Hi readers, so I've had an idea for this story for a very long time, and yesterday I had some encouragement to post it and start writing it. So I hope you enjoy! Please, please review and subscribe. I really would appreciate it sooooooo much!

Fear. I have never felt so scared standing in a room with my own kind. Knowing that my life depends on the next emotion that overwhelms the crowd that stands before me. The final verdict of my existence. Even though I was immortal I was not prepared for what was about to transpire. There was vulnerability at present that was unbearable. There was no hope, it was like a nightmare where you were being chased but you just couldn't run no matter what, you didn't have the energy to move on, except that nightmare came to reality and that reality came with life threatening consequences. . .

I am Rosalie Cullen and I live a magnificent life, I am beautiful. I am immortal. Of course having an unlimited life span is splendid, it's not all it's cracked up to be, this is my story.

So what did you think? I know it's not much, but I didn't want to write too much if people weren't going to read it. This is just a trial, I really would like some feedback, and criticism is very welcome as well. So please review! It's not that hard! I want to know whether to continue or not! :)