Well, my first PN. And by far the closest thing I've ever come to smut. Thanks to Riot for some of the cute lines and knowing exactly what these two would say in the heat of the moment. (Riot is quite obsessed with PN.)

Peter and Elizabeth are divorced. (I will not ever write a fic where she knows about PN and but doesn't mind.)

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"Yeah, I got it. Six hours, and then I'm back in. See you then." Peter opened the door, shutting it quietly behind him while hanging up his phone. Carefully, he slipped off his jacket and tip toed up the wooden steps. He stopped by the first door on the left, and opened it slowly.

"It's two in the morning, babe. You know I'm never asleep at this hour."

Peter froze and looked up, seeing Neal sprawled out on his bed, a case file in front of him. Smiling, he walked over, mesmerized by the naked torso of Neal Caffrey.

"Neal, sweetheart. You've had a rough day, you should be resting."

Neal sat up, closing the file. "You know I don't like to sleep alone, Peter."

"There's going to be some nights like this, you know that." Peter took off his gun and badge, placing it on the table. Turning to face the bed, he found himself staring into Neal's warm blue eyes, soft arms wrapping around his neck.

"Mmm, not tonight though." Neal whispered against his lips, pulling him closer.

Peter groaned softly as he ran his work-worn fingers down Neal's muscular back. His hands stopped where skin gave way to fabric, smirking as Neal moaned into his neck.

"As much as I love your wardrobe, I think it belongs on the floor at the moment." Neal said, placing soft kisses over his jaw line, leading to his neck, while his hands worked at removing Peter's tie.

"Babe, we've only got six hours." Peter murmured, licking his lip as he felt Neal's delicate fingertips tracing circles through his shirt. "And we both need some sleep."

"We'll make it work, Peter. Don't worry." Neal went to unbuttoning his shirt, and while pulling it off he noticed something that would make for a more interesting night. Smirking to himself, he looked back up, finding Peter giving him a questionable look.

"What?" Neal asked, pulling him onto the bed.

Peter shook his head, lying on the silk sheets, pulling Neal on top of him. "I love you." He said before capturing Neal's lips, running his fingers through the curly hair of his long time lover. Gasping at the sudden urge to explore his mouth, he pulled Neal closer, breaking all distance between them. He tried to wrap his hands around his partners waste, but Neal stopped him, and instead locked there hands together.

"I need you, Neal." Peter moaned into his mouth, feeling how much Neal needed him too.


The next thing Peter Burke heard was the sound of metal clasping to the wooden bed post. Surprised, he pulled away just as Neal clasped his wrists above his head.

"I love you, Peter, but I have to do this." Neal spoke into peter's chest, kissing it.

"Way to kill the moment of Romance, babe." Peter muttered, narrowing his eyes. "With my handcuffs."

Kissing his way lower, Neal unhooked Peter's belt, slowly sliding it off.

"Oh, Peter. Admit it. This is much more fun."

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