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It has been 3 years since the sprouting of the new World Tree, since the journey of restoration. It has been exactly to today because it it once again Colette's birthday. Everyone was coming to the Temple of Martel where it had all started to celebrate. Lloyd had even sent word that he would be coming, taking a break from his exshpere journey. Regal and Presea had arrived first, bringing a cake the man made for the occasion. Collette was turning 19 this year. Genis and Raine had already been there, setting up the temple. A few chairs here, a table there, a large banner saying happy birthday Colette. The chosen was grateful for all this, but she really just wanted to be with her friends and see Lloyd again.

None of them had changed too much over the last three years. Time flowed for Presea again so she was looking like a 15 year old teen. Genis had finally hit a growth spurt now reaching the top of Colette's head. Colette's curves filled out slightly more, but she still looked the same. Zelos had taken on a new fashion of wearing his hair in a ponytail.

What was even better was that Lloyd wasn't alone. Apparently Derris-Karlon wasn't able to drift far into space. It ended up being pulled into Symphonia's gravitational pull and become an asteroid without a specific pattern. It's be there one day, not seen for 2 years, then gone a week and seen again. It had a mind of it's own, so to speak. It had appeared a year ago and Kratos had been traveling with his son and Noshie.

"Hey Colette."

She turned to see Genis come beside her and help set out dishes on the table. They were doing it kinda buffet style to be simple.

"What is it Genis?" She asked and Genis put his hands behind his head,

"Your nervous about Lloyd coming back aren't you."

"Why?" The angel was confused.

"Because you went through all the trouble to find that necklace." Colette blushed, gripping her jewelry.

"Well.. Lloyd did make it for me. It's only natural that I.." Genis laughed at his friend's embarrassment.

"You still like Lloyd. I knew it! You lose something like that and then suddenly find it again." Raine his her brother in the back of the head,

"Genis. You have no room to talk. When's the last time you've found something after you lost it."

The half elf sighed and Sheena plopped half a strawberry in her mouth.

"You think he's changed?" She pounded.

"What do you mean my voluptuous.." Sheena stuff the rest of her strawberry into Zelos's mouth to shut him up. She was tired of him calling her that still.

"I mean. He's been away from us all this time, and he's been spending time with Kratos. What if he's like changed his style or maybe his entire personality." She shivered slightly.

"I just don't see Lloyd changing out of that red thing of his. His obsession with red." Raine sighed. Zelos understood where Sheena was getting at.

"You think he's become a stiff like his old man?" Zelos grinned.

"I never considered myself a stiff." The chosen jumped in the air and turned Sheena to face the voice, hiding behind her.

"Don't hurt me. She brought it up." He declared and she punched his face with the back of her fist.

"Shut up Zelos." The summoner said.

"Lloyd!" Colette ran over to her friend and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I'm so glad to see you."

She felt his arms wrap around her body and stand back up, hugging her. Her feet left the ground.


"I missed you Colette."

He whispered in her ear. Colette realized that Lloyd had grown as well. He was beginning to reach his father's towering height, shy of a few inches. His face was more mature but still soft unlike Kratos.

He was still Lloyd.

"Yep. Recognize that grin and red jacket anywhere. Some things never change Lloyd."

Genis said sarcastically. He glared over at the half elf and set Colette back on the ground, walked over and locked the silver head under his arm, rubbing the head out of his hair.

"Lloyd. Stop it you idiot." He laughed and the boy let him go but stumbled back as Sheena and Zelos glomped him at the same time.

"We missed you Lloyd." He turned red and laughed.

"Of course." He said softly. They two got off.

"What's with your voice bud?"

Zelos stepped back slightly to gawk at his bud that was eye to eye with him.

"Lloyd had had some voice difficulties lately. He's got a sore throat so he won't sway much."

Kratos said and glared at the cake. Lloyd shook hands with Regal and Presea and had to listen to Raine nag him about staying out of contact for so long but Colette was happy. She wanted to see all her friends in the same room again, but her eyes always strayed back to Lloyd. Her crush seemed stronger then ever now that she had seen him again.

"I wanted the flower!"

Zelos complained as Sheena cut the cake and took the piece with a rose on top. Sheena lifted it with her fork and held it to her mouth.


Zelos wasn't going to give up and quickly placed his mouth around the fork and his eyes smiled.

"Zelos! You idiot Chosen!"

She pulled on the fork, wagging it back and forth but his lips were sealed perfectly on the utensil. Kratos glared down at his cake,

"Blame your fate."

He said before taking about half of it into his mouth at once and everyone's eyes widened. Lloyd rubed the back of his head.

"Dad's a fan of sweets." Lloyd quietly said and silently chuckled.

"I see that even men like you have a weakness."

Raine teased. Colette smiled.

"I'm so glad things haven't changed. Zelos and Sheena are still fighting. Kratos is still full of surprises and Lloyd." she looked at him and smiled more.

"Lloyd is still Lloyd. I was worried when Sheena kept telling me you might have changed. But I'm glad your still the same person that I became friends with." Lloyd faked a smile and lowered his head, looking down at his hands.

"Yeah. We were afraid you were becoming like Kratos."

Zelos laughed and the former seraph threw his fork.

"NOOO!! My hair! Get it out. Its ruined!"

The man threw a perfect shot to where it got tangled in the tie and his hair where it was pulled back. Everyone decided to pitch in and get Colette a gift together. It was a new dress that fit her body slightly better. It held the relatively same pattern and fit fine with her cloak she already had. It was also had short sleeves that were slightly poofy. This would save her a lot of trouble from getting snagged on everything possible. Sometimes it seemed she got snagged or tripped over air.

"Thank you guys so much. I want to go put it on."

Colette said. Raine and Sheena followed her to her house to make sure it fit and so they could make adjustments. They had Kratos come with them in case of bandit or monster attacks on the way back to Iselia. They were going to meet back there later anyway. Lloyd's eyes never left her sight until she was out of the temple.

"So bud." He looked back to see Zelos suddenly in his face.

"What did you get Colette?"

"It must be big because you obliviously like her."

Genis added. Lloyd frowned and folded his arms. His mouth opened to say something but he then stopped.

"Come on Lloyd. It's so obvious. Colette told me of the secret letters you've been sending her." Genis said, eying his older friend.

"Love letters? How classical. That is a swell move Lloyd." Zelos said, throwing his arm over Lloyd's shoulder.

"It has been fairly obvious that you've liked Colette for years now." Genis said.

Lloyd's hands gripped tighter on his sleeve.

"There were obvious signs. Your attachment to her. You seemed nervous around her and you did everything for her."

Regal said, rubbing his chin in that mature, pondering matter.

"Lloyd. You should tell her how you feel." Presea said and Genis agreed.

"Yeah. I bet she likes you back." Genis paused,

"Actually. I know she likes you. She's told me several times."

"Put the moves on her bud." Zelos said, hands trying to find the source of his hairy disaster.

"I can't." He said softly.

"Sure you can. Just tell her you love her." Genis stood up.

"Or even better. Kiss her. Sweep her off her feet." Zelos raised an eyebrow.

"You guys don't understand. I can't!"

Lloyd finally yelled, his voice craked terribly towards the end. Everyone's eyes were apund him and he covered his mouth and lowered his head to hide his face.

"Lloyd. Your voice is.."

Genis blinked and shook his head free from his daze,

"Your throat is fine isn't it?! Do you not want to talk to us?"

"Lloyd?! Bud that was your voice?! But it sounded.."

Lloyd stood up defensively.

"Pretend you heard nothing! I can't talk to her like this!"

He yelled, his voice rising and dropping several times before he stormed out of the temple. The ones remaining looked at each other.

"His voice is?" Genis said, looking at the older men.

"I see. His voice is dropping and he's embarrassed by it." Regal said calmly.

"It happens to everyone." Zelos nodded.

"Sure. But why be so defensive about it?" Zelos said, pulling the fork.

"He probably is afraid of Colette hearing him like that." Presea said and stood up.

"We should follow."

"Na. Knowing Lloyd, he'll go back to Iselia just like we told Colette we would."

Genis said and the three walked out. Zelos pulled his hair free of the fork and sighed.

"My beautiful hair." Several red hairs were entangled in the pronged object. They didn't find Lloyd when they reached town though. Although they did find the girls and Kratos.

"My little angel you look so cute!" Zelos snuggled the girl.

"Where is Lloyd?" Kratos asked, noticing his son wasn't with them. They other looked at each other.

"He kinda ran off in embarrassment." Genis said.

"Lloyd? Embarrassed? I haven't seen that before." Raine pointed out, becoming curious.

"It has to do with Colette." Regal said and the Chosen stuttered.

"He's embarrassed by me?" She worried. Presea shook her head,

"Not by you. By himself in a way." Zelos rolled his eyes.

"It's not that hard. Basically Bud is mad about you and he can't tell you because his voice sounds like its falling apart."

"He has a sore throat. That is normal." Kratos said.

"No. His throat is fine. He's embarrassed by his craking voice." Regal affirmed. Sheena laughed slightly,

"Really? That's all? Lloyd knows that we won't make fun of him." Sheena said

"This is probably my fault." Colette clasped her hands.

"I talked so much about how nothing has changed that Lloyd feels embarrassed. Did you see where he ran off to?"

The others had no idea. Kratos could easily follow his son's mana trail and located him on a hill on the outskirts of the town. It had been a place Colette often visited. It had beautiful wildflowers in patched areas and it had a good veiw from the city. Kratos said nothing and just sat beside his son for a while.

"It's nothing to be embarrassed by." Kratos finally siad.

"Yes it is. Didn't you hear Sheena and Zelos go on about me changing into you." An almost exact voice replayed back. Kratos looked towards the village.

"You aren't me Lloyd. You may end up having more features that resemble me but you will never be me. You are far more strong-willed and determined then I will ever be." Lloyd looked at his hands,

"But Colette was happy that I was still me. This is a major change."

"It happens to everyone some point. Yours just happened today." Lloyd didn't replay.

"Besides. A little complication hasn't ever hurt you before." He looked at his Dad.

"When you couldn't defeat me in sparring you never stopped. When Colette became an angel, you didn't stop. When the Tower of Salvation fell you didn't stop."

"You called her Colette?" Lloyd said. Kratos had always referred to her as the Chosen. Although the systems are long demolished, her and Zelos will always be the last Chosen.

"Yes. But I see her differently now." Lloyd raised an eyebrow.

"She is your Anna. She is someone you would do everything and stop at nothing to make happy. You shouldn't let something as growing up stop you."

Kratos said. Lloyd sighed and dug into his pocket pulling out a peice of plastic and unwrapped something.

"I only hope it didn't break."

It was a ring he had been working on the entire journey. As he got better, he would change it over and over. It had a amber gem in the hands of an angel that's dress formed the actual ring.

"Your right Dad. I think it's time I told Colette that I want to be with her." Kratos smiled,

"Is that why you've been quiet the next few days."

"I thought that if I waited till it was over that it wouldn't be that obvious." He said. Kratos stood up and looked over towards the village.

"Although. It will take time getting use to hearing me in you. I still see more of Anna in you then
I'll ever see me. No matter how much like me you get. Your still Lloyd."

Lloyd looked back at the ring and Kratos started down the hill.

"I will have Colette come speak to you."

After about an hour Colette leaned over Lloyd, who was taring up at the sky, laying on his back.


He said nothing at first and then rawred, scaring her onto her bottom and smiled.

"You always do that."

Lloyd smiled and sat up. She turned so she was facing the same direction as he.

"Lloyd. I heard whats wrong. It's ok. Your allowed to change. Your still Lloyd. Just like I'm still me even though."

She smiled as her wings unfrilled.

"I still have wings and my angelic senses. I'm still me. Just like you always told me."

She fumbled with her hands.

"Also. I'm sorry that you were embarrassed because of me."

"Stop apologizing you dork."

Lloyd said. Colette turned a violent red.

"Oh Martel. He almost sounds like Kratos. It's so deep and hypnotizing."

Lloyd turned the color of his jacket.

"Oh no. Did I mess up? Why is she blushing? Damn it. Maybe I should stay quiet an.."

His train of thought was derailed as Colette had her lips pressed against his cheek. He could feel a tingling sensation as small mana was transferred from her mouth to his face. She pulled back and covered her face.

"I'm sorry." She stuttered.

"Listen to me. I probably sound worse then you did."

She said. Lloyd lifted her hand and slid a ring onto it.

"Colette. Your such a dork. You can't ever sound bad to me. Listen uhh. I made this for you its.." He trailed off to let her observe her gift.

"It's so pretty Lloyd. Your craftsman ship as really improved."

"It's a promise ring.." He notice her begin to blush again and he stopped abruptly.

"I'm sorry. My voice is probably bothering you isn't it.." She shook her head and grabbed his hand.

"No Lloyd.'s really beautiful."

"The ring?"

"Your voice."

His almost faded blush from before returned.

"I can still tell it's you Lloyd. It's just different that's all. I like it." She said.

" a lot of things about you Lloyd.."

She trailed off again. Lloyd stood up and lifted her to her feet.

"I'm still a bit embarrassed by it though." Lloyd rubbed his head.

"It's ok. I think your fine." She smiled.


"Your voice hasn't craked since I got here."

Lloyd's hand rose slightly to his throat.

"I must be over it. I guess this is what I'll sound like the rest of my life."

"Lloyd. Could..would you ever consider... spending the rest of that life by my side? Like during the journey?"

Colette said, glancing at the ring. Lloyd laughed,

"Oh Colette. No matter where I go. I'm always by your side."

He turned her and embraced her body. She used to reach his chest and now her head rested at about his upper stomach. She gripped the red clothe and let her held in tears flow.

"Ok Lloyd. As long as I can hear your voice, I know your there."

"YO BUD!" They two turned to see Zelos come up with the rest of the group.

"Did you do it?"

"Do what?" Lloyd blinked.

"Oh my." Raine looked at Kratos.

"He sounds just like you."


"There are differences." Presea said.

"Colette. Is that ring your present?" Genis asked.

"Yeah. Lloyd made it." She held out her hand and Sheena examined it.

"How pretty."

"It's a promise ring."

She smiled. The older members of the group's jaws looked as if they unhinged from their mouths.

"A..promise ring?"

Raine's eye twitched. Kratos put his hand on his head.

"I didn't mean it like this Lloyd."

"Woohoo Bud. That's one way to sweep her off her feet."

"Shut up Zelos." Lloyd said embarrassed.

"What's wrong with it?" Genis asked.

"A promise ring means that Lloyd promises to someday give Colette an engagement ring." Raine rubbed her temples.

"Honestly Lloyd how.."

"So what?"

They blinked as Lloyd put his arm around Colette's shoulder. He bent down and kissed her cheek and a verity of expressions formed on his former groups faces. Genis was of disgust; Raine was of pity; Kratos just sighed; Presea's remained the same; Colette's was bright red; Regal smiled; Zelos smirked while Sheena hit him on the head; and Lloyd's face held confidence once again.

"That's what it means and so do I."

He smiled and Colette looked up at him, holding her cheek.

"Colette. Will you be my girlfriend?"

Tears streamed down her face agian and she glomped him.

"Yes Lloyd!"

Zelos couldn't help but snicker.

"If you close your eyes It sounded like Kratos just asked Colette out." He shrunk seeing both Aurions towering over him with soul breaking stares.

"Come on. It's all fun and games right." They looked at each other and held up forks.

"H h hey! Where'd you get those!!" They chased after him while the others laughed. Colette just smiled and held her ringed finger tightly.

"Kratos! That's not my hair!"

"Blame your fate."

~Fin (for now)

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