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Warning: Yaoi (male on male relationships. Don't like, don't read), Nudity, violence

Author's note: This story has the pairing of 10027 or Byakuran/Tsuna. In this story, Byakuran and a lot of other characters are yokai, preternatural animals. However, this fanfiction will focus on Henge yokai, which are yokai that have the ability to shapeshift into a human form. Byakuran is a kitsune, a fox spirit, while Tsuna is the unfortunate human (of course!).

Chapter one: The kitsune and the human

"What on earth?"

Never in Tsuna's life had he seen such a scene. Right in the middle of his path was a battle between a kitsune and a group of crows. The fox spirit with a white coat and five tails held its own against the birds. The white kitsune took a hold of one its feathered opponents's neck, breaking it with it sharp teeth. The other crows attacked the body of the kitsune, while it held it's comrade in its jaws. The birds pecked the kitsune's eyes causing the fox to recoil, releasing the helpless crow in his mouth. With one closed eye, the unusual animal tried it's best to scratch and bite at the other birds, but the crows were slippery and evaded the beast's snout and claws easily.

The brunette could only stare at the scene, mesmerized and horrified. Tsuna still couldn't believe what he was seeing. It was like the stories that his grandfather told him when he was a child. His grandfather told him about the different types of yokai, spiritual creatures. As a child he feared them, like everything else in the world, but he was very surprised at himself being able to stand there watching a fight between yokai.

A cry came from above and the sound of wings fluttering could be heard in a distance. The brunette looked up, a bad feeling brewing in his gut. His brown eyes widen as he saw the crows's reinforcements. A group of black birds dived down and attacked the fox spirit. The five tailed fox went down at contact. There was not much Tsuna could see through the sea of ebony wings and feathers, but he didn't need to see the kitsune to know he was outnumbered and losing. Forgetting his fear and all he's been told of the yokai by his grandfather, Tsuna raced toward the murder of crows, swinging his bag. He needed to save the kitsune, he didn't know what the creature did to deserve this treatment, but whether man or not, nothing deserved to be assaulted like that.

"Get away!" Tsuna shouted, hitting a few birds with his bag. The black birds took to the sky, but they didn't go far. They perched onto a nearby power line, watching the brunette and the fallen kitsune.

When Tsuna was sure that the birds would keep their distance, he turned to the fox spirit. The creature laid on its side, eyes closed and stationary. Fear ran through Tsuna at the thought that he was too late. He released a bated breath as he noticed the kitsune's side rise and fall, it was breathing, so that meant the kitsune was still alive. The brunette carefully lowered a hand to the kitsune, cautious that the creature wouldn't wake up and bite his hand off. Since the kitsune showed no signs of attacking his hovering hand, Tsuna proceeded in petting the animal's head. Its fur was soft, warm and smooth. Running his hands through the kitsune's coat felt like sliding them through silk. The five tails of the fox was fluffy and thick, reminding Tsuna of clouds. Close up, the fox spirit was a beautiful creature to behold, even though it was tattered by the fight with the crows. There were splotches of blood and dirt on its white coat, but it didn't take away the kitsune's allure.

Tsuna tenderly petted the creature between the ears and it was there that his decision was made. He couldn't leave the kitsune here to be preyed on by the crows; he had to take the creature with him. Without a second thought, Tsuna took off his jacket and wrapped the creature in it. He then carried the fox off, looking warily at the crows who gazed at him with beady dark eyes. The crows were watching him, their gazes unnerved the human.

"I hope they wouldn't follow me." The petite young man said to himself. Yet, Tsuna's resolve was made up. He was not going to leave the kitsune here. The brunette began walking, looking back at the power line to see if the fox spirit's attackers was pursuing him. The crows made no moves to go after him, but their intent looks burned into Tsuna. The brunette was grateful for that, rushing off.

Though delicate-looking, the kitsune was heavy, but he didn't live far. Tsuna didn't feel completely safe until he got to his apartment. He made sure none of the crows had followed him home by looking out of his window. The skies were clear, not a crow in sight. He then turned to the treatment of the five-tailed fox. He set out old sheets and bedding for the creature to lie on as he tended to the creature's injuries. It did cross Tsuna's mind to bring the kitsune to a Vet, but he wasn't sure if the doctor would be able to see him, let alone treat him. So, the brunette opted for doing the best he could on his own.

With a basin of hot water and a cloth the brunette meticulously began cleaning the creatures white coat. Tsuna made sure his touch was gentle and soft enough not to startle the creature, however, the five tailed fox remained completely still throughout the whole process. Tsuna opened a first aid kit and began taking out the antibacterial spray. He wasn't sure if mythical creatures got infections or the like, but he felt it was better to be safe than sorry. Tsuna chose to attack the bigger of the fox's gashes. The fox spirit had a nasty cut on the side of his body. The creature body got it from when he was ambushed. Tsuna positioned the spray bottle a few inches away from the open wound and squirted the anti-biotic. Once the liquid touched the raw cut, the kitsune sprung to life, awakened by the swearing pain on his side. The kitsune bit down Tsuna's hand in defense and ran off.

"AHHHHHH!" The human screamed more in shock than pain. Tsuna swore under his breath as he nursed his hand. The fox hadn't bitten him too deeply, only a little blood was drawn. Once he made sure his hand was fine, he went off to find the fox. Tsuna knew the creature didn't mean to bite him maliciously, the fox was surprised. He always hated when his mother would cleanse his cuts with those sprays, it felt even worse than the cut itself. It was no wonder the white animal bite him.

He searched his whole apartment and finally found the animal in his bathroom tub, growling at him. The brunette gulped at how feral the creature seemed. The fox spirit had its razor sharp teeth bared, deadly claws extended and his pointy ears folded back in a menacing fashion. It was hard to believe the beautiful creature he had carried his back to his apartment could be so vicious.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you." Tsuna tried to convince the creature, but the kitsune's defensive disposition didn't change. It still snarled at him. The brunette sighed and took a seat on the bathroom floor. Perhaps, if he stayed there, the kitsune would warm up to him or at least figure out that he meant no harm. After waiting for a good hour or two, Tsuna began nodding off to sleep. The fox quieted a half an hour ago, but it still held its post.

It wasn't until Tsuna was sound asleep that the fox moved. The animal became alert, twitching his ears at the peculiar sounds of Tsuna's apartment. Its head poked out from the inside of the tub, peering at the surroundings. The kitsune realized he was in an unfamiliar place and his instincts told him to be cautious. He stayed in the bathtub as he surveyed the room, extending his ears to predict any impending danger. However, no such thing happened. Still he waited for some unprecedented occurrence to lunge at him. Nothing. The kitsune leapt out of the confined space and began walking around his five tails skirting the floor he walked on. The fox cautious passed by the sleeping brunette, sniffing at his limbs. When the boy didn't move, the reynard was convinced that it was safe.

The five tailed fox spirit began to glow with a blinding white gleam. Its shape growing larger than that of a fox, paws turning into hands and feet, his several tails regressing into the new form. No longer did a fox sat at the edge of Tsuna's feet, but a naked white haired man with purple eyes took its place. The man looked around his surroundings, taking everything in.

The place seemed ordinary. He was expecting to something more, especially from a human who handled him in his other form. It was extremely rare for human beings to see creatures such as himself. Their presence in the world wasn't because people were easy to fool, but that human beings had simply stopped believing in them. It was easy for human beings to play off a sighting by deeming it a trick of the mind or a product of their imagination. The kitsune wasn't bothered that a human had saw him, he was actually quite intrigued.

Tsuna began to stir in his sleep, the fox turning to waking brunette. Tsuna's eyes opened. His vision was still blurry, but even through the unclear image he still noticed the presence of another. His sight cleared and he was fully aware of the bareness of the person in front of him. The human gasped.

"Good evening~" The snow haired man greeted, seemingly very comfortable in his nudity.

Tsuna's mouth was agape as he stared at the naked man. He couldn't move, couldn't speak, couldn't think! Interested the white haired stranger crouched down to Tsuna's level, intensify his gaze by a fraction. "Is anyone home?~"

That's what did it. Tsuna woke out of his petrifaction and said the first thing that came to mind. "You're naked."

As soon as Tsuna said it, he wished he hadn't. After all, there were more important issues to bring up at time like this. Such as, who are you? What are you doing here? And the million dollar question: Why are you naked?

The other made a face of revelation. "Is that what's bothering you? You never saw a naked man before?"

There are a lot of things bothering me? And why would I want to see a man naked? Tsuna thought in his head. The brunette moved away from the crouching stranger, keeping eye contact with the nude man, so he wouldn't look at his other parts by mistake. He got off the floor and said in his most demanding voice, "P-put your clothes on and get out of my apartment!"

The white haired exhibitionist stared at him blankly and after a long pause, he answered. "But I have no clothes. After all, you brought me here without them."

"I didn't bring-" Tsuna began, but stopped himself. He looked at the stranger more closely, but kept his eyes on the neck up. He didn't need to see anywhere else. He still didn't trust the other, but he was impressed by his otherworldly appearance. The man before him was beautiful in an almost unnatural way. Never in his life have he seen an individual with hair so white or eyes the hue of violet. The other's skin looked flawless, except for the purple marking under his left eyes, which oddly seem to complete the stranger's look.

The stranger's white hair seemed very familiar, though. The hair color did spark recollection in Tsuna. A thought came to him and his eyes shifted away from the snow haired nudist to the bathtub. The five tailed fox was no longer there. The brunette turned back to the man, who beamed at him with a wide smirk and eyes turning into slits. The other's expression was very vulpine-like. The brunette was then struck with another thought. He stated with skepticism. "You couldn't be…you're not…"

"Bingo~." The other replied in a pleased tone. "I'm the kitsune."

Chapter End


Kitsunetsuki - It means to be possesed by a fox. Being possesed by a fox is very similar to clinical lycanthrophy, a human being believe that he is a wolf. People who are controlled by kitsunes are often feral. However, for this story the meaning of Kitsunetsuki is more romantically charged. Love is kind like being possesed by another. In Tsuna's case by a kistune.

Kitsune vampirism - like most preternatural beings they survive on the energy of others. Although blood sucking and sex is the most common way to transfer energy, Kitsune can also draw power from other mediums such as nature, knowledge, other spirits and even buildings.

Kitsune - The Japanese word for fox, but it is also used to describe the fox spirit. A kitsune is preternatural being able to assume human form as well as create illusions. It's more famed abilities is shapeshifter (assuming other forms besides human) and the use of its kitsunebi (foxfire). Like most perceptions of the fox, kitsune are tricksters. Most kistunes's tricks aren't malicious but to show the person being deceived a lesson.

Author's note:

I've wanted to write this story for so long, but I was only recently prompted to write it after the end of the future arc, which I was kind of disappointed by for obvious reasons. Anyway, I hope you all liked this introductory chapter. If you guys have suggestions (like telling me to keep to one name for kitsune lol) or constructive criticism, share it, but don't be malicious. Please review, favorite, story alert. Thank you!