Chapter 23

Scott was beyond angry at this point; his whole body was shaking from the rage he felt. Not even a few minutes ago both Logan and Victor took off with the jet! How dare they pull such a stunt! They had no right, and yet the Professor didn't do anything in his opinion. Sure he spoke to Logan, at least twice. But that didn't do much to deter the feral mutant.

Moira stood behind him, he was glad she had enough sense to not say anything. The Professor was there as well. No one said a word about the whole matter and it took another good fifteen minutes before anyone moved and headed back inside. Preparing to find some alternate way to get back to the mansion, unlike Logan they had enough sense to tend to their responsibilities. And revenge in his opinion wasn't a responsibility that was important.

Scott just hoped that the X-Jet would be there by the time they got there. Following the Professor to Moira's office where she left her car keys, they were going to head to the airport about eleven miles from here. She had to rent a special vehicle first in order to accommodate the Professor.

"I really wish you didn't let them leave so soon, we don't know the repercussions to the surgery. It could be damning for all we know." Moira stated, breaking the silence between them. She knew this kind of work when it came to chips; she knew enough about the Government based projects well enough to have an idea about them. She didn't know about the one that had a hand in Logan's torment, but instinct told her that it wasn't a simple or a low funded one at that. She only knew what she knew because of Charles, Eric and a few others.

Scott wanted to glare at everyone but decided against it. Repercussions for the surgery were the least of his problems at the moment, too angry to care. Though Scott knew that once he calmed down a part of him would be concerned, but not big enough to quell the anger at the moment.

"He wouldn't have been persuaded to stay in any way or form. He was starting to feel trapped here, and with everything going on and with everything that went on he felt like he had to get out." Professor Xavier stated calmly, not trying to justify anything at the moment. The last conversation he had with Logan was still fresh in his mind.

"Logan, you know that I disagree with this." Professor Xavier stated, making sure that he was cautious in order to keep from alarming Logan or making him feel challenged too much by this conversation. He already knew Logan's intentions, that much was as clear as day. And a part of him hated it while he still found a way to understand it.

Professor Xavier only heard a snort as a reply to his calm statement. He expected nothing less; Logan wasn't always the most talkative person. At times preferring to speak with only half sentences, grunts and snorts. Needlessly said, Professor Xavier was used to it.

"For one thing, your mind. It might not be up for the constant steady stream of memories that come at random times. Even forcing you to black out." Professor Xavier continued the same calm but cautious tone. He can sense that Logan wasn't fond of where this conversation was going. He can sense also a need to contact someone, probably Rogue. Professor Xavier knew the young lady was afraid for Logan and for the situation at hand.

"And you don't agree with me killin' the son of a bitches that screwed my mind up in the first place." Logan finished curtly.

Professor Charles knew this conversation was over with the fact that he could tell by both sensing and from how Logan spoke, Logan didn't care. Professor Xavier had a decision to make. Stop Logan by force if necessary or to stand out of the feral's way.

Professor Xavier in the end chose not to stand in the way; it would have been too much of a threat if he did. That and coupled with an older brother now eager to go along with Logan, it would have been next to impossible with the fact that it was only himself, Scott and Hank here to stand in the way. And despite the fact that Hank was stronger and probably smarter in some ways, but the two feral brothers were a deadly combination coupled with many years of experience of fighting by each other's sides and against many. They would have won the fight on sheer determination and already knowing how to fight against Hank and Scott.

He could sense the anger in Scott; he didn't blame the man though.

"Its official, the next time someone talks to Logan… Tell him he's fired." Scott growled, being that he was the leader of the X-Men he did have a say on who was apart of it and who wasn't. Even the Professor didn't have a say in the matter.

Professor Xavier sighed inwardly as he watched Moira fiddle with her papers on the desk.

"I suppose we should get going soon, if we want to get back to the mansion to get control of this situation." Professor Xavier calmly stated as he picked up the phone and proceeded to rent a car that had the special requirements for someone who was wheelchair bound.

Hank heard of what happened and entered the office quietly, not making a sound or commenting on anything to keep from angering anyone further then what they probably were already. A part of him felt relieved to have Sabretooth gone, the man was dangerous with a case of chronic-bloodlust. Not to mention the more feral Logan was also dangerous to have around, Hank couldn't help but hope that the man would be okay.

Moira gave Hank a smile, a slight reassurance that everything was fine here.

"Doctor, have a good rest?" Moira asked, changing the topic slightly for herself and if Hank wished, for Hank as well. It would be more prudent to have a change of topic in the room or else the anger will never ease up, not that Charles was adding to the anger. If anything out of him and Scott, it was Charles who was having an easier time keeping composure.

"Yes, quite. The beds here are comfortable." Hank answered calmly as he stride closer to the desk. Scanning over her latest study, Homo lupus, it was interesting and perhaps later sometime he'll read what she found out. Later.

"That's good." She acknowledged kindly as she made her way to her chair and sat down. It wouldn't be long now that she had to bid them farewell while they go back to the United States and to the school.

And sure enough, thirty minutes later she was watching them leave, it saddened her to see them go. She rather did like their company. Perhaps she will go visit them later, and bring Rahne with her. Rahne would like it; maybe she'll even get her enrolled there. At least she would know that Rahne would be safe there and get a good education.

Moira knew to watch the news for some time; murders will no doubt start popping up. If anything the two brothers might be taking the action that could nearly resemble hitting a wasp's nest. It would spark a lot of activity amongst ranks she didn't want to know about.

"I hope you're ready to deal with whatever repercussions that come your way Charles." Moira muttered as she finally turned towards the building and reentered.

Authoress Note: Well, this is it for this story. Hopefully it isn't rushed or anything. But I couldn't put anything else and I didn't want to feature either Logan or Victor in this chapter because they'll pretty much have the entire sequel to themselves. Pity those who will come across them in a not so friendly manner.