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"Sennnnnpai~! Where are you?"

Tobi walked around the forest floor, looking for his akatsuki partner. They had finished their mission and had just set of to go back when Deidara suddenly disappeared.

"Senpai, if this is s joke, it's not funny!" Tobi whined.

Deidara, in his hiding spot in the trees stifled a laugh as his partner walked clueless among the forest floor. A small white frog jumped in front of Tobi and the masked man looked at it, tilting his head to a side.

"Hello froggy! Do you know where my senpai is?"

The white frog croaked softly and Tobi's black gloved hand gently scooped it up with his hand and looked at it through the black hole provided in his mask. The frog's eyes seemed hollow.

"Wow, you remind me of senpai's clay birdies and fishies!" Tobi exclaimed.

Deidara laughed as the frog exploded right in front of Tobi's face before he could gasp. Deidara continued laughing as he jumped down and pointed at Tobi.

"Baaaka! You fell for it! Un!"

Tobi turned angrily at Deidara. "That wasn't nice senpai!"

Deidara stopped laughing and stared at Tobi's face. His 'FACE'.

It was slightly covered in blood, probably from Deidara's prank and so were his hands, the black material gone from his fingers. One eye was patched and the other dark chocolate eye looked back at him, and he felt butterflies in his stomach… wait… hold on a sec, butterflies?! Deidara never had this feeling before.

Tobi's orange mask was on the floor, broken in sever pieces from the small explosion, which seemed strong enough to destroy it and even injure Tobi. Deidara suddenly felt guilty.

"What's wrong senpai?" Tobi asked, realizing Deidara wasn't saying anything. He followed his gaze.

He's orange mask lay on the ground, broken.

Tobi's eyes grew wide in fear. If his mask was on the ground, then his face…

Tobi immediately covered his face and looked away. Deidara still looked at him.

"Tobi, why do you…" Deidara started but Tobi quickly cut him off.

"It's nothing! Can we go now, please?" he said, almost in a beg.

Deidara nodded slowly before leading Tobi out the forest and into a main path. Deidara glanced back and saw that Tobi was still covering his face. Blood dripped down from his hands and Deidara felt guilty then before. They came to a small village and Deidara turned to Tobi.

"We'll stay here overnight until we get out next mission. Ok?" he said, his tone softer then usual. Tobi nodded slightly and they continued into the village, Deidara's head looking side to side, looking for a place to stay. As they walked past shops and homes, Deidara heard people whispering to each other about Tobi.

"Look at him! He's bleeding!"

"Poor guy, I wonder what happened."

"Why is he covering his face up? Maybe it's demented!"

Deidara glanced back and saw that Tobi didn't care about what the people around him was saying. They came to an inn and an old woman greeted them with a smile.

"Hello travelers! You must be travelers, am I correct?" she asked.

"Er, yeah, we need two rooms…" Deidara muttered, thinking the lady was mental.

The woman nodded and turned around, looking for spare keys. Deidara saw her frown a bit before turning around and handing him a key. 'One' key.

Deidara looked at the woman quizzically. "Uh, I need two, not one…"

The woman apologized and explained that it was the only spare room at the moment.

"But the room is for couples, so the bad is big enough for two people!" She said in a grin. Deidara's eyes twitched a little and his mind filled with thoughts of how to bomb this old, annoying hag when she suddenly motioned to his back right.

"Say, what's wrong with your friend? He seems to be hurt."

Deidara slightly turned to see Tobi, still covering his face, a few meters away from him, staring at a blank wall next to him. Deidara cringed as Tobi's blood hadn't stopped and kept on dripping down from his hands and on to the floor.

"Let's just say he had an accident, un." Deidara muttered.

The woman, hearing his tone of voice, decided not to ask anymore and handed him a first-aid kit. "Hope this will help lad."

Deidara gave a small smile to the woman. "Thank you, un." He called out for Tobi and they went up to their room. Tobi realized that Deidara wasn't giving him a key and decided to ask.

"Senpai, Where's my room?"

Well, that's what Deidara thought he asked. He couldn't hear properly with his hands in the way. Deidara stood for a while, holding the key to their room in front of him and the door to their room.

"Err, she said this was the only spare room for a moment, un."

"A moment?"

"Well… maybe more then a moment, un."

There was a small silence before Deidara sighed which made Tobi flinch a bit.

"Look Tobi, it's only for a while, ok?" he said.

Tobi nodded a little and they went in. Deidara locked the door in case they got ambushed, or something. Tobi sat on the bed, still covering his face, blood still seeping through. Deidara sighed again and sat next to Tobi, holding the first-aid kit.

"Here, let me see it."

Tobi shifted his body away from Deidara, obviously not wanting to show his face at him. Deidara growled in frustration and grabbed Tobi's arm, turning him around.

"Will you stop acting like a child and show me the god dam wound?!"

Tobi started to protest but Deidara snapped at him. "I don't god dam care! Now show your bloody wound!" Tobi reluctantly lowered his hand to show his face fully covered in blood. Deidara went to the bathroom and came back with some water and a small tea tower. He dunked it into the water and squeezed it. He gently started treating the wounds and washing away the blood. He placed some plasters filled with his own chakra on the scratches and bandages on his hands. Now that Tobi's face was free from blood, Deidara could see that the face was actually quite handsome. Nice sleek collarbone, soft ears, gentle lips, and innocent eyes that somehow seemed tainted. A complete look that seemed to scream 'Uke'…

What?! Why was he thinking of these kind of stuff? It wasn't as if he was gay or something… That got Deidara thinking, was he? Deidara could have asked himself millions of questions if he was, but Tobi was there to interrupt his thoughts. "Senpai?"

Deidara blinked for a while, not sure what to do and slapped himself on his cheeks. Tobi looked wide-eyed at his senpai by his actions and shifted away a little from him.

"Er, you ok senpai?"

Deidara shook his head a couple of times like a dog would do after a shower. He slapped himself again for some time until his cheeks stung.

"I must be going nuts if I'm thinking of what I'm thinking, un." He muttered. Tobi raised an eyebrow. He was starting to get used to showing his face at senpai.

"Well, what are you thinking about?" he asked.

Deidara looked at Tobi, observing his features. It really was… 'Ukeble'. Deidara stood up and took his coat off, folding it neatly and putting it near the bed. Tobi decided to do the same, seeing it as polite. Deidara grinned, getting an idea.



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