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"Almost there...got it!" Tony yelled in triumpth as he finished working on his suit. He's been working on the suit all morning and was surprised his faithful assistant didn't come down to get him for some boring meeting or something.

"Hey Jarvis where's Pepper?" He asked as he whipped of the grease on his hands.

"She's up in her office sir. Shall I wake her?" His A.I. asked.

"No-Wait, what so you mean 'wake her'." Tony asked confused.

"She is currently sleeping at her desk sir. Shall I wake her now?" The A.I. asked again. Tony thought about it for a second before a big grin spread across his face, it's so rare to catch Pepper sleeping, he wouldn't pass this up.

"No thanks Jarvis, I'll do it." Tony said as he started up the stairs to Pepper's office.

* * * * * * *

Pepper was working on her emails, well her boss' emails, in her office. When she was done with the last one she felt like death warmed up. She knew when she woke up this morning she probably had a fever but she wouldn't let it get in the way of her work. She looked at the clock to see it was only noon and she still had a good six hours left. She decided to use her lunch break as a chance to rest a little, after all she wasn't very hungry. I'll just rest my head for a minute...

The next thing she knew she was being shaken lightly by someone who smelled a lot like her boss...her eyes snapped open to only be met by Tony, her boss, who had caught her sleeping on the job. She straightened herself to at least look a little professional.

"Good afternoon Miss Potts, having a nice nap are we." Tony said with a devilish smirk. Pepper mentally groaned.

"I'm sorry Tony, I just mean to rest my head for a minute..." She trailed off and Tony's smirk grew into a smug smile.

"No, I'm sorry to wake you from your beauty sleep okay? You don't look so good..." Tony said. He put his hand on her forehead and almost gasped in surprise as if he felt he'd been burned.

"Pepper you could fry an egg on your head." Tony's smug mood went away as a sudden protectiveness overcame him.

"I'll be okay Mr. Stark. We still have time to get to your 3:00 meeting so-"

"No, you need to rest, you feel like you have a serious head cold Pepper. Come on, you can take one of the guest rooms." Tony said as he lifted her up bridle-style despite her protests. He took her to the guest room that was closest to his room. Call it paranoia but Tony wasn't going to let her leave like this. He laid her down in the big king-size bed and helped her take off her shoes.

"Tony I'm fine. And I don't need to be babied." Pepper said, although she knew that half of Tony just wanted to milk this for all it's worth.

"Now now Pepper. What kind of Boss would I be if I let my PA take care of herself while she's sick." Tony said with a smirk, clearly hidden. Pepper blew out a breath. Secretly she was a little happy to be laying down, and the fact that Tony was taking care of her for a change.

"Where do you keep the thermometer?" Tony asked as he propped some pillows behind her head.

"You don't own one because you're always to stubborn to admit you're sick!" Pepper said as firmly as she could, it came out exasperated if anything.

"Fair enough. Jarvis scan Ms. Potts' temperature please." Tony said to his A.I.

"Miss Potts' current temperature is 102.8 Mr. Stark." Jarvis answered.

"Well it looks like you're staying here for tonight Pepper. I mean there's no one to look over you at your apartment while your sick." Tony said as he stuffed his hands in his pockets and grinned. Oh how she wished she could just slap that damn thing off!

"Ugh! Fine Tony! But I need peace and quiet for the rest of the day. And I'll need you to fetch my blackberry--"

"No work on your sick day Potts" Tony grinned again.

"Tony by now there has to be about 200 emails filling up your in-box! I can't just sit here and--" once again he cut her off.

"You can do it when you get better. Or I could have Jarvis reply to those emails if it would help." Tony suggested, and this time not 'smugly'.

"No just forget it, I'll deal with it later." Pepper said as she laid her head back against the pillows.

"So, is there anything I can get you?" Tony asked. Well if Tony's going to milk this then so am I...

"You could make me some soup and bring me something to read." She said.

"On it." And with that Tony went out of the room to at least try to make her soup, even if he has to blow up the kitchen to do so...

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