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Dying Inside

Ch. 2- Dreams Can Tell the Future

I wake up in my room as I breathed raggedly. I blinked a couple times to see when I am. "I'm in my room," I stated out loud to no one in particular.

I sighed in relief. I stood up from my futon and looked down. My futon is damp with sweat. The same with my pajamas. Looks like that nightmare did a number on me.

I changed into my normal attire, I guess. It was just a green t-shirt and some baggy pants. When I was done with changing, I walked to the dining room.

So I see that you're finally awake. My consciousness started to talk to me again.

Ugh… I hate it with a passion.

What do you want now? I sneered angrily at it.

I hope you enjoyed the dream.

I didn't enjoy it. Are you trying to tell me something?

Hah! You're so slow, so I guess I should award you for your stupidity. Naru doesn't love you.

All of a sudden, I exploded. "SHUT UP!"

I clenched my fists as hard as I could and I was shaking uncontrollably.

Hah. Look at you. You can't even face the truth.

My eyeballs felt like they were going to pop out of my sockets.

Pathetic. You are one pathetic human, Keitaro.

My eyesight started to look twisted. I see doubles. I looked up to see someone run toward me. Who is this..? Antennas? "Naru?" I said under my breath.

All of a sudden, it feels like déjà vu.


Well, except for the screaming.


I wake up in a very dark room. "Ugh… Where am I?" I asked aloud. My head is banging. I hate this.

I stood up and look around. Darkness. That's all I see. I hope this isn't one of those realization moments. I hate these.


I look behind me to see something out of the ordinary.

It was a hole. But it wasn't a normal hole. It looked like it was connected to the fiery pits of hell. Something was climbing out of it. This something was gruesome. I stared at it in fear and wonder. It felt like my legs were glued to the very place I was standing at. I couldn't move. I was too damn scared.

I could feel the heat from the hole. I can hear the excruciating screams from the hole. Then, I saw it. The head was twisted and bloodied. It was convulsing. Its mouth was slanted. Its eyes were bulging out, literally. I looked at its body and my breath quickened. The skin… It was bluish and pale. Its skin was… cracked. It was similar to that strange congenital disease, Harlequin Ichthyosis. The strange thing was that it's wearing the same thing as me, except there's blood all over them.

In an instant, the room wasn't dark anymore. The walls and the floor are metallic and rusty. Ugh… This is disgusting. Everything here is bloodstained. I can smell the blood. It's making me woozy.

Then, I quickly remember that convulsing entity was approaching me… Slowly.


It talked… Woah.

I breathed deeply. I was scared out of my wits. I wanted to piss on myself.

"Do you know who I am?"

It talked calmly. It was one of those disturbing voices that you would hear from a demon or something.

"No," I said with fear.

It walked toward me. I couldn't do anything. I was scared as hell. It grabbed my cheek. I looked away in fear.

"LOOK AT ME," it demanded.

It felt like it was going to just tear my cheek apart. Its claws were going through my skin. I screamed in pain and looked at it in malice.

"There we go…" It seemed like it was smirking.

I didn't feel scared all of a sudden. I glared at it. "What do you want?!"

"You. You need to realize the truth."

Dammit. I knew it! It was a one of those realization moments.

"Leave me alone."

"NO!" It screamed as it threw me with so much force that I think I heard a ton of bones crack in my body as I collided with the cold metal.

"SHIT!" I cursed out loud, "FUCK YOU!"

"I'll leave you alone once you know the truth."

"Leave Naru out of this!"

"Well at least you know that much." It chuckled.

"I love her! Can't you see that!? Why do you need to do this!? Is this some sort of test!?"

"Hah! No, it's not. Naru doesn't love you, nor does anyone else in that damned household."


"Why do you deny it? Everyone treats you like a pile of shit. You're their slave. Can't you see that?"


"Fine, I'll leave you to see the truth firsthand. Farewell, for now."

All of a sudden, I wanted to believe that thing. I mean… The girls do treat me like shit, but they changed. They're not the same girls who always called me a pervert and attacked whenever they saw me. They're girls who see me as someone. As a person they can trust, you know? And Naru… I do love her. I know she won't leave me. She loves me.

"Are you sure?"

Yeah. I am. And I'll always be there by her side. Haha, this feels cliché. She'll always be there whenever I'm crying. Whenever I'm lonely. And it goes on and on.

"If you keep being in denial, you'll never find happiness."


"Shut up. Open your eyes."

I woke up again in my futon. I touched my cheek. It's not bleeding… So it was just a dream. But… What was that? I shook my head. I think have been playing too much Silent Hill.

My door opened up to see Naru walking to me. She was carrying a tray that had a bowl of miso soup and tea.

"Oh… Hello Kei-kun," she said quietly, "How are you?"

I blinked. This is strange. "I'm fine, I guess."

She placed the tray next to me and stared at me. "Kei-kun," she said quietly.


"I think we should break up."

I think my heart just stop. Fuck you dreams.


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