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It had been an interesting month to say the least. Tim was all moved into Bella's house, and the team was learning to function with the newly engaged couple. Abby had been hounding Bella about wedding plans, and dates and all the other things that go along with planning a wedding. Rather than giving in to her friend, Bella repeatedly tells Abby that they are in no rush to get married, that they want to enjoy engaged life for a bit longer.

Abby of course refuses to accept that answer "Come on Bella, at least go over colors with me!"

Rolling her eyes, she thinks of an easy way to get Abby of her back. "Gee Abby, I was thinking yellow, or maybe pink." Bella snaps her fingers, "I know we could do orange."

Abby looks at Bella, and you can see the Goth visibly cringe, "No way in hell am I wearing any of those colors! What makes you think that I would be crazy enough to wear pink? Do I look like Malibu Barbie?" She asks, gesturing to her piggy-tales, mini-skirt, black shirt with a scull and cross bones, her various studded jewelry, and her platform boots.

Bella smiles evilly at her friend, "Not at all. That's why it'll be perfect. However, I will reconsider if you leave me alone about wedding plans longer then five hours."

Pulling a face, Abby turns back to her machine, "I will get you to actually talk about the wedding, just you watch Future Mrs. McGee."

Bella laughs and shakes her head at her friend's antics, "Abby, we don't even have a date set yet. Why bother planning all this out when it could be changed in an instance by a simple date change?"

The Goth shakes her head, "Colors are easy, and so are dates. It's the venue, the weather and the time of year you chose that's going to be difficult to work with."

Sighing, Bella rubs her hand over her face. "How about spring? Are you happy with that?"

Abby smiles "See that wasn't so hard. Now all we have to do is eliminate the ugly colors you rattled off earlier. Oh! I know, what about red? Or blue?"

Bella shrugs, "Either way I guess. Just really depends on what it looks like."

Abby grins, "Then it's settled, you, me and Ziva will go shopping soon. No getting out of it either!" She says, pointing a finger at Bella.

Oh dear lord. "Depends on the day Abby. Things are going to get chaotic for a little bit."

Abby raises her eyebrow, "Chaotic how? Isn't Tim all moved in?"

Bella laughs, "Yes but Gibbs birthday is coming up then its Halloween, Tim's birthday, and then the holidays."

"After the holidays it'll be spring time, so the sooner we go shopping the sooner we can get things started right? How about Saturday? I'll have to go ask Ziva if she's open. Next week I have that party…"

Bella just smiles as Abby's rant fades away into background noise. She loves her to death, but man that girl could talk! Seeing her turn away from her, Bella quietly slips out the lab door to be met by a solid, warm body.

Glancing up quickly she brings her finger up to her lips, "Shh, Uncle Jay, Abby is talking about wedding shopping. I can't take it anymore."

Inwardly he smiles, but he just smirks down at his niece. "You should have known it was coming as soon as you said yes. It's going to happen sooner or later."

Bella snorts as she glances back at the lab door, "I would rather she be gagged."

Laughing, he just shakes his head at her, "Get upstairs, I'll hold her off."

Smiling in appreciation, she bolts for the elevator. Seeing Gibbs step into the lab, the elevator doors are closing as she hears Abby's voice, "Where did Bella go?"


(6:30 pm-Same day)

Stepping inside, Bella instantly notices the smell of food as she heads for the kitchen. "You're cooking?" she teases as she sees Tim by the stove.

"Well I could have waited until you got home, but I wasn't really sure when that was since I've been home for the past hour."

Giving him an apologetic look, she leans up and kisses his cheek, "I know, I'm sorry. Abby literally jumped me as I stepped out of the elevator demanding to know wedding details. I managed to sneak out the back stairs when she wasn't looking. I swear, I think she's put a locating beacon on me or something."

Chuckling, Tim looks over at her, "What did you tell her?"

Pulling herself on to the sink counter to sit, she looks over at him, "About?"

"Wedding details. What did you tell her?"

Bella shrugs as she grabs an apple slice off of a plate before Tim goes to smack at her hands. "Nothing new from earlier. I was thinking spring, possibly outside." Bella smiles as she thinks back, "I did however threaten the wedding colors would be yellow or orange."

Mentally picturing Abby's reaction to the threat of orange or yellow, he shakes his head. "You're brave when it comes to Abby. Had I done that, I probably would have been smacked upside the head."

Reaching out, she rubs the back of his head, "Aww, its ok Tim. I wouldn't let her do that to you."

Giving her a quick glance, "Somehow, I don't feel very comforted by that last statement."

Crossing her arms, "well fine then" she replies sliding down from the counter, "See if I protect you from her wedding wrath later." Slipping out of the kitchen, she moves to the living room plopping down on the couch. A few minutes pass before she feels his presence. Picking up one of the couch pillows, she throws it behind her, smiling when she hears it hit her target.

"Do you always have to do that?"

Leaning back so she can see him, "Do you always have to stand in an open area?"

Gesturing around him, "Bells all we have is open area, so yea I kind of have to."

She grins as her playful mood shines in her eyes, "Then so do I."

Throwing the pillow back at her, she throws her hands over her face to protect it as he runs forward, blocking her on the couch as his fingers go for a specific spot along her side. Hearing her burst of laughter, he knows he's found her ticklish spot.

Giggling, she squirms under his touch. "Stop touching me." Almost instantaneously, his hands were gone and he was standing at the foot of the couch. Giving him a curious look, "Why are you down there?"

"Well, you said for me to stop touching you, so-" Tim replies as he's cut off by another thrown pillow. Grinning at her as she rolls her eyes, Tim plops down next to her after she sits up. He wraps an arm around Bella's shoulders as she lies against his chest, "So you were thinking spring?"

Bella nods her head; "I wanted it to be nice outside, which left us with the spring or well…now."

"Any place special capture your attention?"

"Well," she leans away to look at him, "what do you think of the Jeffersonian? It's local and they have a gorgeous garden."

"We'll look into it and see if they'll let us. If that's where you want, that's where we'll be." Seeing her face light up, he can't help but smile. "So you know when and where, what else is there?"

"Invites, colors, shopping," Bella replies with a shudder, "food, music, flowers. Oh, and who we want in the ceremony."

"That doesn't seem too complicated. The shopping is the main thing and everything falls into place after that."

"I guess so, I just really hate shopping."

Reaching up and playing with a piece of her hair that had fallen in her face, "The sooner you get everything out of the way, you won't have to worry about it later. Besides, do you really want to deal with the holidays worrying about wedding plans?"

Bella scrunches up her nose, "No, I guess not." Letting out a small sigh, Bella gives Tim a knowing glance, "Abby got to you didn't she?" Getting silence, she lets out a small laugh, "Had she explained it like you did, I probably wouldn't have run for the hills."

"So you're not mad at me then?" Tim asks cautiously.

Smiling at him she shakes her head, "Not in the least. I don't know about you but I'm hungry." Watching and waiting until he gets off the couch, she moves behind him before smacking him on the back of the head. Seeing his glare she smirks, "I never said that I wouldn't smack you," she replies before taking off running through the house to get away from him, laughing the whole time.