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Eyes cracking open, the man groggily lifted his head from his chest. The gleaming metal hooks embedded in his flesh and the taut, dirty rope kept him in place.

A shadow danced behind the screen. "Join me?" the voice asked gently.

The silence that came after lasted for what seemed an eternity before being answered.

"Go to Hell you fucking bastard."

The shadow entered revealing himself. "Ironic. I see you are in good spirits today."

"Fuck you Alistair."

"Oh, tsk-tsk. You've never been good with words, have you?" Alistair's hand hovered over the metal instruments finally settling upon the little blunt dagger at the end of the tray. "They say that looks are deceiving," he said, looking at his prisoner, "and how right they are." Swiftly he threw the dagger, hitting the man's shoulder. The prisoner ground his teeth letting a small hiss escape his lips. "Maybe we should've gone for something a little sharper." Again hands hovered above the tray, this time settling upon a long blade, sharpened 'til it was no thicker than a slice of paper. "Ready?"

"Piss off," the man hissed.

Shaking his head Alistair closed in on his prey, pressing the blade against the man's throat. Sweat and heat radiated off him in waves as he glared at the offending weapon. Finally the blade broke the skin, a little crevasse of red blood drawing towards the surface, sliding down his neck. A deeper cut followed the man's jawline up to the back of his ear.

"Join me," Alistair whispered harshly into his ear.

"No," the man said, barely shaking his head. He cried in pain as Alistair slashed his wrists, sending blood cascading down his arms and onto the already bloody floor. Mouth set in a thin line, he acknowledged nothing even as his vision began to blur. He could feel himself being dragged up by the remnants of his shirt, warm, sticky blood seeping down his fingertips. Alistair plunged the blade in the man's stomach, moving it up to his rib cage and then left towards his heart. The man cried out in pain as he felt the blade press against the beating tissue. Blackness began to envelope him; Alistair dropping him to the ground with an unceremonious thud.

Kneeling next to the dying man Alistair pulled him close to his chest and fingered the sledge hammer beside him. "I can bring you back or I can make the pain stop." Grasping the handle he brought it down heavily on the man's fingers, smirking as he heard the bone shatter and watched the blood spraying from his hand. The man's breathing hitched and continued to be laboured. "I can make it all go away." Fisting the man's hair, he pulled his head back and placed his mouth next to the man's ear.

"Never!" the man cried. The sledge hammer smashed into his knee, bone splinters shot out of his skin and littered the stained ground like white snow.

"Join me-"


"John Winchester."

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