for more desperate kisses.

Penelope pushed up Derek's shirt again, her hands all over his abs, and he ripped the shirt off. She yanked his belt off. They kissed some more. His thigh wedged between her legs. Threading his fingers into her hair he held her head and kissed her with a passion that made the fire in her double and triple, as true and deep feelings molded against the lust that raged between them and heightened all she felt in that moment.

I don't plan to ever let this stop, repeated over and over in her mind, pushing her onwards as her desire to have him deep inside of her made her kisses and caresses harried.

Just as she reached for his zipper he took over everything and lifted her up. Her legs wrapped around his back and her arms around his shoulders as their mouths joined together in lust fueled kisses. Derek carried Penelope like that, while they kept kissing, through the kitchen, stopping to lean against the wall between that room and the living room to kiss on her neck and press her even tighter to him.

Nibbling her ear, his hot breath sending a fresh wave of sensual shivers down her spine, he whispered "You are the fucking hottest woman on earth. How did I get so lucky? God sent me his best angel."

Setting her down he took her hand and led her through the living room. Turning to face her, with a sexy grin on his lips he pulled her into another kiss. Her shirt came off next, falling onto the hallway floor, and then her shoes were kicked off. Between more kisses and moving down the dark hall, her jeans got undone. Just inside his room she broke away from him, stepped out of the jeans, and watched as he got out of his shoes, socks and jeans.

His eyes, hot and dark with desire, locked on hers and then he yanked her against him to kiss some more. Soon they were falling back onto the bed, his lips over all her chest now, pushing up her red bra so his lips could close around her pebbled pink nipple, while she arched up and he slipped one hand underneath her to undo the bra, then quickly got it off her.

His fingers massaged one breast and his mouth pleasured the other, sucking deeply on it as his tongue swirled over it, until Penelope's head was tossing and turning back and forth on the pillow. The whole room- and especially the bed- smelled of Derek's musky masculine scent and drove her even further out of her mind.

Begging she cried "Please, please, baby, oh God, I need you."

His eyes deep and dark with want, his breathing ragged, he moved up her body and gave her a kiss full of possession. Then he reached in the night stand and got out a condom.

Her hands reached for his boxers and pushed them down, taking into her hand the hard length of him, which throbbed and leaked cum. Derek rolled onto his back and put the condom on, while Penelope got out of her panties. Their eyes met and then their lips, as he pulled her on top of his chest. She lifted her hips, holding his gaze, and lowered herself onto him.

Derek let out a moan. "Baby girl," he hissed through clenched teeth as she settled against him. He sat up and wrapped his arms around her. They kissed as she started to rock against him.

Her body seemed to be made for him. The way he fit was something she had never known before. It was as if there was no awkwardness that sometimes comes with first time partners, no worrying about if she was enough or doing what he liked. He was buried inside of her and his arms holding her made her feel completely cocooned. The pleasure that radiated from their joined bodies had her lightheaded, panting, her nails digging into his skin. She had never known perfection like this.

Derek flipped her onto her back and drove into her, pushing her thigh up, his thrusts fast and demanding, taking her there quickly, showing how much he couldn't wait to come with her. It had to be now. She wanted it now too. She needed it to be now. She was so close. It was right there.

"Baby girl," he panted "oh, sweetheart, that's so good. That's right, girl. Come with me now. Let go for me."

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, ohhhhhh," she cried and moaned.

Closing her eyes, denying herself the sight of that beautiful man over her, she arched her head back as the pleasure started to overtake her. Then Derek pinched her clit and it was the last little push she needed to clench around him. Feeling his body react to hers was amazing, as she pulled him into his release.

He grunted and moaned, letting go completely, until he collapsed against her. His weight was just what she wanted to feel. Never had she been so safe as right then. She held him as her cheeks grew wet with happy, relieved tears.

Derek's face was nuzzling the crook of her neck, his breathing still out of control, and his lips giving her lazy kisses.

With a groan, showing that he hated to do it, he pulled out of her, got rid of the condom and then settled on his back next to her, wearing a grin. He turned his head and looked at her.

"Penelope," he started to flirt "you are a Goddess!" Then he noticed her wet cheeks, grew serious, and used his thumb to wipe them away before giving her a sweet kiss. "Me too," he said to her.

She took that to mean that this meant a great deal to him. That this was more than sex. A part of her believed that and a part of her was scared too. She cuddled close to him, pulled the blanket up over her and closed her eyes.

He kissed her temple. "Thank you very much-"

She smiled as she kept her eyes closed. "For the best sex of your oversexed life, Hot Stuff?"

"For trusting me, baby girl. I'll never break that trust, cross my heart and hope to-"

"You better not even finish that sentence, mister, unless you want to tick me off. I'm warning you that if you mess up my afterglow..." she teased "off the grid!"

Opening her eyes she met his and they both laughed before kissing some more. She sighed blissfully.

Their foreheads rested against each other. She whispered "It goes both ways. Cross my heart too, baby."

He gave her a sweet kiss and they held each other as they drifted off to sleep. The morning would bring more hot sex and that would become a pattern for years to come: hot nights and mornings for Morgan and Garcia.

The BAU would never be the same again. For a long time after that night Hotch refused to watch movies with them. He didn't like knowing they were getting all frisky when the lights turned off....and they always did.

It was just how they rolled.