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Italics = JD's narration.
There are no real pairings, except perhaps JD/Elliot. But each chapter may vary. Set during season 8. XD Enjoy!

Chapter 1 – The Symptoms


For a few months now, my head has been feeling funny. It's felt pressurised, like someone has their hands on either side and is pushing as hard as they can. I've put this down to migraine – it will pass soon, surely? There must be something I'm not doing right. But it's always worse in a morning, so it could be sinuses. Yeah – really bad sinuses. But I've also been throwing up a lot too. It could just be a really bad tummy-bug. It's easy to catch things off of patients at the hospital. That's all it could be.

"Newbie!" Dr Cox's harsh whistle and piercing bark snapped JD out of his day-dream. He shook his head and looked around, unsure of what he was doing.

He was holding a long, thin needle, and was currently inches away from someone's spine. He looked at the needle, suddenly confused by what he was doing. Dr Cox was standing at the other side of the patient, propping him up and looking very angry at his colleague. JD took a deep breath and put the needle down on the bed. Dr Cox sighed loudly and snarled at him.

"What the hell are you doing?" He snapped.

"I... I don't remember." JD shook his head.

"I'll tell you what you were doing," Dr Cox began in a sarcastic tone. "You were day-dreaming again, I mean re-healy what do you think you're playing at?! That's the third time you've lost your concentration and I'm getting sick of it."

"Really?" JD frowned. "The third time? Wait, I know what this is. Spinal tap. I can do this, hold on."

"No, no, no, no and finally no." Dr Cox shook his head and glanced quickly from the sleepy patient to the door. "Go home. Get someone else to come in here but don't you think for a second that I'm letting you perform anything whilst you're acting like this. You really need to buck up before you kill someone."

JD nodded and walked away from the room. What is wrong with me? I know that I tend to dream a lot at work but it's never really affected my performance. I couldn't even remember what I was doing... was it really the third time I'd done that? Something is really wrong with me. Dr Cox is right, I need to go home.

"Carla." JD reached the nurses' station. "You need to get someone to cover my shift, Dr Cox is making me go home."

"What have you done, Bambi?" She replied in a motherly tone.

"I think that I lost my concentration..."

"Well that's not so bad."

"...three times."

"Oh, JD," She looked angry. "You shouldn't do that; you know that you're a doctor, right?"

"Yeah..." He didn't sound so sure.

Carla whispered something in Spanish as she turned to look at the doctor's board. JD shifted uncomfortably where he stood and gave a sheepish smile when she returned with a bar of chocolate.

"Here you go." She pointed to Elliot. "She's gonna take your patients. Get some rest, you're obviously not well. Turk told me you've been snapping in and out of your day-dreams more often lately."

"I s'pose I have, I just don't remember it." He took the bar and then looked at Elliot a couple of times. "No... don't tell her... she'll think I'm insane. Please don't tell Elliot, I should be better by tonight, get someone else to take my patients, not her..."

"Why are you so bothered if Elliot knows?" Carla frowned. "You know she'll just pamper you."

"I don't want to be pampered." JD grimaced. "I don't want her to know! Please, just keep it to yourself and give someone else my shift - anyone else."

"Okay I'll talk to Dr Mickhead. Go home, Bambi."


I had decided that once I got home, I should just rest on the couch and watch Gilmore Girls until I could fall asleep. But sleeping was proving hard because my mind felt so active and there was no chance that I could watch TV because something was wrong with the volume. It was a little muted, distant, but randomly came back to normal. Although this was annoying, it kept me concentrating on things like the volume and my pending headache. At least I thought I was concentrating... I guess I could just be day-dreaming with my stupid narrative voice again.

JD shook his head from side to side quickly and blinked rapidly like he had been doing all day. Why couldn't he just keep himself from drifting off like that? He looked at the TV, and Gilmore Girls had finished a long time ago. It was now seeping into night time; Elliot would be back any minute. He had to look normal because he didn't want her worrying about him so much.

The door clicked open and he knew that she was home. A fresh sent of hospital rank found its way to his nostrils as Elliot leaned over the couch and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey JD, why are you home so early?" She inquired immediately.

"Err... Dr Cox sent me home." He shrugged, trying to keep it casual. His voice broke on the word 'Cox.'

"But you had a lot of patients, why would he do that?" Elliot frowned, finding a seat next to him and looking him straight in the eye. Oh no, this was serious. She had sussed that something was up.

"Carla gave my patients to Dr Mickhead I think." JD explained. "I wasn't feeling okay, alright? Just a tummy bug, people get tummy bugs all the time."

"Aw, no..." Elliot stuck out her bottom lip and felt his forehead with her hand. He winced and felt his oncoming headache pound dangerously, so much so that he grabbed her wrist and twisted it away quickly. He didn't realise just how madly he had done this, and she yelped and looked at him fearfully.

"JD, what's going on with you?!" Her question sounded more like a rhetorical one, so he refused to answer. He didn't know himself; he had just felt the urge to do that. It was almost as if her touch made him physically sick. His headache finally arrived and he groaned a little, sinking into his chair.

"Look," He sighed, deciding to tell her. "I've had headaches and nausea all month and now I can't concentrate well. Sometimes I can't even remember what I was doing before I drifted off. And now I'm frustrated because the stupid TV isn't working properly; I can't hear it most of the time!"

She glanced over at the TV. The sound was working fine. Nothing was wrong with it at all.

Elliot watched him closely and pursed her lips. JD had never laid a finger on her before and he was too much of a girl to do so anyway. Why was he acting like this? It was almost as if his personality had just flipped over. This worried her, as she calculated all of the other things he had mentioned. She stood, her doctor head screwed on tight, and looked him in the eye once more.

"Do you want some ice cream?" She asked.

"No..." He squirmed (was it a squirm?) and shook his head. "It's too cold, I don't like ice cream."

"Are you sure?" She insisted. "You usually love ice cream."

"I'm sure, Elliot, leave me alone!"

Elliot nodded and walked away to her bedroom. JD felt bad suddenly.

Why am I being such a jerk? She only wants to help me but I can't help but shout whenever I hear her voice or see her face. When she touched me – it was like I couldn't bear it. But I love Elliot, I know I do. Don't I? What's happening...? Maybe if I finally get some sleep I can get rid of this stupid tummy bug and survive the rest of the week.

JD stood up and began to walk over to their bedroom to apologise to Elliot, but he felt himself losing his balance. He called out as he fell over and crashed into the wall. Elliot came out and helped him up.

"I can't let this carry on." She said, hoisting him back onto the couch. "I'm calling the hospital right now and we're gonna get you checked out. Whatever this is... this is... serious. Okay? I'm gonna sort you out, JD. Don't worry."