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To the end.

"Senpai~ wait for me!"

Tobi did a little twirl when Deidara turned. Tobi reached out and grabbed his senpai's hand and pulled it to him, letting him join his little dance. "Come on senpai! Dance with me!"

The birds chirped and the sun's ray shot neatly on to the leaves of the forest and the path of dirt where Tobi used as a stage.

Deidara grumbled but danced anyway. Tried to dance. He stumbled and tripped and Tobi ended up laughing. Deidara hissed.

"Quiet! I never danced before! Un."

"But senpai! Dancing is also art!" Tobi jumped to the left and tried a pirouette. "It's my art!"

Deidara stared and giggled. Tobi stopped and blushed.

"Eh? What's so funny?" he sweated. Deidara laughed.

"Alright, teach me how to dance. Un."

"Eh~? But you didn't want to before! What happened?"

You happened. If it's your art, then it's mine too. "What's mine is yours Tobi. Un." And he took the gloved hand. Tobi tilted his head, totally not getting it. Deidara laughed. "Never mind." Just then, a transmission from the leader came in.

Deidara listened and a moment later he was serious, walking down the path and to a village.

"So~ what did leader Sama say?"

"We need to kill the sakuromi clan, un."

"… Details?"

"Then we retrieve a silver sword called tamaishi, legendary for its strength to cut through anything. Un."


Deidara whipped around.

"What do you mean then? Will you stop pestering me? Orders are orders! Doesn't matter! Un."

"… Gomenasai senpai. I just wanted to know so we could do something together fun later. Gomen." Tobi scratched the back of his head and tried to laugh but stopped all together. Deidara grimaced and hid his shame, turning around and continuing to walk. After a little while, Tobi spoke again.

"Senpai? Is it me? Are you grumpy because of me? Senpai?"

Deidara shook his head later.

Tobi smiled inside his mask. "I'm glad!"

Deidara felt his heart hurt a little and said nothing. It's not you. I'm upset because we can't spend together doing what ever we want. "Let's go get this job done fast. Un."

They ran to their destination, flags of cat looking figures flapping at the wind. Walls lined and formed a fortress form the valley. Houses lined here and there, people happy with their normal lives, not knowing their lives were to end today. Tobi sagged at that thought a little as he watched them from a tall tree brunch stretching over the valley. Deidara started making his clay figures and handed them to Tobi.

"Hold on to them. Un." He said as he continued making more. There were spiders, birds, snakes, fishes, and frogs. "They'll do all the work; we'll just sit back and relax. Un." He formed a hand sign and all the birds he threw exploded into life sizes and flew off with clay fish each in their claws and snakes on their backs. The birds flew over the village, and swept down to a dam where the whole village got their water supply from. Deidara formed another hand sign and the birds dropped the fishes, and the fishes swam down into the pipes, underground networks under the village. Then it was the snakes. The birds tilted and the snakes fell, falling into trees and on top of buildings. Ten fell on to a tall tower where the sword, tamaishi rested upon its sheath. The clay frogs hopped upon the sides of the walls, surrounding the clan. One hopped upon the gates and the two shinobis who guarded the gates looked down.

"What's this?"

"What else? A frog!"

They laughed. And the frogs exploded. Their damage reached twenty meters circumference and the walls all crumbled down. The spiders jumped onto the most important shinobis and killed them instantly. The fishes under the clan exploded and the ground shook. While everyone was in a panic, the snakes slid down and two exploded the walls that contained the sword. Five exploded the jounins that tried to protect the sword. The snakes climbed up a stall and one swallowed the sword. Two of the clay birds flew in and grabbed the snake while the other two destroyed the tower. The rest of the birds demolished and killed the clan, leaving only very little of the survivors.

But meanwhile before all this happened…

The sun was setting slowly and Tobi stared at the horizon through the hole provided in his mask. He commented how beautiful it was and Deidara smiled, turning to him.

"But not as beautiful as you. Un." He took the mask off and smiled warmly at Tobi's lush brown eyes and his warm pink cheeks. He stroked them and Tobi leaned forward to catch his senpai's soft lips. Their tongues did a little dance and their kiss deepened, more passion. By the time they separated to catch their breathe; two of Deidara's birds along with the snake flew onto a branch right next to them.

"Senpai, what's wrong with that snake?"

"Better send it to the leader. Un."

The birds flew off with the snake which ate tamaishi. The two couples sat there, leaning on each others shoulders and watching the sun set slowly. The sky way above darkened to navy and mixed with the red sunset. Touching the hills in the far distance were orange and yellow and they felt as if time stopped, just for them to savior this moment. Both raised their heads at the same time and fell into a kiss again, and before they knew it, it was already night, the stars dazzling above them.

"Oh, oh! Look senpai! A shooting star! Wish senpai! Quick!" Tobi clamped his hands together and squeezed his eyes tightly. Deidara smiled and kissed him on the cheek. Tobi opened his eyes.

"Senpai? Did you wish for anything?" Tobi pouted, hoping he did get the chance to make a wish. Deidara shook his head.

"What is there to wish for when I have all I ever need?" Deidara hugged Tobi by the waist and leaned on the base of the tree. Tobi smiled and leaned his head upon Deidara's chest, staring up at the stars through the leaves and fell asleep, reciting softly his wish.

I wish

Dear star

For me and my senpai

To be together forever

And ever

Please make this wish true

Dear star

For I'll love him

Until the day I die.

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