Chapter 3

Atlantis basked in the positive emotions her children were emitting. And of course she could take out and savour the memory of the past month and her perfect plan.

By the time the Daedalus had brought Samantha Carter back here, SGA 1 & 2 had successfully retrieved Elizabeth Weir, a much better leader for her children. Samantha Carter had beamed down and the look on her face had been priceless when she had come face-to-face with Elizabeth Weir waiting for her.

Atlantis had scanned the report of the Daedalus crewmen who had found Samantha Carter on the planet. According to the report she had not been extremely coherent at the time.

So now everything was back to normal. Rodney McKay and the other scientists once more had free reign and her systems were running smoothly again. Samantha Carter had gone back to Earth for an extended vacation before returning to SGC as head scientist. Elizabeth Weir had resumed her position as leader of the Atlantis expedition, making everyone happy and thus making Atlantis happy. Hmm, Especially John Sheppard seemed more upbeat these past few days.

Oh, and Atlantis had called in a favour from Athar. When Samantha Carter finally returned to her duties, she will find she had a new assistant: Peter Kavanagh.

Perhaps now Atlantis could turn her attention to getting Carson Beckett back...


Authors' note: no, we feel no remorse whatsoever. Samantha Carter had it coming! Hubby had taken one look at us while writing this, and he had backed out of the room. Until now he had not been aware of the evil that could lurk in the hearts of three women. Hey, the evil laughter of us enjoying Sam's ordeal should have clued him in!