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Psychological Distress

Inspired by Waveripple of Team Sunrise's Hearts of the Night

Chapter 10: New World

"Because of you my mind is always racing…It's all over for you. For you. When you're on the edge and falling off, it's all over for you."

This was the day. After the controversy of prom night, the day May dreaded was finally here: Sebastian's execution.

She still didn't understand why he did it.

May, through the searing pain, saw Sebastian's figure before her. Chokingly she was able to ask, "Why?"

Sebastian knelt down, "Because you deserve this life."

Then she heard yelling, Drew was there and saw her on the ground. He pushed Sebastian out of the way and met her eyes. She worked up a smile. His lips were a thin smile. He started yelling at Sebastian, who assured him that she was a vampire and there was nothing else he could do. Then everyone else arrived.

Later during her training, she asked Drew why Sebastian would die and not her. Drew told her they had made an amendment the day before Sebastian bit her.

All May could think of was that he knew that giving her the life she wanted would be the death of him, literally. Misty had kept on blaming herself for his death.

She was haunted by him. She weighed Sebastian's death on her heart.

"Because you deserve this life." What? Like he didn't? Sure he was grumpy but he didn't deserve death.

They were all dressed in black. All with stiff figures and fake faces. Everyone was sad that Sebastian was going to be executed. Sebastian just argued that he was dying as a good person.

Dawn, Leaf and Marina immediately sought out May. Misty was talking to Sebastian.

Sebastian was wearing white in contrast to his usual all black. His hands were in chains.

Dawn grabbed Paul's arm, "How is he going to die?"

Paul, for one, showed emotion. "He's going to stand on that stage and Natalie is going to set him on fire, so he burns to death."

"But that won't kill him?" Leaf asked. Gary never had the heart to take her to executions so she was just as clueless as Dawn, Misty and May.

Marina sighed, "It will kill him if he doesn't try to resist. If he does than Logan and Gary have to rip him apart."

Dawn then caught her breath and ran over to Sebastian. Marina closed her eyes. Sebastian wouldn't resist. He would die in honor.

"Are you crazy?" Dawn was asking Sebastian. May walked up to them silently.

"It's okay!" Sebastian tried to argue.

Misty just stood there and wondered. How could he act like it was no big deal? This was all because she yelled at him after May's trial. Why didn't she just hold her tongue?

May took Sebastian's hand, "I'm so sorry."

Sebastian smiled. "I have redeemed myself. That's good enough for me. I've lived in this world for too long. Those of the dead should not remain in the world of the living."

Misty, Dawn and May tackled him into a hug.

Logan, Paul, Gary, Ash, Jimmy and Drew were huddled in a group.

"I can't believe its all ready today." Jimmy looked down.

Paul straightened his back, "We all knew it was coming for two months. We can't say anything now."

"He knew…" Ash started.

Logan glared at Drew. "This is your fault."


"Yeah," Logan turned to Paul and Ash, "Yours too. If you haven't insisted on coming on coming to this school, you never would have met them and Sebastian wouldn't be dying."

Gary stepped in, "Don't blame them. They didn't know the girls were coming. And they turned Sebastian into the person he was before Kendall betrayed him."

"But May is the reason that my best friend's head is going on the block!"

"There's no block…?" Jimmy looked around.

Logan sighed. "That's an expression for 'to die'."

Paul looked at his long time friend, "Are you really going to blame us and the girls?"

"No. I'm just frustrated. I'm sorry." Logan directed that last part toward Drew.

Drew held up a hand to signify peace.

Dakota rang the bell. It was time…

Gary swallowed his spit as Logan and Paul led Sebastian up the stairs and onto the stage. Everyone else sat in the chairs and watched. Paul nodded, signaling Gary to begin speaking.

"Sebastian Sotteri, you are charged with disobeying an amendment made of the trial of May Maple. How do you plead?"

"Guilty," Sebastian's voice had no speck of fear in it.

"You may say your final words."

Sebastian smiled. "I have lived in this world long enough. It's time for a pair of new eyes to take my place in our world. I am content the way I am leaving. Don't stop your lives for me. I want you to carry on. Please, my friends honor my last wish. Live your lives. And Dakota…"

Dakota looked up from her seat and saw Sebastian beckoning her to come to him. She obeyed and walked up onto the stage to meet him. Sebastian kissed so suddenly.

Misty's heart leapt. That was Dakota's final gift for him, letting him know that he was loved all along.

Their kiss ended and Dakota let out a tear which Sebastian swept away with a peck on her cheek. She turned and went back quickly to her seat.

Sebastian bowed his head, signifying that he was done.

Gary hesitated. "Let the execution begin! Natalie, if you please."

Logan and Paul left their places on the stage and sat down in their seats. Natalie lit a match and walked up to Sebastian.

"You are a fool," Natalie whispered to him.

Sebastian looked at Natalie, "Think as you want but you will in time realize you are the fool for your unjust behavior and tyrannical ruling. You are corrupt but the other members of The Guard have pure hearts. Change your ways or you will meet my same end."

Natalie's eyes glared at him for reprimanding her. She furiously threw the match on her and let him burn.

Logan prayed, "Goodbye my friend. You will always be with me."

Natalie's eyes were the only dry ones throughout all the members present. May and Dakota must cried the hardest. Dakota because she lost her love and May because she blamed his death on herself.

His words haunted her mind.

"Because you deserve this life."

"Those of the dead should not remain in the world of the living."

May put her hands together and bowed her head. She wanted to say one final thing to Sebastian.

"Thank you."

A year after Sebastian's execution, they were waiting in line to get their diplomas.

"Dawn Berlitz!" The principal of Bell's Academy called. Dawn walked up the stage, took her diploma and shook hands with the principal.

"Leaf Green!" Leaf repeated Dawn's movement except that she tripped over the speaker cords on her way down the stairs.

"Drew Hayden!" Drew walked and took his diploma.

Their names were all called one by one.

"Ash Ketchum!"

"May Maple!"

"Gary Oak!"

"Paul Shinji!"

"And finally our valedictorian, Misty Waterflower!"

"Oh course Misty is valedictorian," Melody joked as they stood on the grass.

The principal coughed to collect everyone's attention. "This is the class of 2010!"

May laughed and they all took off their caps and threw them into their air.

After graduation, the eight vampires were talking in a group when Drew poked May.

"Ready for college?"

"What? No way!"

Ash laughed, "Do you want to be a disappointment to your family?"

"Yes!" Dawn laughed.

Misty looked around. This time last year, all the vampires associated with The Guard were here and this same day was the Sebastian died. This campus haunted her.

"Can we leave here?" She asked suddenly.

Everyone looked at her and could guess the reason why.

"I think that would be in the best interest of everyone," Paul assured Misty.

"Oh! Can we go live in Veilstone City?" Dawn begged Paul.

Paul smirked, "We'll see."

Suddenly Logan appeared and walked up to them.

"Dude! I didn't know you were in town!" Ash yelled.

Logan rolled his eyes, "Shut up. You're too loud. I'm here on Guard duty."

Gary looked at Paul and Misty, "We didn't get any notification."

"We already knew your vote on this matter." Logan went on business quickly. "Drew Hayden, you are invited, the second time, to join The Guard in Sebastian's place."

"Me? Shouldn't you have picked someone earlier?" Drew asked.

"We couldn't find anyone and decided to ask you. Please make my life easier and say yes."

Drew looked at May who nodded. Her eyes seemed to say 'This is the least we can do to repay Sebastian.'

Drew kissed her hair.

"I am honored to join The Guard."

Zoey ran over to inform them of a final party before everyone split ways which no one could say no to.

May stopped Zoey as she ran to tell the other student, "We'll be late. There's something we need to do first."

They walked to the Vampire House, which was currently vacant. Behind the house was where they chose to bury Sebastian's ashes.

The group laid roses on the ground and closed their eyes in a silent prayer for their friend. As everyone left pair by pair to attend the party, May and Drew stayed behind. May bent down to the ground and whispered to the grave so that the spirit of Sebastian could hear her.

"Thank you again, my friend. I will forever be indebted to you."

Drew took May's hand as they walked to the party.

"I love you," May told him.

Drew smiled, "I know that. Why the sudden confession?"

"Because I owe it to a friend to let you know."

"In that case, I owe that friend as well. I love you too. Always have, always will."

Then he leaned and kissed her lips ever so softly.

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For those who want a sneak peek:


They were the Triumvirate. Queens. But fate has a new plan for them. Friendship. Love. Power. Infatuation. Revolution. Courage. Faith. Betrayal. Drama. Enemies. Pain.

Dawn, Leaf, and May are sent to boarding school, but their moms at least sent them to the same one. This triumvirate had one goal, become the Queens of the school; they would rule as friends and partners just as they have always done. But the real journey is the one you never see coming.

Shippings: Dawn/Paul. Dawn/Lucas. Dawn/Gary. Leaf/Ash. Leaf/Gary. Leaf/Barry. May/Ash. May/Drew. May/Brendan. (Yes I know some of them are quite gastly but it's a journey and it adds drama, just give it a chance please? As a complete Ikari, Oldrival and Contest, you know it'll be hard for me to write the other pairs..)

SNEAK PEEK: (all different scenes and parts in the story)

"Obviously we'll be the queens of this school."

"I have an idea!" Dawn sang. "What now?" May asked wearily. "Let's sneak out to the club!" Leaf and May just looked at her like she was crazy but Dawn had on her smile. The smile of a queen.

What the hell? Why wasn't there a map to help her get around the god forsaken campus! Dawn grumbled as she tried to find her way around to the cheerleading tryouts. Suddenly she came across a fence, on the other side was her destination: the football field. She looked around. Great, she thought, No opening anywhere nearby. Suddenly the football team ran onto the field. Dawn had to admit, the boys looked very nice and very especially toned. She smiled and watched them goof around and then pick up with their plays. Suddenly one of them dared to approach her. Taking off his helmet he flipped his hair to the other side and smirked, "I'm guessing you are another fan." Dawn was disgusted to see that it was the amazingly hot jerk that she had met earlier. "Yeah…not really," she tried to humor him, "I'm actually trying to get around this fence." Paul's smirk turned into a scowl, "Why? I don't expect you to be athletic, Princess." "Cheerleading tryouts jerk." God! Why couldn't she think of any good comebacks!

"How long can you split the power before one of you gets too powerful? Friends can't share power." Drew's words haunted her mind. How could he suggest that Leaf and Dawn were plotting on removing her for her throne? They'd been queens since kindergarten; they had every person wrapped around their fingers. She needed to trust her friends and not let Drew persuade her otherwise. She turned back to him, "How could you say that?" Drew looked into her eyes, "Deep down, aren't you scared that they will betray you?"

"Do you like him? Or do you still like Paul?" Leaf asked. "I don't know! I want to like him. I want to prove to myself that Paul can't control me. Paul has a hold on my heart and I can't break it! It scares me to think that I might be in love with him…" Dawn blinked and a single tear fell onto her cheek and slipped down leaving a trail. "I don't want to believe that I lead Lucas along when I really didn't like him. He's a good guy! And he deserves so much better than me."

Hearing those words, Leaf suddenly had a bad feeling about dating her best friend's ex. Did Ash know that the May he told her about was actually her best friend since kindergarten? There was a rule against it but May had given her consent and wished her luck. Suddenly the thought of Ash didn't make butterflies soar in her stomach. All she could think about was how May was Ash's first kiss. Even though their relationship only lasted a month, even though they only kissed once, even though it hardly meant anything to either of them, Leaf realized that she never thought of Ash, not even when he was dating May, until she needed something off him. She didn't realize he existed until she wanted an invitation to the party all her friends were going to.

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