DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own iCarly, or anything related to it. Or Anne Frank, but I don't think I need a disclaimer for using a persons name… do I? I don't think so. Oh well, I do not own Anne Frank…. CELERY… And no I do not like celery: it tastes like grossness. Thursday, April 29, 2010

I wonder if any one actually starts their diary entry with "Dear Diary" anymore. How weird would that be? Then there would be someone dorkier than Freddie (and Nevel of course, boy does that boy have problems). I know some people used to, like Anne Frank always started her diary entries with "Dear Kitty" Kitty of course being what she called it. But has anyone else ever done that? That'd just be weird.

You'll never guess what Carly won from that bet! Now Spencer has to wear a penguin suit for a week. A Week! See told you, you would never guess. It's so funny not only because Spencer is in a penguin suit, but also because when ever he sees Freddie and I together he glares at us and says "I'll get you for this one day," or "This is all your fault." I never though Spencer would have a vengeance on anyone but Chuck, but apparently he has.

In other news… Mrs. Benson found out about Freddie and me. Apparently she reads his "journal" and he wrote something about Monday night in it, and she read it, of course. So now I'm not allowed over with her not home anymore, and even if she is home we're not allowed in a room with out her. Yeah that's right she has to be in the room with us at all times. How much fun can we have then? I guess we'll be spending a lot more time at my house than expected. I'd throw a mustard sandwich at her but she'd probably like it too much. She'd probably turn it into sauce then eat it!

In need of bacon sauce… Sam

I know I know, not ever seddie, but what ever I don't care. There's more seddie packed into this one page than there is in a whole episode of iCarly… well maybe except "iKiss", best episode ever! Review it you liked it… or even if you hated it and you want to throw a mustard sandwich at me! Haha I asked my friend if I could come to her homecoming and throw sandwiches at people, while she hit them with frozen meat. It was a very interesting conversation… but she said I couldn't come because she goes to school there and it'd be weird. D: I don't care if people think we're lesbians or something, I don't go there.