In the last chapter, Esther showed Syrah and Max her sinister side while delivering a clear message to Brenda and Daniel. In this chapter, we find Esther getting ready for her bath time during Sunday night. Little did she know what Syrah was going to find…

Oh, how my heart loathed the woman standing beside me as she filled the bathtub to the brim. I gently ran my hand through the water. "Is it warm enough for you?" she asked. "Yes, thank you" I replied politely. Her bright eyes spoke to me of her satisfaction of having me as her new daughter. "Okay, call me if you need anything."

The dimmed bathroom light made for such a peaceful and tranquil environment as Kate closed the door behind her. Certainly a far way from the filthy shower stalls at the orphanage. I quickly locked the door. All my most private and damning secrets were about to be laid to bare. I always felt nervous disrobing.

I could never shake the paranoia that I would truly be caught. What an unnerving experience to have nothing but a door between myself and the stark and bitter reality of whom I really was.

My heart suddenly skipped a beat as I heard the doorknob turn. I quickly wrapped the bathrobe back around my body. God forbid should this be the time and place for my secrets to be laid out for all to see. "Esther?", Kate knocked gently. "Esther" she said in a stern demeanor. "Open this door."

I unlocked the door, stepping back slightly as she pushed it open. I looked up at her as if I were about to be chewed into. "What are you doing?" she asked perplexingly . "I always lock the door." I explained. After all, doesn't a girl deserve her privacy?

"No, we don't lock doors in this house." I swear I wanted to smack the look clear off her face! "But what if someone comes in and sees me?" My eyes pleaded for her approval. She seemed a little upset, as if I had broken some cardinal rule that was set into the proverbial stone..

"Nobody's going to come in here. Look, I'll stand out here if that's what you want" she gestured in emphasis. I clutched onto my robe. "I can sing for you." I cooed gently. "I used to sing for the sister's at the orphanage to know that I was alright". Anything to get her off of my ass!

I was met by an odd gaze, Kate being not quite sure what to make of such an offer. "Okay…look, um, you know what. This is just for tonight." Without a word she closed the door as I relocked it. I cleared my throat.

The very lyrics almost seemed to hurt my ears as I began singing "The Glory of Love". I knew Kate and the whole family would hear my innocent little tune. My voice bellowed throughout the household.

I finally disrobed and stared at the beige colored gauze that covered my chest. I placed my hands over my torso. How I hated wearing it. It felt restricting, almost in the same manner as the straight jacket that had once confined me so cruel and unjustly. How I welcomed the release as I delicately peeled it off.

As I allowed myself to slide into the inviting water my attention was drawn to the sound of what must have been Kate moving around in the hallway. She always seemed to busy herself with some manner of chores to occupy her time, considering she was no longer employed.

I heard her as she walked into my room. I could feel the blood coursing through my veins as my heart began to race. I felt like my privacy was being invaded every single time she entered. I strained to listen closely.

I always worried that she would come across things meant for my eyes only. Some piece of evidence that would take me right to the chopping block.

No! I heard something drop. I became ever more unnerved. A dreadful fearfulness began to envelop me like a thick blanket. "Kate, just get the fuck out of there already. What is your business in there at this time of night?" I thought.

I couldn't be sure exactly what she was doing as I continued singing. Suddenly, my body nearly went numb as I heard the footsteps approaching me. I almost scrunched up inside the bathtub as my mouth yammered out those idiotic lyrics..

I could only imagine her finding my Bible. Seeing all of those photos. All those guilty little sins of mine and demanding an explanation. Yes, even taking a bath was proving to be an ordeal for me. I closed my jaw tightly as the footsteps clomped loudly on the wooden floor.

Fortunately enough they passed by the bathroom and down the steps. I could breathe a little easier. The adrenaline continued to course through my veins as I tried to convince myself that all was well. Carefully, I stood up and made my way to the doorway. A wet trail of little footprints marking out my path.

Slowly, ever so slowly, I opened the bathroom door. I peered ominously towards my bedroom. Without warning I heard another set of footsteps approaching from the hallway.

No sooner had Kate left the room I watched as Syrah approached from the guest bedroom where she was staying. She seemed on edge herself. She looked back and forth making sure that the coast was clear.

She seemed to measure her own footsteps as she herself seemed to be on some sort of mission. I wanted to say something but I suddenly and inexplicably felt tongue tied. "What the hell is this all about?" I wondered.

I could only watch as she entered my room. Apparently she didn't place to much more emphasis on my privacy than Kate had. "What the hell is she doing?" I said flustered, hitting my closed fists on my legs. Just as she appeared to be turning her head around I panicked and closed the door tight to avoid detection.

"What is Syrah going to find that she doesn't already know about?" I tried my best to convince myself of this as I allowed myself to sink back into the warm caress of the water. "Just relax, Leena. Nothing to get upset over."

I floated back into my own little private oasis. My own peaceful little island of bliss in a sea of turmoil. "Nothing to worry about" I muttered. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to soak.

I found it so comfortable to finally have some time to myself. With Max and the family constantly keeping me on my feet I welcomed the warm feeling that was always so elusive to me.

I was quick to forget about Kate and Syrah's incursions into my privacy, thinking that it was nothing to be concerned about. At that moment though I was truly ignorant of the truth.

"And when the world is through with us, we got each other's arms", my loud melody once again broke the silence of the evening. Did I feel ridiculous singing such a childish rhyme? The words had flowed countless times from my mouth in my constant effort to "be" sweet and charming.

I soon quieted down as I allowed myself to doze. "You've come along way Leena. A LONG way" I reminded myself. I let my arm drape lazily over the tub. My mind soon became as still as the water.

BANG! BANG! BANG! The water splashed around loudly as I was rudely interrupted from my "me" time. "YES!" The door remained lock.

"You better open this door right this minute. Right here and RIGHT NOW!" Syrah yelled. The anger in her voice immediately filled me with a sense of dread..

Once again the adrenaline began to rush at the thought quickly flashed through my mind as to why she seemed so upset "What is it Syrah? What's wrong?" I called from the water. The doorknob began turning almost violently as she banged again.

"Do you want John and Kate up here? Calm down Syrah and give me a moment." I retrieved the bathrobe that I had carelessly left on the floor and slid it back on. I stuck my hand out but for a brief second I held myself back. Whenever Syrah got angry it was for good reason.

I hesitated to open the door as she knocked almost incessantly. "Give me a MOMENT!" I pleaded. No sooner than I unlocked the door, Syrah flung it open. I had to catch it from hitting the bathroom wall.

"Syrah, what's wrong?" She looked absolutely disgusted with me. "What's wrong? What's WRONG! Come with me into your bedroom and I'll SHOW you what I think is wrong!"

"Well what were you doing in my room to begin with?" I asked as I followed her hastily. "I was looking for that Sign Language book but I found something ELSE instead!"

My mind tried to search for an answer as to what she was talking about. "What is there that she doesn't know about" I tried to remind myself. I could feel the tension in the air escalate as we approached.

Syrah closed her fists at her sides. I could tell it was taking a lot for her to keep from bursting in anger. As soon as we made it inside I closed the door hurridly. Syrah refused to make any sort of eye contact with me, as if doing so would awaken an ever greater anger. I walked up to Syrah and tried to grab her hands. She violently tugged them away from me.

"Come on now, what IS IT? You're scaring me" She mumbled something incomprehensible to herself as she pulled a stack of papers from off of my dresser. "Care to explain?" she said as she shoved the incriminating evidence for me to see in all it's sordid details.

"Oh Jesus Christ!" I exclaimed, placing an open hand over my mouth in utter shock.. These papers were something that would get Syrah pissed all right. I had the habit of not only painting but making pencil sketches. Normally I made sketches of buildings and landscapes. These sketches though were for my own enjoyment only!

They were intimate sketches of Syrah and I making love. Her and I in various stages of intimate passion with one another. My most intimate of fantasies immortalized on graphite and paper.

I had sketched them long before I had met John and Kate and literally treasured them. Still, the fantasies I spent so much time immortalizing on paper were things that for most people would be much to vulgar to even repeat. My hands gave out on me as I let the sketches fall to the floor. I was speechless.

"So this is the sort of sick thing you do with your spare time, is it Leena?" The bathwater dripped pathetically onto the floor as I clutched onto the robe covering my body. I shivered, not from cold, but out of fear.

I simply stared at the sketches scattered across the floor with a strange lack of emotion. Her rage nearly boiled over on me. "What did I tell you back in Estonia? WHAT did I TELL you?" I remained silent. "I asked you a question, Leena! And when I ask a question I would appreciate an answer rather than having you stand there as a load!"

I became hopelessly embarrassed as I blushed. "Don't blush! This is SERIOUS!" Syrah warned. "That it would never be that way" I mumbled.

"WHAT? What did I tell you back home?" she asked, cocking her head. Her normally gentle eyes had become dark and serious. Her tone was sharpened with anger.

It took everything to muster the courage to look at her. "That it would never be that way" I repeated. "The way father was with us." Syrah reached down to pick up the drawings. She began angrily tearing the sketches apart. "You just don't get it, DO YOU Leena." She threw the scraps into my face as she stormed out of the room.

"Syrah, wait! Why can't we talk about this. You know how…" Like a whirlwind she spun around in the hallway. She shoved her finger in my face. She gritted her teeth. "Get rid of those disgusting things, do you hear me? Get rid of them and do it now!" When Syrah was angry she was angry. It was always such a total contrast to her normal self.

Kate's voice suddenly bellowed from downstairs, or "The Bitch" as I always so fondly thought of her. "Esther? Syrah? What's going on up there? How come all the noise?" I ran over to the banister. "It's nothing mommy. Nothing at all. I'm done taking my bath."

"Well then can you please get ready for bed?" Syrah shook her head at me in complete disgust. "Yes, mommy. Give me a few more minutes." I suddenly felt a sharp slap to the back of my head. One, then two, then three strikes. I held the back of my head in pain.

"I can't believe you sometimes, Leena. If you still have those sort of feelings towards me don't you dare think about acting on them."

"What the fuck do you go and crack me for?" I hissed. My sister held me back as I approached. "Like there's really a need for me to answer that"

She followed me back into the room as I got down on my knees to pick up the mess of paper.

"I thought we made this perfectly clear last year and then I have to find this shit! Just what in the world is wrong with you? Huh? I'm never going to be able to get those images out of my head now!" I scrambled to pick up the pieces as I heard running coming up the steps.

"Hurry up, she's coming!" Syrah hissed. Sure enough, Kate made her way closer to us with a load full of laundry. I hid the scraps behind my back, curling them into a tight ball as Kate approached us. She seemed puzzled by what was going on.

After a brief pause she spoke. "Is everything okay with you guys?" I continued squeezing the ball behind my back. "Yes, mommy. Why do you think something is wrong?" I knew my innocence would win her over every time!

"I thought I heard you girls arguing. Are you sure everything is alright? Esther, why are you on your knees?" Syrah made her move. "Kate, nothing is wrong. Why don't I help you put that laundry away." Kate still seemed somewhat besides herself. "Um, yeah, okay." Syrah glared at me as she followed Kate.

I knew she just saved my ass. I looked longingly upon the ball of paper I now held in my hands. With a great deal of hesitance, I took the ball of paper and threw it in the trash can next to my vanity.

"Thanks a lot, Syrah. Tear up my heart while you're at it!" I couldn't help but feel hurt. I was in this house because I was in love with John but the feelings I had for Syrah had never waned in the least nor did I feel they ever would. To me it was as natural as breathing.

"If all the hell she were searching for is the damn sign language book, why the hell was she so on edge?" I thought. She certainly seemed that way approaching my room. Was she searching for something else? Perhaps my Saarne issued Bible? The book that contained so many of my dirty little secrets?

I kicked the wall in frustration. "Esther, please keep it down. Max is trying to sleep." Kate's voice never failed to send a chill through me. "I apologize mommy. I'll get ready for bed now." I chimed. "Is your homework done?" she asked. "Yes, mommy."

I now wasn't the least worried that Syrah would tell John or Kate about her little discovery. I almost wanted to cry. Now the night had felt all but ruined for me. "Why bother? Why bother becoming upset? I know how Syrah feels about this. Why expect anything different"

Now I worried that once again I had proven myself to be nothing but a disappointment to Syrah. "Great, now she probably won't even want to speak to me. Damnit, Leena Klammer!" I plunked myself hard onto my bed.

I chastised myself. "No fucking rest for me tonight. Why the hell, just why the hell didn't you hide those better?" I was always in the habit of beating myself up like this. From where I lie I could stare out into the hallway. I knew if I allowed my mind to wander that I would only make myself more miserable.

I watched as Kate passed by. She leaned to the side so as to check on me. She knew something was wrong. I couldn't hide how miserable I now felt. Once again she repeated herself. "Esther, is everything alright. You don't look very well." I felt my body tighten. It took so much out of me to keep myself from breaking down in tears.

I refused to answer her. It seemed if my mind was almost frightened to allow me to speak. Kate knocked gently on the door so as to grab my attention. "Esther, come on now, I KNOW there's something wrong."

How badly I wanted to ignore her voice. To simply make her go away and leave me be for the rest of the evening. "Mommy, really, I'm telling you…" Kate interrupted me as she sat at the edge of my bed. "Sit next to me, Esther and talk to mommy, there's nothing to be ashamed of. You're not in trouble or anything like that."

"Oh God, did Syrah just talk!" I thought as I sat up. "Your big sister seems to be really upset about something. Now tell me what happened. I'm not mad at you I'm just curious. I know you guys were arguing about something."

I decided to tell Kate a half truth as she placed a hand over my shoulder. As strange as it still seems to me, the broad smile on Kate's face did seem to bring me some sense of reassurance.

"That's all it was mommy. Syrah and I got into an argument." I admitted. Kate pushed further for the truth. "Well, about what?" I hoped against hope that I would play her for the fool I knew she was.. "Just sister stuff, she ruined some of my sketches by accident and we got into a fight about it." Like a child I kept my explanations simple and short.

"Well I don't want there to be any kind of fighting in this house, especially with Syrah. She has gone through an awful lot just to be here to see you." I knew not to run my mouth any further when it came to Kate. Silence was sometimes the best medicine in situations like this..

Out of the corner of my eye I seen that Syrah had stopped in the doorway to listen. Kate turned around in surprise as she spoke up. "I'm sorry about that Kate. It was nothing, really. Esther just became upset with me and I had to calm her down. It was just a silly little accident. We didn't mean to wake Max. My little Esther is such a handful sometimes."

Kate seemed satisfied by Syrah's explanation. "Listen, you need to keep it down because Max needs her sleep. She has a doctor's appointment early in the morning and I want her to get some rest. It's hard to get her to sleep to begin with"

"Mrs. Coleman…I mean Kate…I apologize…" Syrah looked over at me. "We apologize", I immediately got her drift. "Yes, mommy. Sorry about all this. Will you tell Max we're sorry?" Kate leaned over to give me a kiss.

"Yes but just remember what I said. NO MORE fighting. Understand?" I nodded like a child who had just been scolded.

Max suddenly caught my attention as she appeared in the doorway. "And this is why" she added. She led Max back to her room. "Come on now, off to bed Max." She looked drowsy as she rubbed her tired eyes.

"What was all the noise?" she signed. "Get to bed, right now Max. We have to be up bright and early tomorrow. And you too, Esther. It's starting to get late."

Syrah and I were left alone once again. I couldn't search for the right words. It was too awkward of a moment. She began pacing the room slowly. She too seemed to have trouble figuring out what to say. She held her chin, almost in an inquisitive manner.

With her words in Estonian, she finally spoke. "If you want to know something, Leena. How I really feel. This doesn't surprise me in the least. Really, it doesn't." I laid back down on the bed, folding my hands neatly over my stomach.

Syrah continued her pacing. "I should've known all along that you still felt that way about me, you know that?" I thought that maybe, just maybe what I had told you back in Estonia would have grabbed hold with you. But you never seem to take anything I say to you to heart."

"That's NOT true!" I exclaimed defensively. "If anything I'm always thinking about what you say. Always thinking about it."

Her voice had mellowed. She kept a cool head. She always had a better master of self-control than I ever had.

"Leena, you never think twice do you? I mean what if Max had found those by accident? Or Kate? Or anyone besides me for that matter?" I sat up to listen. "I never meant for you to find those in the first place!" I told her truthfully.

"I'm not here for more than a few days and already I'm forced to worry. Don't be the death of me. It's beyond words, sweetheart. It's really beyond words. Something like this should never even be spoken about. You hurt me yet again, you really have and that was something I was hoping would never happen again"

I could see the pain and sadness in her eyes but I had to retort. "And I'm sorry but at least when we were in Estonia I let you know how I really felt about you. At least I didn't try to hide it or pretend my feelings didn't exist."

Syrah rolled her eyes. "Don't try to justify this, Leena. You're way of letting me know just how you felt back in Estonia was by sticking your damn tongue in my mouth!"

"If you weren't so damn surprised by the way I still feel when you found those drawings then why the hell do you want to tear into me like this?" That's right, I was going to defend myself. Syrah shot back. "Are you blind to common sense? Because it's SICK! It's ridiculous that we even have to have this kind of conversation!"

"God forbid had Kate found those. You constantly talk about keeping who you are a secret yet you do something so obvious as to draw that disgusting trash! You're damn right I'm going to tear into you! You're fanning the flames by doing what you did."

I plopped my head back onto my pillow. I stared off into space. "You realize that when you pull things like this that it becomes harder and harder for you and I to even have a normal relationship?" I continued in my own defense. "I made those drawings long ago, Syrah. I almost forgot all about them."

"That I don't believe. That's why you had them hidden in your school books. Then I'm the one who has to stumble on them. I'll make it clear to you one last time, Leena. I love you to death, you know that and I ALWAYS will and I'd move mountains for you, but for the last time I'm not IN love with you. How much clearer must I make this? This is NOT how I want to spend my time in America with you. Having to explain this shit to my own sister."

She continued on. "How many times have you talked and said you want to make me feel happy for you. To be proud of you. Do you think I'm able to have even a shred of dignity for you when I came across that? Thank God it's in the garbage where it belongs. Get those sick feelings you have out of your head!"

"You could have always put those drawings back and pretended they didn't exist. You're the one who is choosing to bring this up with me." I felt like there was nothing more that needed to be said as I became silent. "Hello? Earth to Leena. I am still here!"

"Yes, they're in the trash can. You tore them up after all. Just take them and let me have a little peace and quiet. Don't you think I don't have enough to worry about than some stupid drawings I sketched out?"

Syrah's mouth opened but she failed to speak. Her finger remained frozen in front of her before she finally regained composure. "I don't want to start things out on the wrong foot with you again. Don't make things tougher than they have to be. I put my life on hold so that I could once again become a part of yours, Leena my dear."

"It's Esther" I corrected. She appeared frustrated at me being such a smart ass. "Again, I'm not going to start things off on the wrong foot. So you know what I'm going to do? I'm just going to pretend this never happened. We're going to pretend we never had this talk and that I never found those sketches. Is that fair enough, Leena?"

I gave a slight little nod. "I felt like throwing up just looking at those abominations. But you're still sick. I know it's not all your fault. People just don't do these things. Lord only knows what else I would find had I kept looking."

"There's nothing you would find that you don't already know about" I assured her bluntly. "Never again, Leena. Just make sure that this never happens again. So with that said, have a nice night, Leena Klammer." A subdued sense of anger remained in her voice.

I turned on my side and placed my hands underneath my head. "Night" I responded flatly. As if a whole new week of school wasn't something to worry about in and of itself. Syrah turned off the light and closed the door. I was now alone. I truly felt angry with myself.

I slammed my fist into the side of my head in frustration. "So fucking stupid! Stupid, stupid, stupid!" A rush of throbbing pain reached my head with every blow. Self-abuse was nothing new to me after all. I tried to close my eyes but couldn't. All I could think about was how many other secrets I was hiding from Syrah.

After all, the murder of little Samantha was just one secret that was still being withheld from her. I was determined to be more careful. "Why do you have to be so damn careless with these things?" I thought to myself. After all, I always needed a reason to berate myself over something.

Still, I had completely convinced Syrah while in Estonia that I would drop any romantic feelings I had towards her. She seemed so sure of this when I boarded the train that spirited me away to Russia. Now that all had changed. I tried to tone down the whole situation.

"It could have been worse, Leena. Like Syrah said, had John or Kate seen them? Had Max seen them?" I cringed at the thought. I felt dizzy as my brain imagined all of those horrible scenarios. Better for my sister to have found those sketches than one of the Colemans. To that there was no doubt.

I talked gently to myself. "They're sketches. No more and no less. Hold back the tears, Leena. Be a strong woman." Tomorrow would bring a whole new round of torment and aggravation. I really wanted to run into little Tiffany again. I REALLY needed a human punching bag to take out all of my aggression on.

But like with so many other things I decided to simply bottle up what had just happened. To what benefit was there to keep dragging this on? I thought I heard soft crying in the room next door. I sat up in the darkness.

It certainly wasn't Syrah. No, it was my little Max. My daughter had become frightened by something. I walked over to the wall and pressed my ear against it. I heard Kate make her rounds yet again.

"Oh no, Max, what's wrong?" I decided I had to make myself feel better. I sneaked out of my room, temporarily forgetting the fight with Syrah that I had just engaged in. I poked my head into Max's doorway.

The little lamp on the end table was lit as Kate tried to comfort her daughter. I tried to use my most innocent tone. "What's wrong mommy?" Kate's eyes immediately locked on mine. "She had a nightmare. Nothing serious." Max seemed to be shaking in her mother's arms.

I signed to Max. "Max, you had a nightmare? Come here to Esther." I cradled her as I rocked her gently back and forth. This brought a smile to Kate's face. "It's okay Max. The monsters can't get you anymore. You're safe now." If only she knew she was being cradled by a real life monster.

I held her for a few precious minutes, almost forgetting Kate was even there. I gently laid her back down into bed as Kate tucked her in. "Thank you, Esther. So sweet of you. Now Max really knows she has a big sister who really cares"

I smiled at Kate. Of course the smile was nothing more than a manufactured rouse. "You mean a mother who really cares" I thought in the recesses of my mind.

"Esther, off to bed now. School tomorrow." Max closed her eyes as I took one last glance at her for the evening. Ever obedient I returned to my lonely abode. "Have to learn how to be a mother after all." I reminded myself. I couldn't allow myself to become annoyed just because Max had a bad dream.

If I could find the strength to take care of Max than I could "forget" about tonight just as Syrah said she would. If I couldn't empower myself than who would? The bed sprang noisily as I climbed back in.

"Oh, shit!" I remembered. I quickly bounded back up and hurried out of the room. I nearly ran right into Kate. "Esther, NOW what is it? Slow down before you fall!" I was so glad to have remembered. "Just something I forgot in the bathroom, that's all" I could tell I had gotten a little under Kate's skin.

I discreetly scooped up the gauze I had so carelessly left underneath the sink. I chastised myself. "This is what I mean about being so careless about things." I couldn't believe I had left something so incriminating in plain sight. I still was wearing a bathrobe and had not even bothered to change out of it yet as I stuffed the gauze underneath.

"What were you missing?" Kate asked. I whizzed past her without even answering, pretending that I didn't hear her. I stuffed the gauze behind my vanity. A place where I knew Kate wouldn't stumble onto it.

As I changed out of the bathrobe and into my nightgown I found myself listening intently as I began to hear Kate and Syrah speaking in the hallway. My sister's accent was unmistakable. I strained once more to hear what was going on. It took a few moments to finally make out the conversation.

"I don't understand why Esther is acting so strangely tonight. She seemed fine enough when she took her bath, is she telling the truth about why you guys were fighting?" Now that had me on my toes! "Just lie, Syrah. It's not so hard."

"Kate, you know how much Esther is into painting and drawing and all that happened was I spilled a drink on some of the drawings she had made of her and I. You know how kids can be. She just became overly upset. She'll be alright in the morning."

Syrah continued. "In any case, I've already talked to her about it. Don't get yourself worked up Kate. Esther and I are like two peas in a pod. I just know how she can be sometimes when something doesn't go her way. Nothing for you to lose any sleep over."

"Great, because believe me I need all the sleep I can get" Kate joked. Kate must have been satisfied with this explanation as I took a long exhale. "Thank you, Syrah." She never failed to cover for me when I was in a tight spot.

Still, my mind was drawn to something else Syrah had told me earlier. The fact that she wanted to see the very sight where the Sullivans had met their end. That was for next weekend and if it wasn't one thing to worry about than there was always something else.

I stared blankly at the digital alarm clock. It almost seemed to mock me as one minute passed into another. Each minute bringing me all the more closer to another week full of trials and hardship.

Now I felt distant from Syrah both as a sister and a friend. In fact, I felt distanced from the entire household. I had to remind myself over and over again as to why I was here in the first place. "If Syrah forgets, I will forget. If Syrah forgets, I will forget."

I repeated the sentence countless times in my mind as I tried to drift off. If tonight wasn't easy for me to deal with, what made me think tomorrow would be any better?

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