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Horunvendush Day began as a happy day in Witzend. Mirana of Marmoreal, the White Queen, was visiting the region and the civilians had thrown a festival in her honor. And for the Hightopps, it was a day for a happy reunion.

"Father, father!" Lomenstra Hightopp squealed as she ran to greet a member of the arriving procession. The White Courtiers laughed good-naturedly at this breach of formality, especially when Tarrant Hightopp bent down to give his ten-year-old daughter a hug.

"How's palace life?" asked the young girl.

"It's wonderful, Lomenstra," her father answered, straightening the small hat on her head. "But it's also wonderful to be back home. Where are your mother and Willmorat?"

"Over here, Father," Lomenstra said. "Everyone's so excited to have you back!"

"If you'll excuse me," Tarrant said, nodding to the courtiers and bowing to the White Queen, who waved him off with a smile.

"Tarrant!" Petronella Hightopp called to her husband.

"Hello, Pet," he answered, giving her a kiss. "And how's little Willy?" he asked the infant in her arms. "I'm sure he's grown since I was here last."

"We're all just fine, Tarrant," Petronella said, smiling. "It's a shame the Queen isn't wearing one of your hats today!"

"The crown suits her nicely, though," Tarrant said, glancing over at his Queen.

"Look at what I did for Willmorat, Father!" Lomenstra said, pointing to where she had embroidered "Willy" onto his shirt.

"You do beautiful work, my dear," Tarrant chuckled. "I'm sure you'll make wonderful hats when you grow up."

A band started to play, and a few dancers stepped up to entertain their Queen.

"Shall we go and watch?" Tarrant asked his wife, who handed Willmorat to his older sister.

"Be a dear and watch Willy for me, please," she said.

"Yes, Mother." Petronella followed her husband across the town square to where the Queen and her courtiers stood, while Lomenstra sat down on the grass to entertain Willy by moving his arms so that it appeared he was dancing to the music.

Everyone was enjoying themselves. Tarrant himself was clapping in time to the music. Suddenly it seemed as though a dark cloud covered the sky. The White Queen and Tarrant looked upwards in alarm, gaping at the creature towering over them.

The Jabberwocky!

The Jabberwocky opened its mouth and blasted a ball of purple flames and lightning at the ground. People around Lomenstra screamed and tried to run away. The White Queen's horse, spooked by the explosion, reared up on its hind legs, causing the Queen to drop her crown in her efforts to not fall off. Tarrant grabbed at the reins. The next blast landed dangerously close to the Queen. Lomenstra gasped as she saw several people, including her mother, vanish into the flames.

"Mother! Mother!" she screamed, getting to her feet. But there was no help for Petronella Hightopp.

"Father! Father, help me!" she cried, but she watched her father leave, helping the Queen escape. She rushed to follow him, but tripped and dropped her brother.

"Willy!" she shrieked, trying to find him, but there was no sign of the baby in the chaos.

She glanced behind her. There was the Jabberwocky. The last thing Lomenstra Hightopp ever saw was a lot of purple light.

Tarrant would return later to find no one alive in his hometown. The grief for his lost family and friends and the guilt that he did not do anything to save them would drive him mad. He had no way of knowing that he was not, in fact, the last Hightopp living.

There are many ways between Underland and Overland, the rabbit hole Alice fell through being only one of them. By chance, little Willmorat had fallen through one of those ways. He landed, wailing, in a strange town, where he was taken by a friendly stranger to an orphanage, where they named him for the nickname on his clothes. Shortly afterwards, a single dentist would adopt him. The boy grew up not knowing that he was adopted or that he was from another world. He never knew that he was Willmorat Hightopp of Underland.

He was now Willy Wonka of England, dentist's son and future greatest candy maker of all time.

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