After I watched "Big Time Party" on Friday night, I knew I would not be satisfied until I had written a Logan/Camille story. This is what I came up with. It's not very long, but I think I'm happy with how it turned out. This is my first Big Time Rush fic, so I'd really appreciate reviews, good or bad. Please let me know what you thought. Hopefully I will be writing more Logan/Camille stories, perhaps even a multi-chapter. Kay, done rambling now. Enjoy!

Poolside Slumber


She stirred as the hand that was softly nudging her awake moved to her face and pushed away a lock of hair before moving back to her bare shoulder.

"Logan?" she mumbled groggily.

"Camille, wake up," he whispered.

Camille's eyes fluttered open, and by the dim moonlight reflected off of the Palm Woods pool, she could just barely make out the contours of Logan's face. He knelt beside the lounge chair she had fallen asleep in, gently shaking her out of her slumber.

"What's going on?" Camille asked.

"You volunteered to help clean up after the party," Logan explained. "But you fell asleep as soon as all of the guests were gone."

Camille felt her cheeks grow warm. "I'm so sorry…"

"It's cool," Logan said quickly. "We got it all cleaned up. Jo helped us out."

"How long have I been sleeping?"

"A couple of hours. I thought I should wake you up so you could go up to your apartment. I don't know how safe it is for a sixteen year old girl to sleep outside all alone in LA."

Camille sighed and laid her head back down. "You're probably right. But I don't know if I can work up the energy to get up."

"No problem," Logan replied. And without another word, he scooped her up and began to carry her inside.

"Logan, wait…" Camille began to object before he cut her off.

"It's nothing," he assured her.

Logan felt his legs wobble beneath him, but he felt Camille deserved a chivalrous gesture after the way he'd acted at the party, and he was determined to prove that he was stronger than he actually was. And when Camille grabbed the back of his neck for support and clamped her slender fingers in his hair, he felt a sudden surge of strength in his normally weak calves.

He felt like this encounter was going quite well, considering she had vowed not to speak to him after his stunt at the party.

"I should still be mad at you," she informed him. "But you're being so nice to me I don't see how I can."

"Nice enough for you to lift your silent treatment?"

"Well I'm speaking to you, aren't I?"

"And I'm very happy that you are."

"Just so you know I'm normally the queen of the cold shoulder. My record is three and half months."

"Well just so you know," Logan replied, "I don't usually try to date two girls at one party. It was uncharacteristic of me."

"Who was that girl anyways?"

"Mercedes Griffin. Gustavo's boss's daughter."

"She said she was your girlfriend. If I'd known you had a girlfriend…"

"I didn't," Logan assured her. "Well, technically I was her boyfriend, yes. But only because Griffin…assigned me to her."

"So Griffin's not just the head of your record company. He's also your pimp."

"Something like that."

"So if you didn't really want to be her boyfriend, why were you ditching me to spend time with her?"

Logan sighed, embarrassed. "I sort of thought it would be cool to have two girls fighting over me. Something Carlos and James said…"

"You listened to those two? Aren't you supposed to be the smart one?"

"Hey, I resent that."

Camille smiled and ran her fingers through Logan's thick brown hair. "Your hair's all crunchy from the chlorine water."

"Your hands are warm," Logan replied, just barely above a whisper.

Camille pulled her hands away from his head, suddenly realizing how intimate a gesture it was. "Sorry. That was weird."

"No, it was…I was okay with it," Logan replied.

Camille turned her head away from Logan so he could not see the grin that was forming on her face.

When they arrived at Camille's door, Logan let her to her feet.

"I guess this is goodnight," he said.

"I guess it is," Camille replied.


Camille smiled and gave Logan a quick kiss on the cheek. "Goodnight."

Logan swallowed hard and then reached for the doorknob. To both of their surprise, the knob refused to turn.

"You have a key, right?" Logan asked.

"Of course," Camille said, kneeling down to reach for her key. "I always keep it in my…" her voice trailed off when her hand touched the skin of her bare foot. "I was wearing shoes at the party, wasn't I?"

"You were," Logan replied. "But you kicked them off while we were dancing. You said they hurt your feet. Jo picked them up when we were cleaning. She said she'd hold onto them for you until the morning."

Camille buried her face in her palms. "Oh no…"

"What's the matter?" Logan asked. "They're just shoes."

"I keep my apartment key in my right shoe! It probably fell out when I kicked my shoes off. It could be anywhere right now. But it's too dark to search for it."

"Your mom's inside, isn't she?"

"Yes, but she's a heavy sleeper. She never hears me knock. And I left my phone inside."

"Relax. We'll find your key in the morning. You can stay in our apartment tonight. We have lots of room."

Camille sighed with relief. "Thanks Logan."

Logan reached into his pockets and hit bare fabric. "Uh oh."

"Uh oh? Uh oh, what?"

"My key isn't in my pocket."

"Oh no. Did you lose it when you fell in the pool?" Camille asked.

"I didn't fall into the pool. I was pushed."

Camille felt herself blushing again. "Right."

"We'll never find our keys out there. Not before daybreak, anyway."

Camille rubbed her hands against her bare arms, suddenly cold. "So what do we do?"


"Kendell. Wake up."

Kendell sat up in bed to find James and Carlos staring at him.


"Do you know where Logan is?" Carlos asked.

"He's not in bed and it hasn't been slept in," James explained. "Your mom's gonna freak out if she wakes up and finds out that Logan never came in last night."

"How do you know he didn't just get up early, make his bed, and go read by the pool?" Kendell asked. "He does that sometimes."

"He didn't sleep in that bed," Carlos replied. "His wet clothes are laying in it."

Kendell looked over at Logan's bed to find that it was indeed occupied by the soggy jacket he had taken off after being pushed by the girls into the pool. He got out of his own bed and walked over to Logan's, digging through the pockets of the damp jacket.

"Aha," he said, pulling a small silver key from one of the pockets. "He got locked out last night."

"So why didn't he just call one of us?" James asked.

Kendell pulled a cell phone from another one of Logan's jacket pockets. "He's gonna need a new one of these. This one's met its match. Come on, boys. We'd better find Logan before my mom wakes up."

As soon as the three teenagers emerged from apartment 2J, they came face to face with Jo.

"Hey guys," she said, a worried look upon her face. "Have any of you seen Camille? She's not answering her phone, and I found this in her shoe."

Jo held up a silver apartment key.

The boys exchanged confused glances, not sure what this coincidence meant.

"Let's check by the pool," James suggested. "That's where Camille fell asleep last night when we were cleaning up."

The others nodded, and together, the four teenagers made their way to the Palm Wood's swimming pool.


"I didn't think those lounge chairs could fit two people like that," Carlos commented.

"They look so peaceful," Jo told the boys. "I'd really hate to wake them."

"I agree," Kendell agreed. "Should we just let them sleep?"

"Should we take pictures?" Carlos asked. "For posterity."

"Let's just leave them alone," Jo said.

"But…" Carlos started to object.

"Jo's right," Kendell said, cutting Carlos off. "Let's just let them sleep in peace."

Carlos frowned dejectedly as Kendell and Jo turned and walked away. James just stood there in silence, staring in amusement at the scene before him.

Logan was sleeping in one of the blue poolside lounge chairs, with Camille nestled snugly to his side, their foreheads touching. Both were barefoot and smiling serenely, their arms draped lazily around one another.

"Well," James said, speaking for the first time since witnessing this warm embace. "It looks like the party was a success."

Carlos looked from the sleeping couple to James. "We've got to take pictures of this, right?"

James nodded at his friend. "Most definitely."

The End

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