The silent oath

(What happens in his head when he is just one breath away from taking her life the first night? This is a modest attempt at describing his thoughts. Please feel free to comment, positive or negative, all remarks are always welcome. Thanks a lot :-)

He was not much older than her when he became trapped in this jungle. A couple of years later, he had a job, and soon after, he had a name. Whispered. Feared. The only difference was: he had no face. At least not one people could identify. And when they could, it usually meant it was too late for them. At close range, only the knife would talk.

Because he was good – and still is – in his line of business. He is one of the best. Quick. Efficient. Silent.

Like the gun he is holding in his hand now, pointing at her head.

He is not a lost kid anymore. Today he knows what he needs, what he wants and, most of all, what he does not want.

He does not need such a burden to carry in his lonely existence. He does not want to watch over his shoulder to make sure the other one following him is doing fine. He has no time for that! He has no place in his life for... well... HER!

It was easy to guess what fate had in store for her. She should be dead already. It was crystal clear. It was so obvious!

So why did he have to open that door? Why did he change the rules of fate? Why is she now sleeping in his bed? Why did she burst in on him as she went through the door of his apartment?

He knows exactly what to do now. He is a professional. No hesitation. Somewhere deep in his heart, there lies the answer.

He raises his gun with the silencer toward her head … aims... and hears the silent oath. Those four words which make him what he is, one of the best cold-blooded hit man.

"No women, no kids."