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Psychological Distress

Inspired by Waveripple of Team Sunrise's Hearts of the Night.

Chapter 1: Overcast

"I need a change and I need it fast…All I want is a little of the good life…"

It had just rained. Leftover raindrops fell from the ends of the countless trees that surrounded them. The grass was wet and the icy smell of the air stung their noses. The forest was deadly quiet.

Three boys that appeared to be about sixteen stood side by side as an old man studied them.

The old man sighed, "Are you sure you want to return to that school? You three have left quite a scar."

The first boy stepped forward, "That may be true but Alistair none know it was us."

Alistair, the old man, looked grave, "Well my boys, you know the law. No one can know of your hunt, no one can know who you are, and under no circumstances can you turn anyone into our kind."

The boys nodded, "We understand," and with that they raced toward Bell's Academy.

"Oh. My. God!"

Misty Waterflower let out an ear-piercing scream as she read the letter in her hands. The envelope it came lay on the floor. The return address read from Bell's Academy.

Right as she finished reading the letter her letter, Misty's phone rang and the caller ID read Dawn Berlitz, one of her two best friends.

Misty immediately ran and fumbled to open the phone in her excitement.

"Dawn," she breathed.

Dawn's voice was almost a whisper, "Did you get the letter?"

Misty stole a look at the paper left abandoned on her table, "Yeah, Did you?"

Dawn smiled, "Yeah. I got in."

Misty laughed, "That's awesome! Me too!"

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Dawn looked at her phone, Awaiting Call May Maple, the other best friend.

Dawn giggled, "Let me add May."

"Oh my god! Guys I got in," May yelled into her cell.

Misty rolled her eyes at May's childish ways, "Us too."

Dawn jumped with excitement, "We're going to Bell's Academy!"

May squealed, "Well pack your bags girls! The bus leaves tomorrow at seven a.m. sharp!"

Misty tugged an old sea green suitcase out of her closet.

Bell's Academy, they were going to Bell's Academy. Her, Dawn and May have been dreaming of this moment since they first heard of the school. It was an elite private boarding school halfway across the country. It was in a small town near the beach and there weren't many kids there.

Misty dragged the suitcase and dropped it beside her bed and began to flip through the pamphlets of Bell's Academy that was sent with her acceptance letter.

The beach was beautiful, the dorms looked amazing and the kids looked like they were having so much fun. It seemed like the good life, all right.

Something clawed her stomach though; she was leaving home and living on campus. She would be leaving her sisters. Would they miss her? Would she miss them? She would visit them, during vacations and breaks and stuff. It would be fine, she assured herself.

The bus was leaving tomorrow but they would be arriving over a week early so everyone could get settled in dorms and stuff.

Back to the big problem, packing.

There would be laundry machines and Dawn will probably drag them shopping on the second day they got there.

Misty got three dresses, a lot of nice shirts and tank tops, some old t-shirts to wear in the dorm, seven pairs of jeans, four pairs of regular pants, eight pairs of shorts, pajamas, and the necessary undergarments. Then she packed the essential hygienic products- toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush and all that. The she carefully placed her jewelry in the suitcase and threw in a pair of sneakers and some flip-flops. And finally she placed two bikinis and one one-piece bathing suit and all her school supplies, after all this was school, not a vacation. She zipped up the suitcase and placed it by the door.

After all that she placed a small orange backpack filled with books, snacks, a cell phone, the cell phone charger, an I-pod, the I-pod charger, a camera, a laptop, her wallet, some CDs and some bottles of soda and water beside the suitcase. Finally she put a surfboard neatly next to all that and she was done.

Misty wiped her forehead, and went downstairs. She got a cup of lemonade and sat down to watch Jersey Shore, confident in what tomorrow would bring her.

May stalked around her room pulling out various clothing items. Packing was easy. Dawn would make them go shopping anyway.

But how would Bell's Academy be? Would it be as great as it seems? Would they make any new friends?


May looked out of her window. She saw her brother Max with a soccer ball.

Max called, "Hey! Come out and play with me!"

"Just a sec," May answered.

She would totally miss him when she was at Bell's Academy.

In her red and white polka dotted suitcase sat three dresses, twelve tanks, a lot of shirts, six t-shirts, seven pairs of jeans and pants, nine pairs of shorts, pajamas, make-up, basic hygienic products, bras and underwear, jewelry, bathing suits, flip-flops, her favorite converses, some books, CDs, her chargers for her I-pod and phone, school supplies, a beach ball and volleyball, and a stereo. On top lay her prized red bandana.

In a green backpack, there was a clutter of her I-pod, camera, laptop, and phone, her three favorite books at the moment and snacks and drinks for the bus ride. It was a day and a half bus ride for God's sake! There was a lot of food.

May threw some sunglasses and her wallet into the backpack and ran outside to meet her brother, nervous in what tomorrow would bring her.

Dawn's room was a mess. She took forever to pack. Clothes were scattered all over the room and the yellow and pink striped suitcase lay open and empty. Pamphlets of Bell's Academy lay open as Dawn finished scanning over them.

Dawn had never lived without her mom. How would she manage? Would Bell's Academy be fun? Were the boys cute?

They were coming in as juniors, usually you entered Bell's Academy as freshman but they only heard of it during their sophomore year. They would be such newbies!

Well she was going shopping like the day after tomorrow.

She threw four dresses in the suitcase followed by shirts, tanks, six pair of jeans, two pairs of pants, three t-shirts, pajamas, twelve pairs of shorts, five skirts, make-up, flip-flops, rolled up posters, sneakers, a boogie board, books, chargers for all her electronics, bras, underwear, school supplies, pictures of her, May and Misty, a drawing pad that had designs of dresses, shirts and skirts in it and her favorite bikinis and sneakers.

In her purple backpack, there was a camera, phone, laptop, I-pod, a couple of books, and a sketchbook. She took the backpack downstairs and filled it with candy and chocolate and drinks like Gatorade and green tea.

"All set?" her mother called from the kitchen.

"Yeah," Dawn chirped.

Dawn smiled as her mother handed her two credit cards and around five hundred dollars in cash.

Then Dawn sat with her mom and visited the Bell's Academy website, excited and sad in what tomorrow would bring her.

Misty's alarm beeped, she immediately hopped out of bed, took a shower, styled her hair into its usual side ponytail, pulled on some jean shorts and a yellow t-shirt and grabbed her bags. She came downstairs to eat, where her sisters made her toast and hot chocolate.

"Bye guys!" Misty told her sisters.

Daisy, Lily and Violet smiled, "Bye! We'll visit soon!"

Misty smiled, calling one last goodbye as she slipped on black flip-flops, walked out the door and headed toward Cerulean Avenue, where the bus to Bell's Academy was waiting for her.

May was already ready by the time her alarm beeped. She pulled her hair into a bun, wrapping her bandana around it. She was wearing white shorts and a red V-neck shirt with a gray tank underneath it. She pulled on red flip-flops and ran downstairs, where she quickly poured herself a bowl of Coco Puffs and milk.

Her mother had tears as she hugged her mom. Max gave her a huge hug, refusing to let go. Her father smiled and hugged her.

"Make sure you call when you get there," her father reminded her.

May nodded, and giving one last wave, set out to Cerulean Avenue, where the bus to Bell's Academy was waiting for her.

Dawn overslept and missed her alarm. She took a shower, grabbed a pair of pink shorts and a black tank top and put them on. She found a white hoodie to put on over it. She combed her hair, it looked fine down. She dragged her bags downstairs and quickly ate a waffle and chugged a glass of orange juice.

She hugged her mom, and slipped on a pair of white flip-flops.

Dawn looked back at her mom, "I'll e-mail you every two weeks!"

Johanna smiled, "Have fun honey. I love you!"

"I love you too!" Dawn called as she ran toward Cerulean Avenue, where she prayed the bus to Bell's Academy hadn't left without her.


Misty saw May waving her over where May was putting her suitcase underneath the bus.

Misty and May loaded their suitcases when they spotted Dawn.

May called for Dawn and Dawn immediately ran over to them and loaded up her suitcase.

They all sighed and climbed onto the bus with their backpacks and Misty's surfboard.

"Where to sit," May pondered as she tapped her finger against her lip.

"There!" Misty and Dawn were headed to the very back, the only seat that seated three people.

All three girls sat and for almost eight hours watched the various movies that were playing and listening to music and taking pictures. May had almost eaten all her snacks.

It was around seven, when the sun was almost set, Dawn pulled out a bag of gummy bears. The bus quickly pulled to a stop, jerking everyone forward and causing Dawn to drop her bag on the two boys in front of them.

"I'm so sorry," Dawn said as she realized what happened.

The two boys turned around. One had white hair and the other had brown hair.

"No worries," the white haired one said.

"Are you girls new?" the brown-haired one asked.

Dawn nodded, "I'm Dawn Berlitz."

"May Maple."

"Misty Waterflower."

The white-haired boy extended his arm to shake the girls', "I'm Brendanius Birch. Brendan for short."

The brown-haired boy shook hands with Dawn, "I'm Gary Oak. You can't really shorten a name like Gary."

The girls laughed.

Brendan smiled, "Are you guys nervous?"

Misty laughed, "Not at all!"

Gary looked at Brendan, "Well you should be scared."

May's ears immediately perked, "Why?"

Brendan shook his head in disappointment, "No one told you that Bell's Academy is haunted?"

Dawn's eyes widened, "It is?"

Gary nodded, "Yeah. You girls better hope you don't get stuck in a dorm house called Elizabeth's Quarters. There's a girl that apparently haunts the building called Murderous Molly. Legend says she went to Bell's Academy when it was a boys' only school like twenty years ago. She dressed up as a guy and she was attacked by another guy who found out she was a girl and he murdered her."

May's mouth hung open, "Oh my."

Misty didn't believe any of it. "Really?"

Brendan nodded, "There are tons of ghost stories and occasionally every year, someone disappears or gets murdered. The best legend is the one of the Three Musketeers."

Dawn tipped her head, "Who are they?"

Brendan shrugged, "No one knows. They are three guys that are apparently the ones murdering everyone. They still are around to this day."

Gary cut him off, "They're probably at Bell's Academy right now as we speak. And they're real. If you don't believe the other ghosts, fine. But these guys aren't ghosts apparently but they do bad things around the school."

Brendan looked grave, "And they are actually there. Many students claim to see their figures walking around the campus and the dorms at night. So here's a warning, don't stay out too late."

Misty looked skeptic, "How do we know you're not just trying to freak us out?"

Gary looked offended, "Ask anyone."

May and Dawn looked over to Misty, "I believe them."

Gary and Brendan looked at the girls' scared looks and started a new conversation.

"But," Brendan started, "If you guys need any help or anything, we'll be your personal tour guides."

"Thanks!" May smiled.

Gary held up a bottle of Coke, "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the start to a beautiful friendship."

The rest of them held up various soda bottles, "Cheers!"

Gary laughed, "You girls are so much cooler than the other girls at Bell's Academy."

By one in the morning everyone was dead asleep. Except for Dawn.

She stared out the window. The moonlight went over her silver heart-shaped necklace.

"Can't sleep?"

Dawn jumped only to see Gary turned around, looking at her.

"You scared me!" she let out a breath.

He laughed, "Sorry. What's up?"

She shrugged, "What did you mean when you said we're cooler than all the other girls?"

Gary rolled his eye, "Oh pretty much all the girls at our school are obsessed with these three guys. You'll figure out who they are. But it's so annoying. Promise me you girls won't become obsessed."


"Thank god. Now you get some sleep, we'll be there in the morning."

"Okay good night, Gary."

"Good night Dawn."

Dawn turned her head to the side. Bell's Academy was seven hours away. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

A shadow was hopping from tree to tree following the Bell's Academy bus. He was stopped by another figure in the trees.

"Anything to report?" asked the second figure.

"There are three new girls," answered the first figure.

A third figure appeared, "Really? Well I'm curious."

End! That's the first chapter. Hope you liked it!

Chapter 2:

They arrive and the girls get assigned their dorm-Room 202 in Elizabeth's Quarters. They pick up their schedules and find a class they didn't want and they redecorate their hideous dorm and go shopping.

In the B-story: Misty sees shadows lurking around their dorm which gets her believing in the Three Musketeers.

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