Authoress Note: This is a sequel to Babysitting Wolverine and Sabretooth. The reason I'm doing a sequel is simple aside from the fact that Lucky's Girl gave me the idea of doing a sequel as well as the fact that I figured it was a good place to end Babysitting Wolverine and Sabretooth because they no longer were being looked after.

This story will have more blood in it, and a good chance of more swearing too from the Feral Brothers. Which you will find out pretty quickly lol. Updates will be slow though, at the moment my Mom has a houseful and two of them are only four years old and an one year old. So I'll be more concerned with other things, though I'll do my best.

Chapter 1

Victor just stared at the basketball court where children played, oblivious to the fact that one of their protectors was now memory-less and incapable of being what he has become during his stay here. A protector, an X-Man. Worse of all though, that supposed protector no longer remembers him. No longer remembers his older brother!

Snarling lightly he gripped the railing causing deep groves to permanently mark up the neat and tidy look of the thing. He was here because he needed air, he needed to think. But it was hard to think, he was angry and he was hurt and couldn't focus too much on the whole thing. He could hear Dumb and Dumber now; they obviously left the bald headed pacifist and the blue rug to deal with his amnesiac little brother. Gritting his teeth he always hated the sound of their voices, it was always curt and polite. It was always proper it seemed like. He hated them.

"I was shocked you left, he is after all your brother." Victor heard four-eyes say, glaring over his shoulder he noticed that his primed and proper sidekick came along as well. Why couldn't they leave him alone!?

"I know what he is." Victor snapped, a slight snarl entering his voice showcasing just how irritated he was with the situation. He wanted them to go away, and if they didn't leave him alone he would force them to with lethal force if needed. He hoped he could, it would give him an outlet for this rage. So many times he's got into it with the supposed to be fearless leader and most of the time he walked away leaving the X-Man bleeding and badly bruised.

"Then why aren't you there?" Scott asked, he hated the fact that such a dangerous animal was around. And with the fact that there were children here he questioned the sanity of the Professor who he idolized and would follow no matter what. Yet when it came to this monster of a mutant he couldn't help but question Professor Xavier on it, of course this happened behind closed doors. He had too much respect for the man to openly question him in front of everyone else. The icy glare he just received from Sabretooth sent chills down his spine though he didn't show it, instead he stayed his ground.

"I'll tell ya this once, boy, back off before you say a word too much." Victor snarled out, this would be his only warning. If the man said one more word, or even if the boy behind him said a word he would attack without warning. He already felt his muscles tensing for a fight and the blood pounding in his ears at the promise of a fight.

Victor watched as four-eye's mouth opened like he wanted to say something but ended up just leaving. The Pacifist obviously called his pet away before he officially signed his death warrant and Victor deliver that death with the practical ease of a very skilled killer. It was what he was good at. It was how things were, he was the apex predator and everyone else was just insects waiting to be used or squashed. Whichever came first, it didn't matter to him. Why should it?

Turning around he glared at the basketball bouncing around on the basketball court as someone missed the ball when it was obviously tossed at them. They were pathetic little creatures, the whole lot of them. How come Jimmy loved protecting them and even being in the same building as those things was beyond him. The sheer thought of his brother sent a cold chill through his body followed with pain.

His brother didn't remember him! The idiot didn't even remember himself! His head felt like it was swirling with emotion, he had to get it all to go away. And soon! Taking a few steps back before running at the railing and jumping over it and too the ground with practiced ease, landing silently he didn't even wait a second before taking off towards a wall and scaling over it and out of sight.

It was easier to just take off, it was easier to just hate Jimmy and have the amnesiac fool as an enemy rather than deal with all of this.

His name was James Howlett though he goes by Logan. Or at least, that's what he's been told. He could tell they weren't lying to him, but that didn't stop him from doubting them after all he could have lied to them about that. The entire situation was confused, completely fucked up he could say. Which he did, to their very faces more than once without any form of hesitation, at least he knows he can swear easier then he could remember the finer points of things. Apparently the bald one wasn't too fond of his language. He didn't care.

He also learnt that he had a brother. If so where was he? Why didn't he stay here? Was it something he did? Growling at himself for his childish behavior and fretting about that. If the bastard didn't want to stick around, that was fine with him.

He was also told that he had a mutant name, Wolverine. That sounded more fitting in some ways, it was an animal's name. And with the anger he was feeling and everything else, he felt like an animal. Wanted to lash out like one but something in him told him he'd hate that so he held back. Mostly. They didn't tell him much more then that, why they didn't he wasn't sure and it was pissing him off.

Growling lowly to himself he stared at a spot on the floor, ignoring the odd looking furball and the man in the wheelchair. He didn't want to talk to them anymore. There was a lot of stress, the one who first addressed him as Logan wasn't here anymore. He didn't know how he knew but he knew she was heartbroken. Poor girl.

"So I'm suppose to just believe what you told me?" Wolverine snarled out, stress and confusion translating to anger. Which he figured was normal for him, and from the fact that they didn't really react to his snarl it was normal.

"Logan, we are telling you the truth. You know that, I can sense that you do. What is the problem, may I ask?" Professor Xavier calmly said, he kept a close eye on the emotions going through the old mutant in front of him. Most of the emotions he sensed were normal for the situation the man was in, yet he couldn't help but feel alarmed to the violent tendencies that floated freely with those emotions. Gone was the self control Logan had when he had most if not all of his memories. It was obvious that he had to learn self-control again, though thankfully he was doing a good job so far.

"No. I know that. But you talk like you know me, like I'm expected to just follow what you say." Wolverine snarled angrily before adding in a mocking tone,
"Come boy, mutt comes. Sit boy, mutt sits. Play dead boy, mutt lays immobile on the fuckin' ground. Good boy, have a fucking treat." Wolverine snarled, the more stressful he felt with that awfully familiar anger came less control over his swearing. He didn't care.

"Logan, it isn't like that. And you know it." Hank said, though he outwardly winces at his poor choice of words.

"Do I?!" Wolverine growls angrily gripping the edges of the bed he sat on in the room he woke up in. He hated this room. Tall tale bruising was healing on his hands as his claws pushed forward in his anger.

"Logan. You aren't a mutt, and I am not treating you like one. I promise you that. We are only trying to help to the best of our abilities." Professor Xavier calmly says making eye contact while keeping a calm expression on his face so his eye contact doesn't come across as a challenge of anything close to that.

Wolverine just sits there, glaring down at the man who made a promise to him; the man said he wanted to help. Yet why wasn't he? He couldn't remember! Everything is blank; nothing in his mind is what it should be! He feels angry, he feels lost, he feels out of control and untamed. Why couldn't he make sense of things?! He wants it to end, he needs air.

Without warning he hops off the bed and heads towards the badly broken door that still had to be fixed in order to open and close properly.

"Logan, where are you going?" Professor Xavier asked as he maneuvered around so he was facing the door.

"Jus' need air…" Wolverine growled out over his shoulder and ducked out of the room. He had to figure out how to get out of the place though, which was easier said then done. Every hallway looked the same! A hand on his shoulder startled him; his heartbeat quickened as he pulled away from that touch like it burnt him. Immediately he cursed himself for an unwanted reaction, why he reacted like that he wasn't sure of but didn't think too much on that as he glared at the blue one questioningly.

"Sorry… I didn't mean to startle you, this way to the elevator…" Hank said, he found it odd that Logan had such a reaction. Never before did he react like that as far as he recalled but then again, Logan never turned his back on people without having some way of knowing what's happening behind him.

Wolverine didn't say a word, just glared and followed. Why did he react like that? Was he hurt in his past or something to cause an instant reaction like that? He didn't know, and no one was telling him much of anything.