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Set slightly before the 1st movie. Written in about 20 minutes.

Enjoy XD

"Careful, Careful!! You're such a retard!!"

"Shit! It's harder than it looks!"

"Just push it in! We don't have all fucking night!"

"I'M the one doing all the work here, YOU just sit back and relax!"

"Like Hell I am! I'm the one carrying your fat ass!"

"This was your fucking idea! And I'm NOT fat!"

"Fine, fine. Just hurry up!"

beep beep beep beep

"The fuck?"

beep beep beep beep

"Shit! We tripped an alarm!"

"Who the Hell puts an alarm in the ventilation system?!?"

"I dunno, maybe some protective mutants trying to avoid a break-in? Just RUN!"

"Ooh we are SOO screwed!"

"Hell yeah!"

beep beep beep beep

The entire school was called down to the evacuation tunnels due to the "break-in". Bobby Drake and John Allerdyce arrived last, sweaty and, for the latter's part, covered in dust. Fortunately, the known telepaths, the Professor and Jean Grey were out searching for a mutant who, most likely had been kicked out of a loving home due to his or her unnatural powers or some other reason not important to this story.

Or maybe it is, as this reported incident might call them home quicker than expected, happening upon a icy road where a run-in with Sabretooth will occur, saving the lives of two rogues who hold the fate of humanity in their life-sucking and adamantium-laced hands.

But this was of no matter to those two teenage boys, held together by a sense of camaraderie and friendship all too fragile. Too bad they would never have time to retrieve the camera, placed strategically before the vent in the middle of the girl's locker room.

Ah, boys and their toys.

Prompts: Bobby Drake, Furious, Camera.

A/N: Sorry, this kinda went from "fun prank" to "depressing end-of-a-friendship" Again, written in 20 minutes for a friend who asked me "why the HELL are Cyke and Storm on a snowy road in the middle-of-frickin-nowhere?!?!"