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There was a determined knock on the door. It rang through the hollow wood, echoing in the small apartment. Joey blinked, surprised. He hadn't been expecting anyone today. It was Saturday, no one should be coming around here. He set the bag of trash down from his cleaning spree, looking to the door.

Er. Yugi's with his gramps, Tristen's with Tea working on a school project, there's no way pops would be home this early. Joey nodded, looking to the clock, three in the afternoon. Way too early. And even drunk, pops could open his own door. Who the hell could it be then?

"Eh? 'Ello?" Joey pulled the door in, letting the door creak on its old hinges. Then he blinked in utter confusion and slight disgust. This was the one person he did NOT want to see standing at his door.

"Mutt." Seto Kaiba, who was really, in the flesh, standing in front of his doorway, snorted. His cold, blue eyes stared down at the shorter teen with their usual expressionless look. He had his arms folded in front of his chest. "Wha the hell ya doin' here?" Joey returned the snort, giving Seto a nasty look before going to slam the door with a quick, "Nevermind, I don't wanna know."

But the door was caught with a slight thud, where Seto's palm held the door open. "I don't think so, Mutt." His eyes narrowed slightly in irritation. "Don't slam a door in a higher presence's face. Don't you have any manners, you filthy mongrel?"

"Not for a prick who's a keepin' my door open. Don't need 'em for ya." Joey snapped, staring angrily up at Seto. He couldn't muster up any belief that Seto, Seto KAIBA, was not only STANDING at his front door but holding the front door open. How'd he even find this place? Joey frowned inwardly. It wasn't like he loudly announced his living standards. Especially not to a jerk like him.

"Well, since you have absolutely no manners for me, I think I'll return the favor." Seto half smirked, obviously amused by Joey's snappy comeback. He let his hold on the door go, letting it swing forward, but only after he had forced Joey back farther into the apartment and stepped in himself.

Now Joey REALLY couldn't believe it. Seto Kaiba, his rival and most hated opponent, was standing in his tiny apartment, looking around, checking around his surroundings.

"What's going on in here?" Seto's eyes landed on the bags of trash and the cleaning supplies strewn across the tiny, dirty living room. "I'm cleanin'. Er, can't ya tell?" Joey managed to muster the witty comeback, eyeing the demon in flesh before him while he stuffed more cans into the trashbag.

Seto snorted again, his eyes trailing back over the huge mess, he imagined what the rest of the house looked like and could almost shake his head. "As if you're ever going to get this place clean, Mutt. Your father is just going to come back in and dirty it right back up. Why even try?"

Joey paused for a second, his eyes hardening, "Well, 'cause..." He straightened back up and clenched a fist, almost shouting at Seto, "I'm thinkin' that even if I can't get all a it done, at least I know I tried! That's worth a lot ta me."

"You're a fool." Kaiba didn't waste a second with his monotone reply, his eyes wandering around the apartment aimlessly.

With his anger flaring, Joey slammed more cans into the bag, "Then whaddya want here? Can't ya see I'm a bit busy?" His face was scrunched in an angry scowl as Joey let his eyes glance over to Kaiba. The tall, masculine brunette was standing in the middle of the room with his arms folded. Even though he was in his nice clothes and had his disgusting emotionless stare on his face, Seto didn't look out of place. Joey paused, well, it wasn't like he looked IN place here, in this grubby little apartment, but it wasn't like Joey felt as if he were dreaming. No matter how strange it was for this jerkwad to be here, he still knew that Seto always had a reason to do the things he did.

But Seto didn't answer his question. After a long moment of silence between them, Joey tugged at his shirt collar nervously and asked again, "So...whaddya want?"

Kaiba was never one for small talk but then he never took his sweet time explaining things either. He was strict, full of rules and this silent act, Joey assumed, could only mean trouble.

"Well..." He smiled, closing his eyes for a moment. Joey watched him, unable to get angry because he hadn't yet heard his damn reason for being here. Seto opened his eyes directly on Joey making him almost flinch, "Er."

"I'm here to adopt me a grungy little mutt who lives on the wrong side of town with a nasty old man who can't pick up for himself. Do you know where I can find one just like I described?" Seto's eyes flicked open, revealing those orbs that could almost kill.

Joey dropped the can that was in his hand, half shouting, "Eh? Whuzzat?"

Shit. Joey was beginning to wish his drunk father HAD been the one who had knocked.

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