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Lloyd's finally broke free from Colette's lips and sunk down into teh water, seeing the group was now standing at the beach side watching.

"PDA PDA PDA ahh. what was I thinking." He muttered and sunk below the water so they couldn't see him.

"Lloyd?" Colette looked around. Zelos ran over and glomped Colette.

"Way to make the move Colette. I thought you and Lloyd would never tie the knot." Kratos cleared his trough and looked toward Raine.

"I believe you own me 500 gald."

"What?! This doesn't count. It's his birthday!"

"Pay up." Colette knelt down in the water looking for Lloyd.

"What are you two talking about." Sheena asked and Raine folded her arms.

"Me and Kratos had..a bet. I bet that Lloyd Colette wouldn't kiss Lloyd for a few more years and Kratos bet that His son would act first in the next few months." Colette turned red.

"You guys bet on us? like that?!" Zelos grinned and slid over to Sheena, coughing slightly and held out his hand.

"Fine you idiot chosen!" She dropped some gald in his hand.

"Not you guys also!" Colette exclaimed, red beyond comprehension.

"Trust me. I know love. It was going to be Lloyd first." Regal and Genis were very quiet and they exchanged some gald with Presea.

"Genis! I can't believe you. Betting is bad." Raine said and hit the teen's head. Presea smiled having won the bet.

"what did you guys bet on?" Zelos glared at the three.

"Presea bet that everyone else was also betting on this." Genis rubbed his head and Regal sighed.

"We were both out bested." Lloyd's head shot up from the water.

"You guys really are something aren't you. This is all a joke to you." He stomped past Colette and grabbed a towel, drying head.

"Lloyd. They meant no harm." Yuan said and he shot the half elf a familiar 'Aurion' glare.

"You guys think our relationship is just a joke to you. You'd probably hitch us up now if you could. Maybe I'm just not ready ok!" He yelled and took off to the end of the beach and jumped up on a overlooking cliff where they couldn't reach him. Kratos sighed.

"He is right."

"I feel bad about it now." Sheena said.

"None of us thought about how serious Lloyd was about Colette."

"Or how embarrassed." Regal added after Raine. Colette reveled her wings and flew down the beach and up the cliff side.


"Go away Colette." he said softly, staring out blankly at the sea. She sat beside him instead.

"It's ok Lloyd. I don't mind how slow you want to go. I'm just happy that you'd want to be" Lloyd caught the hesitation in her voice and his eyes wondered over to her.

"What was that?"


"You hesitated." She blushed.

"Well. It's just. I'm pretty as Sheena and smart like Raine or mysterious like Presea. I trip constantly and well.." Lloyd blinked and grabbed Colette's shoulder firmly, causing her to flinch.

"shut up Colette." Her eyes shook at the anger in his voice.

"Don't you ever compare yourself to anyone again! You are Colette Brunell. Your are hot to me. Way better looking then anyone else in this world!" He felt her shake and realized he was being to harsh. He released his grip and wrapped around her shoulders.

"You once asked me if I was interested in girls like Princess Hilda remember? I said she was pretty and stuff but you got mad and stomped off. I'm..just a nverous guy around you Colette. I used to be fine but since I love you now..I'm just no good at expressing myself anymore." She hugged him back.

"Besides. Your your own unique angel. I've had to deal with people comparing me to Dad and I'll never be like him." Colette laughed and Lloyd pulled back.

"I was being serious." Colette nodded.

"I know but I like you better then Kratos. He's to serious. Although with your wet hair you look almost exactly like him." she giggled and he ran his fingers through his hair, trying to get it to stay up and she continued laughing at the goofy look on his face. She took off the skirt around her bathing bottom and handed it to him.

"Here. Use this." He looked at it and took it, rubbing his head,

"You sure?"

"It'll work better for you then me." She looked out at the sea.

"Besides. I like blonds." Lloyd added.

"I'm fine if you don't want to kiss in public. I'm..embarrassed thought. I didn't know what to do. That was my first."

"Mine also." She blushed looking at Lloyd. As handsome as he was to her, he hadn't had girl's hit on him and date him like Zelos always seemed to be doing. He grinned and she laughed looking back at the water.

"You know what. I bet they are just jealous." Colette teased and Lloyd noticed something.



"Why were you wearing this skirt anyway?"

"Huh? what do you mean?" She tensed up as Lloyd's hand ran down her thigh and her leanded forward to continue down to her feet.

"Your legs are really shapely. I never noticed. And your feet are so pretty." She tensed up.

"Lloyd?" he lowered his gaze as his hand stopped on her thigh again. He held his breath and gasped.

"I can't take it anymore."

"Lloyd?" He leaned against Colette and kissed her deeper then before. Her eyes widened and she fell back against the warm sand and Lloyd leaned over her. They gasped for breath and he turned red. Her eyes were slightly glazed over.

"Colette? Are you ok?"

"I think so." They looked at each other in silence again and She kissed him this time, pulling his head down. Her boy lifted to push against his and his hand trailed on her thigh. The mana transfer was ecstatic and they both didn't know what to do, what was going on or if they should stop. Lloyd turned red and pulled back, hoping Colette hadn't noticed. She did. They were both adults and understood what was happening but they were also both frightened.

"What do we do?" Colette asked. Lloyd sat back loosing the string on his shorts nervously.

"I don't know. I don't want to hurt you Colette but you know how Zelos is always talking" She nodded.

"That is what's happening. It hasn't been the first time either but I can't hold it anymore. Not after that kiss. It was unlocked me Colette and now I'm don't want to ruin our relationship by.." She blinked and he knelt down and whispered in her ear. She turned red and the grabbed Lloyd's neck.

"I'm not afraid Lloyd. As long as it's you." her wings flapped quickly behind her. Lloyd lost all control now. Colette had just giving him permission and he lifted her to her feet.

"To be honest Lloyd..I've been..thinking those thought also." She said as they snuck from the beach and to a hotel room they had rented for the next few days.

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"You have? About me?" Lloyd was embarrassed and flattered at the same time as he set her on the bed. She nodded and ran her hands on his chest.

"I wanted to rub your chest and feel your hands on my skin. D Doesn't that sound weird?" Colette shuddered and Lloyd leaned forward.

"No Colette. It sounds nice actually." He closed his eyes and took her lips, catching Colette off guard, allowing his tongue inside her beautiful lips. This caused her to moan and she pulled her arm's around Lloyd's back, forcing his body to rub against hers. The mana transferring felt like sparks when you get shocked. Like rubbing your feet on carpet and touching metal. They broke free to breath and Colette sat up. She was completely at Lloyd's mercy and wished for him to continue. He tilted his head and kissed down her neck and the Crusix Crystal. The blond gasped and took Lloyd's hand, gently kissing his exshpere, earning the same reaction. She felt her top fall from around her neck and slide off from her chest, leaving her exposed.

Lloyd gently kissed the soft breasts and she grabbed his hair tightly. "Lloyd." She gasped as he sucked slightly, leaving red marks on her. She didn't care. She loved Lloyd and his beautiful self and was happy that he loved hers as well. Lloyd on the other hand wasn't sure where this was coming from. He had either learned to much from Zelos or something inside him must have known what it wanted when lust took over. Her nails drove into Lloyd's back as she climaxed. She was so much more sensitive then Lloyd, probably from the amount of mana she had compared to him. She felt the warming sensation travel through her body like electricity and then it was gone. She wanted Lloyd to feel that as well. He lifted his head for a second and Colette took his bottom lip and sucked on it gently before her hands trailed from his abs to his shorts. He gasped and stopped.

"Colette. You don't have t.."

"I want to." Her lustful voice said. This was a total turn on for Lloyd and he turned over, allowing the angel on top to control his body. He wanted more kissing though and she gave it to him. She kissed his forehead, then eye, then nose, then mouth. She was creating a trail of mana transfers in a row and Lloyd could feel them linger, just as she still did. Her hand slipped gently into the shorts and grabbed his member tightly. Lloyd gasped and grabbed the sheets.

"Co ll..where..did .."

"Sheena isn't all that innocent when she drinks." Colette giggled and put her finger on Lloyd's lips.

"Shuu. It's ok Lloyd. I want you to feel my love like I did yours." She said softly and sucked on his chest and neck, leaving similar hikkies. He gasped as Colette would slow down and speed up, stopping a few times to run her finger along the shaft. She could see the sweat all over Lloyd's body and smiled. Her kisses found their way to Lloyd's chest and she sucked gently on one of the nipples like Lloyd. She enjoyed is so she thought Lloyd would also. Ironically, Lloyd ended up screaming his release while Colette had only gasped. She felt his love all over her hands and grinned, taking his lips before resting on his chest.

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"Did we just?" Lloyd asked and yawned.

"I don't know." Colette said and smiled rubbing her head on his chest and her hand on the sheets.

"I love you Collete."

"I love you more Lloyd."

"Do not." Lloyd said and turned, causing the angel to roll on him and onto her side.

"Do too." she said and curled up next to his body. Lloyd sighed and put his arms around her, getting comfortable for sleep.



"How are we going to tell them?"

"Who cares. Your my girlfriend aren't you?"

"Yes. your my boyfriend right? This is what they do?" The angel said and Lloyd laughed.

"I suppose."

"Happy Birthday Lloyd."

"Thanks for the present." He said and smiled before they drifted to sleep. Who cares about how they were going to tell them or if they ever even knew. They loved each other and they both showed how much they did. If Lloyd left again for the journey, Colette would be with him and if he stayed, she'd stay with them.

Who really cares about the little changes anymore.

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