A/N: Plot bunnies. Many, many plot bunnies trying to get to my keyboard. They come in their thousands, I tell you!!!! Okay, seriously. What if Vicky hadn't saved Jade at the end of the book?


"I run down the road. There's shouting behind me, someone calling my name, but I can't stop. I run and run through the town towards the school, past the gates, along the pavement, slipping on the flowers, kicking toys out of the way, I can hear a car, I run out into the road…

A squeal of brakes, a scream, my scream…"


But somebody is watching you, Jade, watching you bleed.

Somebody is crying. It's raining, Jade, it's raining.

The angels are crying.

An angel with a shock of red hair is crying the hardest.

She wanted to save you, Jade, but suddenly she was filled with anger.

"You didn't save me."

She knows you wanted to, but all the same, she knows you didn't.

"You didn't save me. Why should I save you?"

Now she's filled with regret. She should have saved you, but she didn't.

So, Jade, just lie down for a while and sleep.

Sleep while the tears of the angels fall on you.

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