Warning- i don't know what this is, read with care. Incest.


Canada lay in the middle of the large hotel bed, arms crossed against his chest holding the covers up. His blonde hair was spread across the pillow and a light scowl across his face, along with a deep blush. He couldn't bring himself to look away from the suddenly interesting ceiling and look around, his ass and lower back throbbed when he tried to move so his best idea was to stay still.

Under the covers of the bed he was completely nude. He knew how he got there; he was drunk and ended up having some of the best sex of his life. But that didn't make it any less embarrassing.

"Oh Cheer up Matt" laughed the American to his right. Of course his twin was more than happy to sit on top of the sheets in all his naked glory, grinning like a mad man. Canada pursed his lips and shuffled under the sheets some more.

"Oh leave him alone Al, we wore him out" chuckled the brunette one the left side of the bed. Australia lay on his front, arms folded on his pillow as he laughed at the North American twins. Luckily Aussie's vital were covered by the bed covers.

"Come on, all I did was record it and send it to Kiku" America said just to annoy Canada, (even though he really did send it) who still refused to speak to them after such an embarrassing night. "How many times did we do it again?"

"I lost count at four, we were sooooo wasted" Australia laughed into the pillow.

America nodded happily, fumbling around the bedside table for something other than his glasses.

"Hey, where are my cigarettes"?

"Right here" Australia held up the small cardboard box, taking a cigarette and leaning over the Canadian to return the rest. In doing so Aussie took the chance to start kissing Canada again. The smaller boy squeaked but was easily tamed when Australia's hands started to wander.

America stayed where he was, taking out a lighter and taking a long drag. Nothing like a cigarette and watching your brothers go at it to make a perfect morning. After a few moments of watching America got bored and stubbed out the burning stick on the ash tray, pushing Aussie to the side a bit.

"Move it Dylan, Mattie likes American sausage" America laughed lowly before claiming Canada's mouth. Soon it turned from a battle for the Boy's mouth to a very exciting three-way kiss, all three bodies pressed close together.

Suddenly the door of the room sung open. "Dylan have you seen Alfred and Matt? I can't...find...." A very flustered England stood in the doorway, Green, Violet and Blue eyes stared at the Brit from the bed, all slightly irritated at being interrupted, but some more embarrassed about being caught.

"Oi! Either Strip and Join in or close the bloody Door"! Australia yelled before going back to Canada's neck. Alfred was quick enough to go back to work on his Brothers, but not before winking at England.

The Gentleman closed the door hurriedly and stormed down the hall, screaming for France.

After another few rounds of 'Yankee doodle' they all lay still on the bed, more then satisfied and watching as smoke drifted to the roof from the cigarettes.

"Well" Canada sighed, puffs of smoke falling from his lips "that's one way to reaffirm alliances"