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Chapter 1

Lightning stared at her photo of her parents. Her father and mother. She couldn't allow it. No. Not when she promised them to take care of her. Serah was eighteen for crying out loud! She had so much in life left for her! Yet she wanted to marry! What about her future? What was going to happen to his sister?

'So many questions, yet so little answers.' Lightning almost wanted to scream at her parents' photo, asking them what to do. Serah was their daughter! Would they have wanted their child to marry at such an age? Eighteen! The number kept repeating in her head. For the umpteen time in her life, Lightning was lost. And she hated it.

She sighed and put the frame down. No. She wouldn't go there again. She was not going to stand in the way of Serah's happiness once more! Even if that idiot was the one she was marrying! Lightning groaned and held her head in her hands. 'What on earth am i supposed to do?'

"Lightning! Hey Sis!" Snow called from downstairs. "Serah wants to show you the final wedding plans!"

Lightning startled. 'Final wedding plans?' She quickly made her way down the stairs of her house, heading to the living room. There she was, Serah. Bent over her plans for her wedding. 'Their wedding',She corrected herself, glaring at the grinning idiot next to her sister.

"I'm not your sister." Snow's grin widened. "You will be soon." He replied. Lightning's stomach sunk. 'Ugh. He just had to remind me of my coming nightmare.' Lightning resisted the urge to groan and glared harder instead.

Serah shook her head at them, as usual. "Sis, here you go. Our final plans! Isn't this great? Just one more month! Then Snow and i will be together forever!" Serah smiled happily at her. Lightning couldn't resist, she gave a small smile back. Serah was happy. That alone was enough for Lightning. Wasn't it?

'Yea, enough to think it's okay for her to marry at the age of EIGHTEEN! IN A BLOODY MONTH!' Her mind sarcastically screamed at her.

Lighting mentally sighed and shook those thoughts out, focusing on Serah's plans instead.

'Hmm. Small church in Palumpolum, nice private wedding with family and friends, near the beach, and a nice dinner after the wedding. Not bad. Nice and simple actually.'

Lightning nodded approvingly, causing Serah to sigh in relief. But Lightning had one question, "Why Palumpolum? I thought you wanted it in Bodhum?"

"Oh, we thought it was more romantic than here. And we could tour Palumpolum for our honeymoon straight away! Besides, you suggested it. We wanted to make sure something you suggested was in there somewhere." Serah explained, clapping her hands in excitement.

Lightning felt her heart warming. Serah cared for her so much. She smiled, giving the plans back to her sister. "...Need any help?" She wanted to do something for Serah too.

Serah blinked in surprise. Then smiled. That was Lightning's way of approving their marriage, she knew. She immediately begin ticking off the things needed for the wedding, completely missing the look on Lightning's face as the list became longer and longer.

Lightning groaned inwardly. 'Now i really regret asking that question...' She thought as she wrote everything down.

Snow chuckled quietly from the kitchen, watching them contently. And then blinked as his stomach suddenly growled, causing the two girls to look over at him. Now, where were those snacks he came for?