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Chapter One – New Blood

Special Agent Julian Marcos caught his reflection in one of the commissioner's frames awards. He noticed a straind of his hair was out of place, and carefully put it back into place. When he looked back at the commissioner, he realised that he was loking at him over the file and had seen his gesture. Obviously, he was not impressed.

« So, agent Marcos… How much do you know about the Jigsaw case ? »

« I know he's a dangerous whackjob your guys haven't been able to catch yet. »

« Catch ? Ooookay, and how exactly would you go about catching a dead guy ? Have you even read the case file ? »

« I know enough about the case to know that if it was really closed, I wouldn't be here. »

The commissioner looked at the Fed wondering if he was joking. When he was quite sure it wasn't the case, he stood up and looked at Marcos straight in the eyes.

« Don't get too cocky here, Agent Marcos. The previous team your Bureau sent was also very sure they would be the ones to end this. As a results, they're all dead. »

« Is that a threat, sir ?

« What ? No ! How old are you, twelve ?

Marco ignored the remark, and decided to move on.

« I will need a partner. » he said. « Someone from your department, who knows the case in and out, preferably even who has followed it from the beginning. Do you have that ? »

The commissioner let out a tired sigh.

« Yes, Agent Marcos, I have that ». He suddenly grinned. « In fact I know exactly who you need. Follow me, please. »

Marcos followed the chief cop through a few corridors. Every time they came accross another cop, he was stared at. Some stared with curiosity, some with disdain, some even with… pity ? No, couldn't be pity, surely not, he was imagining things…

They arrived at an empty office. The name on the door had been scraped off, but you still could read the outline where it had been. Marcos tried to decipher : H… O… F…, but was interrupted by the comissioner.

« This office should do for you both, I trust you'll be confortable… » he said while heading towards the desk and seizing the phone. « Send Engstrom up here, now. », he said sharply and then put the phone down.

« Who's Engstrom ? »

« Your new partner. Been on the case from day one, sharp, smart… Left the department a while ago, works with Vice for now, but should be quick to get back on the saddle. »

« If he left the department, why d'you choose him to be my partner ? »

« Did you listen ? I said « been on the case from day one » ! Engstrom knows this case probably better than I do… besides, I don't have many people left in the Homicide department, and none with her knowledge of the case. »

« Sorry, did you say her ? »

« You wanted to see me, sir ? » said a voice.

Marcos turned around. Standing in the doorway was one of the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Tall, athletic, nice pert breasts, short black hair, green eyes… and skin the colour of fresh cream. She was dressed quite simply, in black denims and jacket, but the deep blue t-shirt she wore underneath was so tight it looked like it could have been painted on. Marcos made a huge effort not to lick his lips.

« Hello Sophia. I wanted to introduce you to Special Agent Marcos, from the FBI. He'll be taking over the Jigsaw case from now on. Agent Marcos, this is detective Sophia Engstrom.»

Engstrom shook the agent's hand quite absent-mindedly, her eyes fixed on the commissioner's.

« Yeah, hi. The answer's still no, sir. »

« Oh come on, Sophia… »

« No means no, sir. »

Marcos was confused : « Excuse me, detective, but what is your problem, exactly ? »

« My problem ? ». Engstrom looked at the commissioner with a look that said « is he for real ? », to which he replied with an expression meaning « don't ask ».

« My problem, as you say, is that, one : every cop that even glances at the case ends up dead, two : most of us consider that Jigsaw is only doing what we want to do but can't, and three… she looked at the commissioner … I still consider Jigsaw did me a favour, and you know it, sir. »

« To this I will give you another problem, detective : I'm the one giving orders here, and you are as of right now officially re-assigned to the Jigsaw case. »

Engstrom's jaw almost hit the floor. « You can't do that ! I could be considered a liability, and you know it ! »

« I also know that deep down, you will take it as a challenge, and won't be able to resist the thrill of the chase, so I will take my chances. On that, I will let you two get to know each other. »

« Sir ! » exclaimed Engstrom.

« Bye, Sophia… » said the commissioner, who then left the office. Engstrom wondered for a second why no-one had put him in a Jigsaw trap so far. She then turned to face the fed. God, were they all built from the same blueprint ? He looked as tall and athletic as Strahm was, even his hair had the same cut, though a darker shade. Darker skin too, and she could have sworn his eyes were black.

« So… », Marcos started, « …you consider that Jigsaw did you a favour. How so ? »

« Mind your own business. » she replied sharply. Marcos realised that this partnership was not going to be easy.

« That's exactly what I'm doing. Jigsaw is my business, and so is everything that concerns him. So answer my question : how did he do you a favor ? »

« Actually, agent Marcos, that kind of information is not relevant to the case, as it would not lead to an arrest. So, no, I will not answer, and no, you can't get me for obstruction. »

Marcos considered the woman for a second. She could see in her eyes that she had the determination only few women have. She was hot too. He had been scolded a few times for trying to « get close » to some female colleagues from the Bureau. But this one was not from the Bureau, was she ? Pretty, a great body… and the agressive type. Kinky…

« You sure seem to like the word no, detective. »

« I cherish it. Well, since it seems I have no choice, I suppose you'll want me… »

I already do…

« … to go over the case files with you ?

Damn. « Yes, certainly… »