The Experiment

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Rating: T

Draco Malfoy stalked through the aisles of the library in a paced but determined stroll.

It was quiet. The candles on the walls that lit the area flickered slightly in the wind that was coming in through the open windows.

The place was practically empty. Since he'd entered a few minutes ago, the only other person he had seen other than the old coot at the front desk, was a freckled fifth year as he scribbled away rapidly on a piece of parchment.

The boy either hadn't managed to get a date for the dance or he had an assignment due for Monday.

Draco smiled at the thought. The boy looked like he was a Hufflepuff…he was without a date, he decided.

Putting the boy out of his thoughts, he went back to thinking about the witch who was the reason why he was in this forsaken place in the first place.

He had been watching her all night.

He'd watched her enter the ball on Pothead's and Weasel's arm.

He'd seen Pothead dance with She-Weasel.

He'd seen Weasel dance with Brown.

He'd seen Pothead comforting her at the Weasel's actions.

He'd seen Weasel slobbering all over Brown.

And in the few seconds where he'd closed his eyes and grimaced, he'd missed seeing her flee the Hall.

It hadn't taken him long to determine that she'd left. In a hall full of witches wearing gaudy dresses of fluorescent pink and hooker red, her simple white dress had been like a shining beacon.

It also hadn't taken him long to determine where she would go.

And that was why he was here now.

Weasel may be an idiot…but he certainly wasn't. And he wasn't about to leave these hallowed halls without tasting those virginal lips.

That's all it was…a small taste was all he needed. How to get that taste was where it got tricky.

But he had a plan…a plan that would be sure to work. He'd seen how riled up she got when she thought her personal character was being attacked.

It would be like taking a pumpkin pasty from a baby.

He turned a corner and his eyes fell on her. She was sitting Indian style on a large chair, half hidden in an alcove. Her shoes had been slipped off and were lying at the foot of her seat and her dress had twisted around her legs, a small expanse of pale skin showing.

Draco didn't make her aware of his presence. He simply watched her silently. Her head was bent, hair falling in waves around her face as she studied the thick book propped up on her knees.

After a few moments, he cleared his throat. Her head flew up and for a second, she looked at him with blank eyes before they narrowed into sharp slits as her brain registered his company.

Her back stiffened, her legs dropped to the floor, feet slipped back into her shoes, the book snapped shut and she stood quickly.

"Malfoy? What are you doing here?" she asked.

Draco smiled and leaned against the bookshelf. "I could ask you the same question." He countered.

He saw her throat swallow. "I left the ball early."


He watched her shift her weight from one foot to the other. Her eyes flickered to the book she had been reading before they moved back to him.

"Well…I'll just be going then." She said as she started to walk towards him in order to leave.

When she was a few steps away, Draco straightened and took a step of his own. As he had expected, she faltered in her stride before she came to a hesitant stop. He moved until he was standing a few feet away from her.

"I saw Weasel with Brown a few minutes ago." He commented as he studied her reaction. Other than a slight clench in her jaw, her face remained blank.

"He was slobbering all over her. If I had to choose between him or the giant's dog, I would choose the dog every time."

He smiled slightly as he watched her shoulder's relax at his words. An answering smile even formed on her lips.

"But then again, I suppose if you're being kissed so well you lose your mind…And there's me thinking I was the only one capable of giving such heady pleasure."

Her eyes narrowed once more and Draco now smiled in triumph.

"Oh please Malfoy. I'm sure Lavender knew exactly where she was and Ron too. As for you- I hardly believe your claim."

"You don't?" he stated.

"No Malfoy, I don't. No matter what someone is doing, their brain is always in charge. They are always aware of their surroundings."

"And what if they're high off Humberbunger fumes?"

"Fine Malfoy. Yes if they're taking drugs then they obviously wouldn't be thinking straight. But I'm talking about the majority of people."

"So you don't believe that a witch can lose her mind to pleasure?"

A tiny furrow appeared in the middle of her forehead as she stared at him in silence before she let out a short, uncomfortable laugh.

"I think I'm going to leave now."

She made to move to the right in order to walk around him and he quickly moved his body and stepped in her path. She looked up at him with wide eyes. They quickly showed anger.

"Move Malfoy."

"Answer the question and I will."


"Answer the question and I will move."

Her scoff came in the form of a sharp exhale of breath through her nose. "Fine Malfoy. No. The answer to your question is no. And if they do then they obviously don't have a very strong mind."

Draco stared at her for two seconds. "How about you put that to the test?"

"Excuse me?" she said slowly.

"If you truly believe the words coming out of your mouth then you obviously haven't ever participated in the act."

"I've been kissed before!" She stated indignantly.

Krum and Weasel…he felt the need to hex their mouths off. Draco brushed the feeling off.

"Evidently not correctly."

"I'll have you know that they were…very nice kisses."

Draco laughed. "Nice?" he said sarcastically.

He watched her mouth tighten as she gritted her teeth. Her eyes flashed daggers at him.

"Move Malfoy." She hissed.

Draco leveled of his laugh until it was a smile curling at his lips. "Shall I prove it to you Granger?" he asked softly.

"Prove what?" she said angrily.

He moved a step closer to her. "Shall I prove to you that…a physical distraction…can cause a witch to lose her mind?"

She scoffed again. "And how would you prove that Malfoy? I've seen the witches you date. You couldn't string two brain cells together between all of them."

Harsh…but true, Draco thought.

"How I about I pick a witch who has more than two brain cells…a witch who probably has the strongest mind I know."

"I highly doubt that anyone in your house qualifies Malfoy."

"Who said she had to be a Slytherin?"

"Ravenclaw? Padma Patil?"

"No. Not her. I don't think Blaise would be too happy if I made out with his girlfriend."

"One of her friends then?"

"Why do you think I would pick a Ravenclaw?" he asked.

She scoffed again. "Like you would stoop to us lowly Gryffindor's or Hufflepuff's."

"To prove a point I would stoop to anything." He stated.

His words caused a sigh to escape from her mouth and she waved her hands in the air. "Well then who?" she asked, annoyance tingeing her voice.

"You Granger."

Draco watched her reaction closely. Mentally he ticked off all the steps of her reaction one by one.

Eyes widening. Check.

Pink lips opening to gasp in a breath. Check.

Piercing stare which promised death. Check.

Indignant squeal. "Excuse Me!"…Check.

"Get out of my way Malfoy. I'm leaving."

Draco let her pass before studying her back as he walked away from him determinedly. He let her walk far enough for her to think he had let her go before he called out.

"And there I was, thinking that Gryffindor's were renowned for their courage and bravery."

She stopped dead in her path…Check!

With all her fury, she whipped around to face him. Her hair flew, her dress flew, he was certain her shoes would have flown if she'd thought of it.

Those heels looked like they could do him some damage.

"What did you just say?" she asked as she stomped and click clacked back towards him. She didn't give him time to answer before she continued. "I'm not a coward Malfoy. And you have no right to call me one. After everything that happened during the war- I think this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black don't you think?"

Her comment hit a sore spot. He made a mental note to punish her later on.

"I think you made my point. You were so brave during the war. And yet you're scared to carry out this little experiment with me?"

"It's hardly an experiment Malfoy!" she said loudly.

He glanced around to make sure that they were still alone. They were.

"Of course it's simply an experiment. You have your hypothesis and I have mine. This is the only way we can prove who's right."

"You certainly have a high opinion of yourself don't you?"

Draco stood up a little straighter and smiled smugly. "I've had no complaints yet Granger." He said silkily.

His comment seemed to throw her off but she regained her composure quickly.

"I am not kissing you Malfoy so you can forget it." She swirled away from him and began stomping back the steps she had regained.

Draco sighed. He had hoped that the attack on her character would have been enough but she was being particularly stubborn tonight. He knew what he had to do.

Opening his mouth, he took in a large breath of air. "Bawk. Buc buc buc buc. Bawk!" he squawked ungainly.

Upon hearing the chicken noises, she stopped in her tracks again and turned.

"Are you honestly that immature?" she asked rhetorically.

"Are you honestly that frightened?" he countered.

And then he knew that he'd got her.

Her head flew up, nose in the air, chin stuck out and she stalked towards him.

"How is this going to work?" she demanded.

Draco smiled. Pumpkin pasty from a baby. "First I kiss you. Then, I'll ask you a simple question. If you answer correctly, you win. Answer incorrectly and I win."

She frowned at him and folded her arms across her chest. "One kiss?"

"One kiss." He assured. That was all he needed…

"Fine." She agreed.

Draco merely stared at her for a few seconds before he grabbed onto her arm and pulled her back to the shadowed aisle she had been reading in. Of course, she didn't go quietly.

"What do you think you are doing?" she squawked as she tried to wrench her arm out from his.

"I thought you'd prefer a little more privacy."

Her wriggling stopped instantly. "Oh yes. I don't want anyone to see me kissing you."

Draco mentally added another punishment. When they reached the aisle, he drew her deeper into the stacks and lightly maneuvered her so that she was trapped between his body and the heavy tomes behind her.

"Ready?" he asked her.

She rolled her eyes in response. "Yes Malfoy."

His lips formed one last smile before he bent his head. His palms cupped and titled her head back slightly so their height differences weren't a problem.

For the first few seconds, his lips brushed against his lightly so he could get her used to him. When he felt her relax her body into him, he kissed her with a little more pressure. Her mouth was so warm against his. Her lips sweet. Teasingly, he coaxed them apart, still making sure to keep the kiss light.

He didn't have a clue how much time had passed when he felt her lips tremble in the beginnings of a moan.

He lifted his head and looked down at her flushed face. Her eyes were still closed, her mouth still parted. He had to shake his head to remember he needed to ask her a question.

"The question." He said out loud. Her eyes opened but they were still a little dazed. "In the Amazon rainforest there is a tall coconut tree by a sparkling river. Out of the following animals, which can get to the top and get the banana the quickest? The monkey, tiger or snake?"

"The monkey." She replied instantly.

Draco smiled. "Wrong." He told her. A look of confusion passed over her face. "Coconut tress don't grow bananas."

His lips stretched into a grin as she watched her replay the question in her mind. She scowled when she realised she'd been wrong.

"That was a trick question. Ask me another one."

Draco smiled. "Very well." He said as his head moved back down.

Hers went flying back until it banged into the books. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"One kiss. One question."

She gritted her teeth in anger but said nothing. He took her silence as acceptance when she gave him one last look before closing her eyes.

Draco touched her lips with his again. This time he wasn't as cautious. He took what he wanted, his mouth opening her lips so his tongue could sweep inside. His arms wound around her waist and brought her body tight against his. Unconsciously, her arms went around his neck, her fingers splaying in his hair.

He allowed himself to hear two moans before he pulled his head back.

They both gasped in breaths of air and stared at each other dizzily. In the back of his mind, Draco remembered the question.

"Would you rather have a tiger eat you or a lion?"

"What? I- I don't know, the tiger." She picked.

Draco looked down at her. "I would rather have the tiger eat the lion but each to their own I suppose."

Once again, her face scrunched slightly as she puzzled out the question. And then anger again.

"Ask me another one." She demanded furiously, not willing to give in until she answered one of the questions correctly.

Gladly, Draco thought as he kissed her again.

When he broke it this time, the two of them were panting heavily. His mind felt so heavy he couldn't even think of what his own name was, let alone remember a question to ask her.

"The question." She murmured hoarsely against his neck.

Draco put his struggling mind in gear. "Some months have thirty days. Some have thirty one. Which month has twenty eight days?"

"February!" she gasped out triumphantly.

Seeing the beaming smile spread across her face, Draco was nearly ready to let her believe she'd won. But he knew how stubborn she was…and he wanted another kiss.

"Sorry Granger but they all have twenty eight days."

"Another." She demanded before her lips smashed against his.

The unexpected movement caused Draco to stagger backwards and she followed him, her hands tightly clutching the lapels of his dress robes. The kiss was wild and rough. Bodies slammed up against each other, tongues plunged and took without thought, mouths sucked carelessly.

Before Draco lost his mind completely, he tore away from her and held her tightly against his chest. Her head flew upwards, lips searching desperately for his.

"What cheese is made backwards?" he asked as he breathed in deep through his mouth.

"I don't care." She replied before she stood on her tiptoes and once again reached for his mouth.

"Edam…" Draco whispered vaguely against her lips before the two were kissing once more.

This kiss was short. Interrupted by the librarian's booming voice announcing the library was about to shut.

Draco flung away from Hermione at the same moment she flung away from him. From opposite sides of the aisle, they stared at each other as they wheezed heavily.

Draco watched Hermione's hand lift up and her fingers flutter against her swollen lips.

"Y-you were right…You won." She said, more to herself than him, before she quickly turned around and hurried away.

Draco let her go.

It didn't feel like he had won.

When had it stopped being a game? When had one kiss stopped being enough?

Author's Note: It is 1:30 in the morning right now and I wrote this in the last hour so if it's rubbish, blame my tired brain. I have to credit Lisa Kleypas for the plot idea but the questions Draco asked Hermione and pretty much all the rest is mine. I know I said I would update the next chapter of the Rut series this week and I will but I wanted to break up those chapters for all the readers who aren't a fan of the series (Thank you to the reviewer who told me that in a kind PM and not as a flame!). Until next time, Curiositykils.